Instructions: How to embroider a heart into fabric

this video will go over how to embroider
a heart into fabric. First off the supplies necessary will be a scissors, embroidery ring, a needle, colored thread, fabric and a pen or pencil. First step is
to separate the two rings. Then you will place the fabric on top of the smaller
ring and then the larger ring will go on top and you will tighten the screw until
the fabric is secured between both rings. Next, you’re going to sketch a heart onto
the fabric using a pen or pencil. The heart can be any size desired but it
should be at least half an inch smaller than the embroidery ring. Next,
thread the needle. You will place the string in between the
small hole of the needle and leave about four inches of string through the hole
so that there’s something to hold onto. On the other end of the string make a
knot and then double knot for security. Starting at the bottom edge of the heart,
push the needle through the back of the fabric and pull snug until the knot at
the end of the string is against the back of the fabric. Poke the needle about
1/8 inch away from the initial stitch through the back of the fabric again
following the outline of the heart. Once at the back of the fabric push the
needle 1/4 of an inch past the initial stitch. Now there will be a small gap in
between the stitches. Push the needle through the previous stitch hole going backwards with the needle and pull through. Now there should be two stitches without any gaps. Repeat this stitch until the design is complete,
stitching forward and backward. around the heart. Now that you have finished your design,
pull the needle to the back of the fabric and make a knot by looping
the string through a previous stitch. Repeat twice for security. Lastly, trim the loose ends and excess
fabric around the embroidery ring and you are done!

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