99 thoughts on “Katniss Reaping Braids | Hunger Games | Cute Girls Hairstyles

  1. Hello Cute Girls Hairstyles! This is Jessica Lowle! I was wondering if when you Skyped Linda Flowers, you asked how she did Katniss's reaping hair.

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  3. Wow! U are so great at doing hairstyles! If u had to guess how many different hairstyles do you know in total?

  4. I just wanna say thank you for posting this tutorial, I got so many compliments from school and church all year, it had become my go-to style when I was in a hurry or lazy, I LOVE YOU!

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  6. Used to have this exact hairstyle for ballet recitals, and every girl had to have exactly the same! Didn't realise Katniss wore this in hunger games!

  7. You make it look so easy. I look forward to trying this on my daughter & myself. Thank you for the lesson.

  8. the only problem I had with this hairstyle was the sections from the sides being added into the braid because the chunks are covering the braid

  9. Can you please do a hairstyle on Cloves hairstyle from the hunger games???! Please and thank you! I just tried to do it and it looked awful!

  10. Dancing Hungarian folkdance I already knew this hairstyle, but you showed it pretty well. The only problem with my hair is, that it's too long, I have to fold it couple more times to be able to tuck it all away :D…

  11. i dont understand what the diference when doing a pancake braid or the french braid this one?
    i can see the diference of the result but i dont understand the diference when doing it?

  12. I have been looking at the pictures of Katniss's reaping day hair. I've made a new discovery! Her hair looks like it was put into two pigtails first then the elastic a were hair wrapped. Then they were braided and put into the updo. I would love to see you recreate this hairstyle like that!

  13. That is so cute! I wish that I could braid my own hair. I can barely get it into a pony tail I am so terrible at hairstyling.

  14. Can you please do the hairstyle that Katniss wares when she goes to the presidential palace ( I think it's at the start of catching fire) thanks xxx

  15. love your braids.I love to be able to do braids but can,t as unable to keep my arms up to long.

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