Husqvarna Viking Opal 650 31 Blind Hem

Husqvarna Viking Opal 650 31 Blind Hem

A blind hem is a stitch that’s built into
the machine and it comes with the blind hem foot. It is a stitch and roll one, stitch
number 17. Now, if you did know that that was the blind hem stitch, let’s start off
with a straight stitch and instead, use the sewing advisor. First, take a look at the
fabric you’re working with. This is a woven heavy. So, we’re going to go ahead and choose
from the fabric row C. Then, from the technique row, select technique number 5, that’s for
the blind hem. Look, it takes you right to it. It picks the stitch, picks the foot, tells
you what you should use, but more importantly, it will make sure that this stitch is setup
for this fabric. That’s the most important part. For example, if we had a slightly lighter
weight fabric, the stitch width changes from 4 to 3 millimeters, making sure not to take
as big as a bite into the fold. If we select a stretchy fabric such as stretch heavy, look,
it changes to the stretch blind hem so we’re properly set for whatever fabric we’re working
with. I’m going to change it back to C and now show you how to fold the fabric. First, the blind hem foot is letter D. It
has a big foot or toe on the right and a smaller toe on the left. When you look at it underneath,
one side is higher than the other and that’s going to help keep even pressure as we fold
the fabric because on one side, you’re only going to have one layer of fabric underneath
the foot and on the other side, there’s going to be 3 layers. First off, you’re going to take your fabric
and fold it up to the new hem size. Then you’re going to fold it back. Now, usually I’m pressing
that first fold but not the second fold, going to come and kind of look like this, kind of
has an S-shape to it. If this was a pant leg, you’re going to turn it completely inside
out. You could even use the free-arm of the machine just by sliding off the accessory
box and it would even fit around down below and easily guide though the machine. To line this up, you’re going to take the
big toe and set it on the single layer side. That means when you lower down the press or
foot, the fold guides right down the middle of the two toes, and that’s all you have to
do. I usually like to make sure I have a smaller needle on so I’m making a smaller hole in
my fabric, and then just go ahead and run that right on through. Now, sometimes too,
I like to hug that fold up against the foot toe here so that when you really get an even
pressure all the way down. Here’s how you know you did it right and you
can just overlap your stitches once you get around to where you’re started. This is what’s
going look like on the front. You’ve just taken a little tiny bite. That is the width
of the stitch that’s why it changes to a smaller size when you work with a lighter weight fabric.
It doesn’t need such a bigger bite. Now, on this side, if your stitches are consistent
in size, you have done it right. If you find that some are big and some are small, well,
we just need to work on how you guide the fabric through the machine. But this is a
great way to do a blind hem. You got the stitch and the foot with this great machine.

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  1. I just started working for Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machines in JoAnns….your videos are amazing!! I am watching them all!! lol!! 🙂

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