Husqvarna Viking Designer Ruby 63 How to Embroider a Built-in Embroidery Design

Husqvarna Viking Designer Ruby 63 How to Embroider a Built-in Embroidery Design

Let me show you around your embroidery screen. First off, you’ve built-in embroidery designs.
If you touch the little flower in the top corner here, that will actually open up a
drop-down menu. These are all the built-in designs and some of the ones that are exclusive
for the Ruby Royale. So as you touch the slide bar towards the bottom, kind of jump from
screen to screen. You can also touch and drag the little bubble, and all those designs are
in the machine. Yay, there’s lots to stitch out. So, just like we recommended you stitching
out your decorative stitches, it’s going to be a great time to stitch out some of these.
I won’t require all of them, but you will find a lot of these in your booklet that shows
the designs and how many colors they are. You can also use the Help. So if you actually
touch the little – let’s see here, the Help. Yes, here it is, the question mark. Let it
me do it while one of the windows is open here. Here it comes. If you touch the question
mark and touch a design, it’ll actually show you what the design name is, the size of the
design, total amount of stitches, and how many colors. So if you’re looking for a really quick design,
well 3000 stitches is a very small design. So for example if you are looking for – how
about let’s do this little flower here. That one has – well still not very many stitches,
it’s still a small design. So there’s some fabulous designs that don’t take a lot of
stitching in this machine, right at your fingertips. So why don’t we go ahead, we’ll touch the
little frog here. The first thing that’s going to come up and we’re going to be told is what
hoop size this design fits in. It happens to be a hoop that is a 120 by 120 hoop, so
that is actually your regular sized hoop, I call it more of a medium sized hoop. But since I have the larger hoop on I’m going
to need to tell the machine I have a larger hoop. So touch the Hoop area, and scroll up
to the top. It’s the largest hoop so it’s at the top of the list. And it will actually
give you a bigger playground and show you for example how big this frog is. Then we can go ahead – we’ll get to show you
how to move the frog around, bring letters in, combine them, and when you’re done all
you have to do is touch the trashcan, so the trashcan will delete that off. It’s not deleting
it from the machine, it’s just deleting it off the work area. So if we went ahead and went to another design,
for example the heart here, it will bring it in. We’ve told it which hoop we’re using
so it still keeps that area. We can zoom in if you want to see what you’re doing. Again,
if a box is around it – and if it’s not you can touch it and a box will appear – and then
we can move it side to side. Kind of a nice touch and drag type option here. So, we will be able to do so many things with
this machine. But this is how easy it is to do. And when you’re ready to embroider you
can go ahead and touch Go. Once you’re in the embroidery screen you can
move the design wherever you want, see where it’s going to embroider, and then go ahead
and get started. So let me show you what this means. If I want to see where I actually want to
stitch, touch the Design Positioning – that’s the little flower with the 4 arrows down here
– and there is 4 options here. I can move the needle to the top left corner, the top
right corner, the bottom right corner, the bottom left corner, and back to center. So
if I want to center this design on my hoop what I can do is go ahead and move the center
of the design. Notice as I hold this, it’s moving my needle all the way up, and then
I’m going to move it over here to the side a little bit. Very small increments. So the
more you hold this, the more that moves. I’m just going to get this really – well that’s
pretty close. Once I have it where I want it to be, if I
want to trace around it one more time, and just make sure I’m not stitching over something
I’m not supposed to be stitching, that’s a great way. We will come back to the design
positioning and show you more of that once you get started. This is a one-color design, and I can tell
that because there’s only one color block showing on the right hand side. To get started
started, you’re just going to hold the thread. You don’t have to thread it down through the
foot or anything. Hold the thread gently in your left hand, and push the Start/Stop button.
Count to 3 – 1, 2, 3, and when you do that the thread will have been cut, and you can
gently pull and remove it. Then it’s ready to stitch out. As it’s stitching, what you’re going to find
is a lot of designs have what we call underlay stitching, stitching that goes down first
to kind of connect the fabric to the stabilizer, and also give the design a little bit more
body as it stitches over this. So it’s really kind of neat. I still sit and watch in amazement
as these designs are created. If you see any bobbin thread coming up, what
you can do is reduce down the thread portioning system, and just by having it be a smaller
number you’ll get more threads pulled to the back side. You definitely don’t want any white
thread or bobbin thread coming up to the top. Bobbin thread, we usually use white, so it
sometimes does show on maybe your darker colors if it’s not properly set. So because I have
a little bit different weight of thread in my bobbin I did need to reduce that down.
There we go. It’s looking fantastic. Now, I would never tell you to walk away from
your machine while it’s embroidering. Stay with it, because you definitely can find – just,
it’s fascinating to watch. Also too, if anything was to happen, you can be right here to know
how to back up and how to take care of it. We’re going to show you videos on all of that,
should you run out of bobbin thread, what do you do. Can you take the hoop off during
the embroidery process? You sure can. If you need to leave the machine, go ahead
and push the Start/Stop button. It’ll start right where it is, and it will actually remember
where that spot is, even if you turn off the machine. You just have to have the Smart Save
option set in the machine. We were up here in the Tools area, and Smart Save is going
to be – I have to go look for it always, but I know it’s set on this machine. So, Auto
Smart Save, okay, it’s got the checkmarked box, so that means if I have any power out
issues then that way I can make sure that there isn’t a problem. Also too, plug your machine into at least
a surge protector, or better yet a battery backup, and that way your machine will just
stay healthier if you have any power issues. We’ve noticed that as we get big groups together
that that really makes a difference. So it was counting down here, and it still
is, because we’ve got it – and design is finished, sings a nice little pretty song, and we can
touch OK. When you’re done with the design you will
come back out of the embroidery screen, that return arrow, and back to the embroidery edit
screen. Then if I want to go to another design, I
want to go ahead and select the design, put a box around it, or do the Select All and
touch the trashcan, and it will delete it off. Once again, it doesn’t delete it from
the machine, it just deletes it from your work area, and you’re ready to pull in your
next design. Your design has been trimmed so it’s ready
to get pulled off. Go ahead and remove your hoop and take everything out, and be ready
to go for your next project.

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  1. I have the Ruby Designer Royale and I don't have a flower at the top right…I have the stitch icon the the letters, then a file????

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