India’s Common Thread | Sadhguru

India’s Common Thread | Sadhguru

Sadhguru: Right now India as a nation is an extremely diverse population. We speak different languages; we eat different kinds of food; we dress differently; we think differently; we look different; our colors are different; ours you know ethnic backgrounds are different; everything is different. So what is the common thread that binds us to make us a nation? If you take away the cultural fabric of this nation there is nothing to hold this country as one nation, please see this. The only commonality in this country is there is a cultural thread which somehow collects; whether you are a Tamil, or you are a Bengali, or a Punjabi or a Gujarati there are a few cultural aspects which string us together. If you remove this, after sometime you will wonder why should be one nation; why can’t I have my own Tamil nation? Already the idea has come, isn’t it? Isn’t it so? Already the idea is being propagated or no? It is only because there is a cultural thread which binds us we can still say this is one nation; otherwise you will see if you if you damage the cultural fabric which gives us some sense of commonality then you will wonder why should we be in one nation; you will try to break it. And every time you try to break a nation it is going to happen in cruel ways; it never happens gently. You have seen the India – Pakistan partition; now you are seeing what’s happening in Sri Lanka. It always happens in extreme pain. So we don’t need that once again. We have had it 60 years ago and that’s enough

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  1. Culture is in our DNA. It is stronger than fevicol.. Hope despite global life style onslaught the core shall prevail.

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