How to Weave the Owl Mat with the Martha Stewart Crafts® DIY Weaver(TM)

How to Weave the Owl Mat with the Martha Stewart Crafts® DIY Weaver(TM)

The Owl Mat is made by weaving a shape with
basic weaving and tapestry weaving. You should have some experience weaving with the DIY
Weaver before making the Owl Mat. On there are diagrams available to help you along
the way. I’ve place my pegs according to the peg placement diagram, and I’ve printed
out two copies of the Owl Chart. One Owl Chart is to sit beside my loom, and one I’ve cut
out to fit underneath my warp. The Owl is warped in 3 sections, starting
from the left ear tuft down and across to the right ear tuft. For my warp, I will be using Wool-Ease Thick
& Quick in the Grey Marble. I will begin to warp as I normally would with a slip knot
on the left peg for the left ear tuft. Skipping the wings, I will warp across the center pegs
of the Owl, ending with a slip knot on the right ear tuft. If you want to secure your
yarn ends, just add an extra peg to keep the yarn away from the working area. Next the left wing will be warped, making
sure to end on a peg from the left ear tuft. It’s okay to have two wraps on one peg. Warp the right wing in the same way, ending
with a slip knot on a peg from the right ear tuft. We are now ready to weave the weft! For this
project, I’m going to be using the needle weave since I’m working in smaller sections.
The wings and center belly are each woven separately from the top down. The slits between
the sections will be sewn together after you’re all finished weaving. I’m going to start with weaving the wings,
you can either weave the left or right wing first. These sections are worked with Wool-Ease
Thick & Quick in the color Charcoal. Starting from the top and following the Owl Chart,
I’m going to weave the wing following the instructions for basic weaving. As you weave your shape, be careful not to
pull too tightly along either edge to distort your fabric. Use the comb to keep the weft
straight. I’ve worked both wings and am now continuing
on in the center belly with Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Fisherman. You can see that there
are slits forming in the fabric between the wings and the center belly. Continue in basic
weaving as you finish the bottom portion of the Owl Mat. I followed the Owl chart to weave the face
and eyes working in tapestry weaving. Now I will continue with Wool-Ease Thick & Quick
Taupe to finish weaving the remainder of my warp. When you are close to the top, just
use your fingers to lightly press down your weft. Be sure sure to keep your warp strings
on the pegs. Remove your weaving from the loom base and
embroidery the eyes, feet, and beak with Vanna’s Choice in Mustard. Weave in your ends! Remember to go to for more weaving
how tos and design ideas.

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