hey guys it’s Destiny Lashae and in
today’s video I’m going to be starting my natural hair series because I big
chap not too long ago and I’m gonna show you guys how I attempted to do my own
jumbo short box braids so I started off with freshly washed and deep conditioned
hair I’m going to kind of put in this hair lotion on my hair it’s by Mielle
Organics I think it’s called I don’t know I will have everything in the
description box that I used in this video um this is just like a
moisturizing lotion so that my hair isn’t dry I’m taking a metal rat tail
comb and I’m parting the back of my hair I not too long ago had a undercut and my
hair is growing out in the back so it’s really really short so I was really
afraid I wasn’t gonna be able to grab the hair back there but doing the
rubberband method for me worked out really good so I began to part my hair
in the back with my comb in small sections I didn’t want the brace to be
too small and I didn’t want them to be too big as well as the parts I didn’t
want it like two mini braids I also added some Shea Moisture curling
smoothie as well as this edge booster gel that I really like I added this like
those combinations are like gel and smoothie to each section as I went along
to make sure that the hair is slick and I don’t know it just looks better when I
add these two products on my hair now so I do that and then I brush up the hair
with like a little edge brush because a hair so short back there and I use two
rubber bands most of the time I think there’s one right here but she was
better to rubber bands to kind of make a small little tiny ponytail and this
really helps to grip the hair in the back because it is like the shortest
part of my hair right now so I did that along the entire back portion of my head
so that you know it would just make it easier for me to grip back there because
the hair is so short and then I went along and used my edge booster gel to
add a little bit more I don’t know I was kind of like this lip
with my hair and needs it I’m starting to like really learn my natural hair and
stuff so I need that slip when I’m braiding it and I also need the
slickness because I don’t know it just makes the braid look a lot better and it
makes it look a little bit shinier for me so that’s what I do
and I just begin to braid I’m using can canaan Kalan here the regular cheap
dollar ninety-nine here that you get at the hair store and I’m just beginning to
braid and as I get to like the bottom of my natural hair I start to kind of blend
it in with the you know fake hair I don’t really know how to explain it if
you don’t know how to braid you can’t do your own box braids so you you gotta
know how to braid first and then adding hair is a whole other thing but once you
learn how to braid and everything I feel like you never forget how to do it and
you can kind of learn different techniques and stuff so that’s how I
learned how to do it just like really practicing and stuff but yeah I just
braid halfway down since we’re doing short braids and then I take a rubber
band and put it around that and then I eventually do cut that piece off and
then I just move on to the next rubber band and I start to braid adding more
edge new stur to my natural hair so that it’s a little bit more slick and it will
blend in with the hair better now we’re going on to the next row I use a mirror
in front of me and in back of me so I can see the back of my head and I also
take another metal like comb I have a lot of these because they part your hair
really really good especially since my hair is all-natural now I need all the
help I can get with parting because it’s so thick and I just need I need the help
so I’m taking some of this girls smoothie by Shea Moisture I’m gonna show
you guys again how I do it so I apply this liberally to my hair because my
hair needs the slip and the moisture and all that stuff
and then I apply some edge booster and I put that all over that portion as well
and I just use my fingers to kind of slick it down if I do I will use the
edge brush and then I put the rubber band around it and I just keep parting
and doing that with each sex shit I couldn’t say it so when I’m
partying I don’t want my parts to be like the first row I don’t want it to be
parallel with the second row so I like to I don’t know what they call it like
window pick them I don’t I don’t think that’s a that’s the right term but I
like to make my part so that they don’t fall on top of each other
I like the braids to kind of fall on the sides of each other I don’t know if it
makes sense but I don’t like my parts even like the rows to be even but
anyways I like to make my parts as even as I can so if you can’t get your parts
even the first time you can part it again and add another rubber band to the
same section like what I just did here it just makes it really easy to get
those parts as even as you possibly can get them
I like that rubber band method this was my first time ever doing this I’ve only
done box braids one other time before and I didn’t like the original way with
no rubber band and it was really hard just getting the parting right so if you
know how to braid but you’ve never done box braids before definitely tried the
rubber band method before like trying the original one because I don’t know
this way just really helps to get your parts as even as possible so now I’m
moving on to the front I part my hair straight down the middle so that I know
where that middle part should be I want a middle part so yeah that’s why I put
it there and then I part my hair on the side I believe I had I have six braids
in the front front first row yeah and then in the middle I kind of just winged
it but the front part was really important to me and I suggest taking out
your edges before you braid because you can’t braid them up and then you got no
edges out so I’d like to take my edges out and I also like to do the front when
I’m not tired of braiding because you want the front to let the best you don’t
want the back to look the best you want the front so I have like the best braids
you know on your head so don’t do the front of your hair when you’re tired
I’ve done that before and the braids come out looking really crazy like I
know my braids aren’t perfect but it you’re tired and you’re doing the front
of your hair sis just take a break and start over like try another day but
right here I’m just taking my edges out and you know using the same method and
putting rubber bands around each section making sure my part says even as I can
get them they’re not perfect but you know they looks fine
so yeah that’s what I’m doing and I like to braid and part because I get tired
and bored of just parting and putting rubber bands on I just get bored so I
like to braid and part in between like as you can see I have braids in the back
and now I’m parting like almost my whole head once I get tired of parting I will
go in and braid so it really just depends on how I feel I don’t really
have a method to this madness I just kind of do it as I feel if I feel like
braiding one section and then parting the next that’s what I’ll do or if I
