How to use the Pin Tuck Foot

How to use the Pin Tuck Foot

Hi Guys I’m Cassie from Faodail Creation and I do videos every single Wednesday all about sewing In this video it’s all about the pin tuck foot So what we’re going to need to create our pin tuck affect, we’re going to need our pin tuck foot obviously a piece of fabric and also a twin needle and this is what a pin tuck foot looks like you can see these groves here So when you create your first line of pintucks Your then going to use these gauges in order to create your next pin tuck Now in my instructions for my Baby Lock Pin Tuck Foot They recommend that its best to use a twin needle of a 2.0 / 80 So the 2.0 means 2 millimetres and that’s the distance between the two needles and the 80 is the size of the needle Some of these instructions are going to be for the Baby Lock Soprano So If you don’t have one skip over anything that’s not relevant to you First of all we are going to have to change out the needle because of course we need that twin needle in So when you put that twin needle in it goes with the flat side the other way around So you’ve got the curved side facing you So the twin needle requires two threads So we are going to place our spool on here I’m going to show you a neat trick that I got taught the other day So just make sure that this thread is coming from underneath as it’s rolling out and just put your other thread on So I put this on the bobbin, i’ve got this so its coming from the top So you have one thread coming from the bottom and one from the top So I’m going to start threading one of the threads through So one of the threads it doesn’t matter which one need to be caught on the number six bar here, this hook, just one of them and the other one doesn’t get hooked on now i’m going to thread the second one. So now you have two threads, you have one hooked around here and one just free here, and now we are going to thread our twin needle manually So for the Baby Lock Soprano users you’re going to have to go to your menu and see this twin needle here, you’re going to go down You’re going to select it to on and press ok and also within your manual it’s going to let you know where you can use your twin needle and every where it says ok obviously it’s ok and everywhere it says no you can’t use your needle for this particular stitch so this is the fabric i’m going to be using and what they recommend is that you draw your first line In order to guide you straight down so remember this is going to be visible so your going to want to do this out of chalk so it washes out or your going to do it with some sort of a fabric marker that comes out What I’m going to use is my iron so i’m just going to create a crease all the way down and create my pin tuck So I’ve created my first line right here, just with my iron, I’ve just created a crease as a guide the stitch that i’m using is stitch three On the first set of stitches on my Baby Lock Soprano. It’s just a regular straight stitch that goes along the centre line So your thread tension is going to create the pin tucks and it depends on the effect of the pin tuck that you want So i’m going to start really really high So it goes all the way to 9.0, lets see how this looks So we are going to put our first pin tuck in the first guide Just right here and we’re going to follow this line down and we’re going to look at this pin tuck and follow the line you’re going to have to go really slow here because the faster you go you’re going to become wonky so until you get really good at it, I would just take your speed down slow and go really steady So this is what my first pin tuck looks like another thing you can do is insert cording In this pin tuck as well, there is a thin cording you can buy from your fabric store or from your sewing machine provider You can send this cording all the way down the centre here and the stitches will lock that cord in place and the cording will make that pin tuck a lot more sturdier Or you can do it without So i’m going to use this first pin tuck guide, this one here that we took the first time and i’m going to send my next pin tucks down So this is now row two and you can see how pretty it looks creating pin tucks on your fabrics the recommendation is that you always use an odd number so never stop on an even number, try to stop on a three, five or a nine. Any more than nine is a bit too much! This is currently five right now, i’m going to take it all the way to nine so you can see. But, it does look awesome This is what the pin tucking is going to look like now I took it all the way up to nine pin tucks and to be honest I think it looks too much I think maybe just stop at five, I think it’s just a nice look there taking it all the way to nine It takes away from the prettiness of it This foot didn’t come with my machine, you will have to purchase the pin tuck foot separately I think it’s a fun foot to have It would look wonderful on blouses, shirts, place mats or christening gowns there’s all sorts of things you can do with this foot I hope this video has helped and thank you so much for watching. I will see you next Wednesday. Bye!

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  1. Love my machine and your videos on how to use feet. Unfortunately shops do not get as technical when you buy machine. They only cover threading and other simple things

  2. Awesome video! The best I've found on how to create pintuck. I watched 3 other videos and they left me feeling frustrated. You talk at a perfect pace and cover each step beautifully. Thanks so much for creating this great video tutorial. ☺

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