IRISH MOSS Knit Stitch Pattern

IRISH MOSS Knit Stitch Pattern

The Irish Moss Stitch. Hi, Guys, I’m Kristen
and Welcome to Studio Knit. St Patrick’s Day is upon us, so I thought this would be the
perfect time to introduce The Irish Moss Stitch. Quick, beautiful stitch. And it’s four rows,
you cast on in multiples of two. And there are four rows for the entire Moss Stitch.
So, you go rows one through four, and then we repeat. I’m going to switch to the color
green, so that you can see four rows develop. We start with knit one, and then after our
first knit stitch, we do a purl one. And on row one here, we just continue along. Knit
one, and Purl one. And we continue in this pattern all the way down to the end of the
row. We finish up row one with Purl one. And starting row two, it’s exactly the same. We
do knit one, and purl one. And we will continue all the way down the row simply doing knit
one and purl one. So, finishing up here on row two, knit one, finishing up with purl
one. Okay, row three. We begin with purl one and from there, we go into knit one. And row
three is simply purl one, knit one all the way to the end of the row. And we finish up
with knit one on row three. And it’s time to go to our last row, which is row four.
Which is the same as row three. We go purl one, and then knit one. And carry that down
to the end of the row, finishing up with knit one. And that’s it. The Irish Moss Stitch
is this same series of four rows repeated. So, when you are done with row four, begin
again on row one. Oh, and it’s so pretty. It has a really great texture to it. And it’s
nice and squishy, too. So, I hope you give this Irish Moss Stitch a try. Make sure to
check out last week’s video about my Knitting Book feature, as well as a CONTEST to win
your very own copy of YouTutorials Knitting. And coming soon, a knitted shamrock for St.
Patrick’s Day. Definitely check out my other knit stitch patterns, as well. Thank you so
much for watching Studio Knit. When you subscribe, you will receive a new knitting lesson every
Monday. Bye!

34 thoughts on “IRISH MOSS Knit Stitch Pattern

  1. Love these!! Will be continuing my blanket with a square of Irish moss stitch! Yay! Thanks for teaching all of us the stitches you know!

  2. Hi Q. What is the name of the guy who does the montly knitalong Dishcloth could not find him on Raverly.

  3. I love how superbly you show how to do your stitches and explain them. I wondered if you could show the daisy knitting pattern. I can't follow the other videos I have tried. I am now half way done with a baby blanket in Irish moss and its so beautiful. Thank you for helping me create a piece that just looks difficult with ease.

  4. Love this tutorial. Beautiful stitch and so well explained. Can't wait to try it. Just wondering what brand and # yarn you used and what size needle? Just love the thickness of your yarn in the video. Thank you so much. Lots to learn for me 🙂 .

  5. Thanks Studio Knit for this video! Didn't know this stitch and learned how to knit it quickly, thanks to your tutorial! Greetings from Italy 🙂

  6. I really love this stitch. Is it the same as the American Moss Stitch? I am a little confused as I seem to be seeing a few different versions of Moss Stitch here on YouTube. Some people are calling it Seed Stitch. So it would be nice to have things cleared up.

  7. I love this stitch! It's so quick and easy and looks gorgeous, do you have a pattern using the Irish Moss Stitch for a quick simple hat? These tutorials are great!

  8. Hey guys! My new KNIT STITCH PATTERN BOOK now includes this stitch and to easily knit it up offline. Get it on Etsy ($6) here:

  9. Hi. I was just wondering what size yarn and needle you are using. Should I just go by the size listed on the label. Would this look good with a chunky yarn too?

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