Husqvarna Viking Topaz 30 9 Selecting Stitches

Husqvarna Viking Topaz 30 9 Selecting Stitches

To select stitches you will use a couple different
buttons here. You have your basic stitches right here on the keypad. If you
want to zigzag, all you have to do is select stitch number 5. For a straight stitch, stitch
number 1. When you turn on the machine you are setup for a straight stitch. A couple things on this screen, you have a
woven, medium fabric, or depending on which fabric you have selected, let’s make sure
that you are on the B setting, down in the sewing advisor. We’ll go into that a little
bit further, but this will get us all on the same page. As you pick a different stitch along here
it will show you we’re in row 1, stitch 2. Row 1, stitch 3, and so forth, so as we go
through here you can always see which stitch number that you have selected. Eventually
you get to the stitches where you want to go up here for selecting. Notice right here,
these are indicating stitches 1 through 9, and 0 for the keypad, but when you want to
go into the rows, see this picture here? This is your stitch menu button. Get used to using
it because a lot of people go, “Well, how do I get to those stitches?” All they have
to do is look up here. That stitch menu button will pull up row 1, which are the utility
stitches, arrow to the side, row 2 are the quilting stitches. I always know the quilting
stitch because look the very first stitch is a quarter inch stitch. It actually moves
the needle to the quarter inch needle position, so you can use the standard foot and it works
out perfectly. To arrow again, row 3, our decorative stitches, and then row 4, also
are decorative stitches, so if you want to stitch from row 3, we’ll just arrow back,
we’re on row 3, and then if we want stitch number 20, for example, we’re going to touch
the keypad and go 2, 0. You have to do that fairly quickly, because if you just do 2 and
0, you actually get 0. You get a buttonhole, which is what it thought you wanted. Just
make sure that you are pushing the buttons fairly quickly. If you still are in row 3
and you now need another stitch, say 31, you can just push 31. You don’t have to go to
this stitch menu button. If you’re here and you want to go back to row 1, and pick stitch
number 16, for example, 1, 6, you can see that you have selected that correct stitch
by it telling you row 1, stitch number 16. We also can adjust any of these stitches we
have selected by length and by width. Plus would make it longer, and notice that when
we start to change these settings the number goes from a regular number to a highlighted
number. If it’s highlighted that means you have changed off the default setting. To get
back to the default setting you can just select a different stitch and then come back to this
stitch, or if you just reselect, like I’m on stitch number 16, if I just reselect stitch
number 16 it will clear it out. You don’t have to go back, back, back and try to find
where the default setting is, just reselect this stitch. Turning off the machine will
also make the machine go back to the default setting. If you just want to go back to stitch
1, touch stitch 1. That’s as easy as it is to get around your machine. Remember the basic keypad, and then your stitch
menu button is the one that will take you to be able to change from row 1, 2, 3 or 4. If we want something in row 4, how about stitch
13? Stitch 1, 3 quickly, there’s the stitch and it’s ready to sew. It will tell you which
foot to put on. The needle according to the fabric you’ve selected. This picture indicates
that you want stabilizer underneath for this decorative stitch as well. We’ll start getting into the other functions
and things you can do with these great stitches throughout your machine. For right now I need
to get back to a straight stitch. All we have to do, touch stitch number 1.

2 thoughts on “Husqvarna Viking Topaz 30 9 Selecting Stitches

  1. I can't thank you enough for theses tutorials. I have had my topaz 30 for 4 years now and was afraid I had wasted my money. Even simple sewing was frustrating. I have learned more in a few minutes of watching your videos, than in any of the classes provided by the teachers where I bought my machine. I think I can now really use my Topaz 30 and enjoy doing it.

  2. Hi Sara, I think your videos are wonderful teaching tools! I have the Husqvarna Viking Iris Embroidery Machine, I have had it for over ten years and it is used to make pillows and straight lines! Do you have any idea where I can find video tutorials so I can learn to use my machine? Any help would be wonderful, Thanks.

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