How to Weave Pictures with the Martha Stewart Crafts® DIY Weaver(TM)

How to Weave Pictures with the Martha Stewart Crafts® DIY Weaver(TM)

With the DIY Weaver, you can turn pictures
into weavings. You can draw your own picture, use your child’s artwork, or you can just
print out an image. Simple drawings are easiest. To begin, I’ve already watched the video on
how to tapestry weave on the DIY Weaver and feel comfortable with the technique. I’m going
to draw a simple square that will turn into a woven piece. I’m drawing about the size
of my warp and how I want the square to fit. This is called your cartoon. Keep you cartoon
next to your loom base as you work the drawing. You may want to have another copy of your
drawing to slide underneath your warp. For picture weaving, I’m going to warp as usual.
I’m going to weave my picture with 2 colors. One color for the background and one color
for the square. For my first color, I’m going to weave a few rows of basic weaving for the
bottom of the background. I’m going to make a butterfly shuttle for each section of color.
One for the right side of the background, one for the center square, and one for the
left side of the background. Your first butterfly shuttle, the one for the right side of the
background, is made from your working yarn. Place a length of the weft yarn in your open
palm. Place end of yarn with 3 fingers making a Y with your hand. Wrap the yarn with pinkie
and thumb in a figure 8. Wrap the tail around the center for the shuttle. For my picture,
I’m going to have 5 warp strands on each side of my center square for the boarders. Using
my shuttle as a pick up stick, I’m going to lift every other strand as for basic weaving.
Once I have worked over the first 5 warp strands, I will pull my first butterfly shuttle through
and drop. I’m going to leave the last 5 warp strands for the left boarder, then weave the
center square dropping the butterfly shuttle. Weave the left boarder with the last butterfly
shuttle. Use the comb as you normally would after you have worked the entire row. For the next row, continue back as for basic
weaving, twisting the yarns as we learned in the tapestry weaving video. Continue weaving
until your picture is complete. It’s fun to be creative with the DIY Weaver.
Remove the weaving like your normally would. Remember to go to for more DIY
Weaver design ideas and how tos.

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  1. I just recently got this for Christmas I'm wondering about integrating the Alphabet (one letter) only or a character (simple one) can you do a video on this?

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