Kaftan Dress Cutting And Stitching – Tailoring With Usha

Kaftan Dress Cutting And Stitching – Tailoring With Usha

hello friends, i received a lot of requests on kaftan dress cutting and stitching today m going to teach you cutting and stitching of simple kaftan it is loosely top like dress the measurement is like this length 38 inch shoulder length 7 inch chest/breast 33 inch waist length 13.5 inch waist 30 inch hip length 21 inch hips 34 inch length of front neck 4 inch length of back neck 4 inch width of neck 7 inch we make it very loose so neither we take shoulder length nor we take length of sleeves this is the cloth, first fold it lengthwise then width wise like this in 4 layers now cut length + 1 inch cloth from the closed part length is 38 +1 inch=39, mark it and cut it because there is no shoulder length sewing so we only need 1 inch for folding from the bottom width of kaftan from same closed part, make front neck and back neck neck width is 7, half of it makes 3.5 but m taking little less than 3.5 for sewing of slant strips in length take 4 inch (length of front and back neck) make a box and cut it in a curve manner take 1/4 of chest below the neck box and mark it, i.e 1/4 of 33 is 8.25 and now from top of closed part take shoulder length + 1 inch, mark it to the chest mark(intersecting marks) from top take waist length and mark it 0.5 inch extra i.e 14 + 0.5=14.5 and mark hip length + 0.5 inch i.e 21+0.5=21.5 inch on waist length mark 1/4 of waist i.e 30/4=7.5 inch on hip length mark 1/4 of hips i.e 34/4=8.5 inch and join the chest, waist, hips marks upto total length of kaftan by hand curving the bottom width must be 3-4 inch more than the hips, m taking 11 inch as hips as 8.5 inch making “A” mark join from hips to bottom width now cut a little bit less than mark line of neck region so that the strips can be sewed smoothly any other cutting is never neccessary this is the simple kaftan drafting and cutting after this i’ll teach you stitching of kaftan dress this is the cut neck part and we already made slant strips(how to make slant strips i told you earlier) stitch slant strips on the right side around the neck but fold slant strip like this and then sew it to the neck part, after sewing mark small cuts(make sure sewing doesn’t come in between) cut slant strip when it overlaps the neck part at one end, fold it inside like we do in back neck sewing & sew it after this sewing fold it one more time inside and hand-stitch it after this, fold(double fold) the bottom width of kaftan to the wrong side and sew it mark drafting line on the both sides and sew this line on right side taking wrong side inwards from bottom width to shoulder length mark do firm stitching on both sides this is our ready kaftan dress, after completing this i’ll upload an image in next video i’ll teach you a new cutting/ stitching in an easy way..thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

30 thoughts on “Kaftan Dress Cutting And Stitching – Tailoring With Usha

  1. hello usha! ur teaching styl is very easy…u hv real skil to teach..n best thing of ur video is…u shw description whil video is playing…thanx..u r amazing.:-)

  2. hi mam. kia hum iske half sleves ko sew karskte hai .. aur ye fabric k uppar side hi sew karna hai kia.. ya andr se as usual

  3. hi mam. kia hum iske half sleves ko sew karskte hai .. aur ye fabric k uppar side hi sew karna hai kia.. ya andr se as usual

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