How To: Waterfall Twist Braid | Pretty Hair is Fun

How To: Waterfall Twist Braid | Pretty Hair is Fun

it’s Shaunell from Pretty Hair is Fun, and
this week’s Tuesday Tutorial is going to be a Waterfall Twist Braid.
We love waterfall braids, they are everywhere, and I love this new version of the waterfall
braid, it’s gorgeous. And so I think you’ll like it too!
It’s very simple, and we’d love to show you! A couple of new things: We are going to have
a giveaway coming up soon, and also be watching for time stamps on our
videos! You can look down below in the description
box and it will tell you when certain things are happening in our videos.
So if you want to rewatch a video, you forgot something, and you don’t have to watch the
whole video again, just look for that particular sections timestamp.
So look for those, we’ll be putting them on all our future videos, and we’ll get started
on our Waterfall Twist Braid. You ready?
To begin this hairstyle, do a side part, and then begin your twist waterfall braid on the
big section. After you’ve combed it smooth, just take this
section of hair in front of her ear, and split it in half, and then take a smaller third
section, cross it over, so it’s in the middle, then
take your left side, cross it over, take your right side, and twist it over.
Then drop this section (left most), and hold on to these two (right two). Then continue
on. When you bring this new hair in, I’m going
to take a small section of it and add it to the left, before I cross it over, and then
twist. Take the hair …..the reason I’m adding to
it, is so that this piece that I’m wrapping around, so that it doesn’t run out of hair
by the end. So just add a little bit to extend that out
a little, and twist. And
just continue on around the head,
I’m just taking a little section and adding it to it, to extend it out, and just continue
on. Now when you get up here to the front with
your waterfall braid, you can decide where you want to end the braid.
I’m going to end it behind her ear, so I’m going to pull this front section in as my
last section. And then, I’m going to braid this a little
bit like a regular braid. You can braid this down, and elastic it off,
and pull up this hair and tuck the braid under and bobby pin it. That’s one way to end the
braid if you like that. I’m actually going to elastic it off here,
as a second option, using a clear elastic. This is a waterfall twist braid. She has a
few layers, poking out a little bit. Those are easily hid.
Just go through and readjust all of your sections. You can use bobby pins to pin these.
We’ve curled her hair a little, to show off the effect (of the braid).
That is a Waterfall Twist Braid. Beautiful!
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  1. This looks so cute! Idk if I can do it tho! =( im still having trouble getting a French braid to look good as sad as that sounds. I know what im suppose to do but for some reason it doesn't come out looking the way it should. Ill try attempting this tho and see how it goes lol.

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