IKEA INNEHÅLLSRIK collection: Learn the basics of embroidery.

Namaste! My name is Sakshi. I will teach you how to embroider. This is my sister Anuradha. This is my brother Rishikesh. This is my whole family and we live in Gyanpur. It is my dream to become a lawyer, so today I will embroider
my college bag. This technique is very easy. Give it some time
and you can make anything. To embroider you need
some colourful threads, a needle, a scissor
and this cloth. You can embroider on anything
as long as it doesn’t move. First we will trace the design.
There is a word I really like. I will embroider that. Done! The next step is to thread the needle. Begin from one corner and embroider according
to the design. Take the needle in an out,
in and out through the cloth
and embroider it. This is called a “running stitch”. It you are getting bored you can instead do this with a friend. Last step. Tie a knot behind the embroidery. Make a circle like this. Take the needle
and thread through it and pull. With that your embroidery is complete. I’ve written the Hindi word “Swanirmit”.
This means self-made.

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