Introducing Vintage Kitchen Towel Embroidery Club | a Shabby Fabrics Club

Introducing Vintage Kitchen Towel Embroidery Club | a Shabby Fabrics Club

Hi, it’s Jen from Shabby Fabrics. I am so
excited to welcome you to our Vintage Kitchen Towel Embroidery Club. These towels
are absolutely adorable and they are designed by Bareroots. This lady that is
so amazing, Barri Sue, who I have known for probably two decades, is one of the
most talented designers in the industry and she specializes in hand embroidery,
which is so popular today. So you know, it’s so easy to decorate around the
holidays, Halloween, but it’s not as easy to decorate in, say, May or June, and I
love that there’s a towel for every single month. Now these kits—this is what
your kit will look like, it’ll come to you each month automatically once you
get signed up. You don’t have to do anything else. We’ll take care of the
rest, and those will be coming in the mail to you. Inside here on the back side will be
your pattern. Of course you’ll have your towel, your adorable little ric-rac
that’ll be coordinated for the project, and what you see is exactly what you’ll
be getting. And all of this beautiful embroidery floss.
Now if embroidery is—if you’re new to hand embroidery, I’m letting you know it is so
simple. Now there is also a—Barri Sue also came up with her favorite hand
embroidery stitches. So if this is completely new and foreign to you, I
encourage you to go ahead and get her book. Plus, inside the book she’s also
included some additional little projects that you just pull out, and on the back
side there’s the tracing diagram. I mean it’s just a great resource, plus they’ve
got these extra little patterns inside the book. Now, whenever you do hand
embroidery, you need to of course transfer the design onto the towel itself. That’s
where you’ll be opening up your kit and using the back side here, because on the
back side is the actual pattern. That’s when I like to use my Wafer One Lightbox. And I’ll go ahead and I’ll put the pattern on top of the Lightbox and then
put my towel there. That’s when I use my FriXion pen. If that’s new to you, what I
love about the FriXion pen is once you draw on it, if you mis-draw you can just
iron that away with heat. I like to— at the very end, once all of my
embroidery is done—iron that and just all of my lines are gone. Because every
now and again my embroidery stitches don’t completely cover up my line and
it’s nice to be able to make those disappear. Some of the other things that
you might want to consider if you’re going to be joining the club, is if you
have a difficult time threading your needles I love the Clover Needle
Threader. We’re using embroidery floss, and I like using the Richard
Hemming. These are so affordable. And I love that the needle—the eye of the needle is
actually smaller, so that way the needle’s not slipping off your embroidery floss
as you’re going in and out of the towel. And again, if you have difficulty
threading that, just pick up the Clover Needle Threader. One way that I
like to store my needles, here, is you just put them in here. Now, if you do a
lot of different types of embroidery you might have different size needles in
here. So I love that it’ll store plenty of needles, even longer needles.
Especially if you’re doing the size one or the size three that we use for a lot
of our wool projects. Now I know that when I’m traveling, I love to use these
scissors, because I don’t have to worry about them poking the side of my bag or
maybe cutting my kit, and they just stow away. You can take these on the airplane;
I take these on my layover and this is what I travel with. So I definitely recommend if you’re going to be on the road, or you think you might be
putting that in your purse, that’s a great thing. That way it’s also not
cutting the inside or poking on the outside of your bag. If you have had any
problems in the past with embroidery floss getting tangled, this is Thread Magic.
One of these is going to last you for probably literally a decade. You
just slide that embroidery floss through and it just kind of tames it and helps
reduce the likelihood of tangling. Now one of the advantages to being in the
club is, if you are in the club you get exclusive access to our Facebook group.
We will be offering tips and techniques where you’ll be able to also show your
project. It’s a really fun thing to be a part of a Facebook group, because if we
kind of have our own little community of people who are doing the same projects.
And you can also be helping each other out, commenting on other people’s projects and encouraging them as well. So this is
going to be an incredible program. The added benefit of being in the club is
you save two dollars per month over buying the kits individually. Now, this
will be starting in January of 2020. You can go ahead and reserve your spot today.
It’s incredibly affordable, so much fun, and of course you’ll be so proud to
display these in your kitchen and it’ll be something to display every single
month. So be sure to grab your spot! Tag a friend—because I know it’d be even more
fun to do that with a friend. I’ll see you next time.

13 thoughts on “Introducing Vintage Kitchen Towel Embroidery Club | a Shabby Fabrics Club

  1. They are sooo cute❣️
    Love the needle case. I’ve been using a fabric needle book /folder like thingy. It looks lovely but I’ve lost count of how many needles I’ve lost or the amount of times I’ve stabbed myself…

  2. I love this Jen!!! This is something my grandmother did and gifted them at weddings. We all were excited to receive them. I want to do this so bad. Hopefully I can join this club because these towels are adorable!

  3. Jennifer, Excellent as expected! My Mother enjoyed embroidery, especially tea towels. Thank You! 🙏🐾🎀🦋💞💝💖✨🇺🇸💐🌹

  4. I looked on the fat quarter shop website and I cannot see where you can pre order. Also there is nothing about the vintage tea towels.

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