feel like parting on everything and then braiding that’s what I do so you know
that’s what I’m doing right now I was just partying everything and it’s so
cool like ever since I big chopped I’m like seeing my texture and actually
feeling my hair for the first time in a really long time so it’s really cool
just to see how my hair texture is and stuff I don’t know random thought but I
did cut off some of the hair on the bottom because it was getting in my way
and it was itchy and stuff so yeah what I do for the front is kind of just
section it off with a little clip use some of my curl smoothie stuff I really
like this it helps with frizz a lot and I just apply it to the little puff and
then I start braiding again I also use the edge booster as well I don’t know if
I showed the clip but I just really want to saturate this hair it was kind of dry
at this point because you know I’ve been doing my hair for a while
and I just kind of combed through it to make sure other product is through and
it is kind of damper you know moist I hate the word moist but whatever then I
just start braiding in the front like I said I’m really trying to grip the hair
tight and make the braids as me as I possibly can get them I do have to add
some edge booster to my natural hair so that it looks more slick and sleek to
the braiding hair so that’s what I’m doing just adding more
booster gel to the braid and I just keep braiding you know and sometimes some of my natural hair
sticks out of the braid as you can see right here some of my hair is sticking
out what I like to do is take that little comb and kind of enter weave my
hair with the the weeping hair the braiding hair because sometimes you know
natural hair doesn’t want to cooperate but you have to kind of make it so I
just kind of press the end of the comb into the hair and it kind of helps
itself you know so if you ever worked with like
Kanekalon hair before you know that like the ends get really frizzy and like
spiky so I’m using a lighter just to kind of smooth out the ends of the hair
and just kind of also like that last little piece that I cut off is really
like frizzy and stuff so I just have to really burn the ends of the hair per
usual so I’ve run out of hair I have to go to
the hair store tomorrow it’s like 2 o’clock in the morning and I have about
9 more puffs left so yeah so this is a clip from the next day like the
following day I went to the hair store I had to get more hair I’m not sure how
many packs of hair I used for this like hairstyle I believe I used I could get
like three braids out of one pack of hair so yeah I don’t know what how many
packs that is but it was a good amount of hair but the packs are only $1.99 so
you know it wasn’t that bad but yeah I got about three or four braids out of
each pack of hair I would say more like three because some braids were a little
bit bigger than others and a couple days after I actually finished this style I
went back in and redid some braids because after like looking at I’m like
okay I could have did that braids a lot better and all of that and also I forgot
to mention in the back of my head I like to make the braids smaller where I have
less hair because if you make the braids way too big and you have a small amount
of hair on the back of the like on the back of your head what happens is the
big braids will fall out so you don’t want any of your braids like falling out
and leaving the party when they weren’t supposed to
so make your braids especially in the back like the nape of your head smaller
than the braids at the top because actually nobody really will notice the
back braids like the nape braids you just want them to kind of be there but
they don’t have to be the same size as the ones on the top because I’ve noticed
they don’t stay in because the hair you don’t have as much hair back there well
I don’t so yeah so this was the last official braid I think and I’m just
really braiding this I was actually really tired of braids in at this point
and it wasn’t even that many braids and it was you know separated into two days
but still I’m like man I am tired this is a whole job right here a whole job
but yeah this is the last official braid ok so these are how the braids looked
officially like completed I like how this looks with no nothing on it but I
wanted to be extra and add some jewels and some string so I got some beads and
string from the hair store and I just started to add them I like to add them
in the spots where I think I messed up at and where the braids could have been
a lot better in that area where I got lazy all of that so that’s why I put the
beads and then I go in and add some string you
can get this from the beauty supply store as well I start from the back of
the braid and then just kind of create an X towards the front and repeat that
down the whole like part of the braid and then at the end I kind of just twist
the string around the end of the braid and then I knot the string a couple of
times and then it stays in place now I’m gonna use my edge booster gel
and my little edge brush and I’m going to go in and kind of swoop my edges a
little bit so that they I don’t know look like something you feel me so I’m
just scooping those over natural edges are a whole nother thing that I’m trying
to tackle and if you guys have a good edge control there’s like a bajillion
edge controls at the hair store I like this one a lot especially if I tie it
down it really lays my hair down really nicely but if there’s something better
let me know leave me a suggestion down below I would love to hear it but yeah
guys this is the end I have a little bit of makeup on my braids but this is
basically what my hair looks like now it’s very cute I love the jewels and
everything and I love the shortness of the braids as well so yeah if you guys
liked this video give me a thumbs up subscribe show some love and I will see
you in the next video


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  6. I recently did this style and LOVED IT! one its doesn't take FOREVER and two once you add the jewels POP that thang looks so good! this style looks great on you!

  7. I'm not going to lie I'm a black woman with green eyes and seeing someone dress up like you and put green contacts in is offensive and almost….almost like watching black face. It's just weird to see someone dress up as you when they don't look like that normally. I can't take you seriously.

  8. This looks great and I am eager to try it!!! Great job!!! It looks so simple, also how many packs of hair did you use?

  9. I appreciate you uploading this video because I'm going to do my daughter's hair like this for school. You just gave me an idea.

  10. I like hicks it’s good on natural hair and it doesn’t flake. If you dip your braids in hot water it will make them more soft and pliable then moose and tie down and blow dry for about 15 minutes makes all the difference!

  11. 1 Corinthians 10 :13
    [13]There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.

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