Knitting Help – Lykke Needle Set Review

Knitting Help – Lykke Needle Set Review

In this video, I’m going to give you a rundown
and a review on the Lykke needles, and it is actually pronounced “Looka.” And I brought my book by Mike Viking. This is the same guy who wrote the book “The
Little Book of Hygge” and this is “The Little Book of Lykke,” and right under the word it
says, “Pronounced LOO-KA.” And so that’s how we’re supposed to pronounce
it. I think everyone in the world…not everyone
in the world, everyone in America is pronouncing it “Lyka,” that’s what it looks like to us. But just for reference Mike Viking, who’s
also my Facebook friend who I have a crush on, who wrote these books, he says “Looka.” And it’s a Danish and Norwegian word meaning
happiness. So I’ll go ahead and call them “Lyka” for
everyone in North America. These needles are really nice. This is the Lykke Driftwood Set and when you
first get them, you open them up and you realize this is a great substantial case. It is vegan leather, kind of a sueded vegan
leather. It feels really good, and inside you have
what are really very gorgeous needles. So let’s go ahead and take a closer look at
these. Okay, we are inside the case now, we’re getting
a look at the needles. These are the Driftwoods in this gray finish. They are a highly laminated birch with a shorter
taper and a blunter tip. Now, we’re kind of in a world where everyone’s
just excited about the sharper the needle the better. I just finished knitting a sweater on these
and it was mostly stockinette and I loved them. Every time I look down at them I thought,
“God, these are such pretty needles.” And they were so easy to use because the blunter
tip and just the stockinette that I was doing, it wasn’t splitting the yarn, and it was yarn
that was kind of prone to be splitty. I really loved using these. And in your kit, this is how many? This is 12 needle sizes from U.S. 4 up to
U.S. 17 or 3.5 millimeters up to 12 millimeters. These are huge. These are almost like a piece of driftwood
on the beach, aren’t they? And in your sturdy little pocket, everything
really is substantial and sturdy. You have just the standard cords to make 24,
32, and 40-inch circulars. And these are standard plastic cords and you
get some end stoppers and stuff. It’s kind of the stuff that you would expect
for a circular needle set. And these plastic cords from my sets of needles,
I’m not sure this is the same for everybody with all sets of needles, these are the exact
same threads as like my Knitter’s Pride needles and my Knit Picks needles. They’re interchangeable with these cords. And these are just your standard plastic cords
that kind of eventually wear out at some point but they’re easy enough to replace. Now, one thing I wanted to do was do a quick
comparison here on these needles with another favorite of mine, my Knitter’s Pride Dreams,
and you can see the Lykke needles are much blunter with a much shorter taper. The taper on the Dreams goes all the way down
to there, and the taper on the Lykkes are just to here. Quite a difference when you’re knitting with
them, but both are really highly laminated wood. And everything, of course, goes back nicely
and neatly, magnetic snap case. Okay, just one more thing to say about these
because it is an honest review. All my reviews are honest but I just have
to say the bad thing about these. You’re going to get these needles in the mail,
you’re going to bring them home from your local yarn shop, and you’re going to take
them out of the plastic excited to use them, and the case, the vegan leather case has a
smell. A smell like the factory, like chemicals,
I don’t know what, but just because of what it is I guess, you know, the fake leather
has a smell to it. It was so bad…I was excited to use my needles,
but it was so bad I had to put the needles in the garage for a few days. And every time I opened the garage door to
do a load of laundry or something, I was just hit in the face with the smell of these needles. Now, maybe I’m especially sensitive to smells
or maybe they’ve changed something since, you know, I bought mine a few months ago,
but that was like the big downside. Now, I left it out there for a few days, maybe
a week, and now there is no smell, there’s no smell anymore, and these needles get to
live inside my house. I don’t make them live in the garage anymore. Anyway, that’s the big downside. Other than that they are beautiful needles. Like I said, most Americans are pronouncing
it “Likay” needles, “Lika” needles, but Mike Viking calls it “Looka.” I think the rest of Denmark does as well. Anyway, that’s my review, my overview of these
needles. Good luck. [00:05:12]

73 thoughts on “Knitting Help – Lykke Needle Set Review

  1. I love my set, and they're so pretty to look at while knitting! I agree, the smell was terrible at the beginning, but that goes away after a few days as you mentioned. Thank you for doing this review.

  2. That looks like an absolutely beautiful set! I love how you smelled the case – lol! What IS vegan leather, anyway?

  3. I have these and love them as well!!! I even went and purchased the short ones for hats and has the shorter cord with them!! They are sooooo small!

  4. Thank u. They are pricey. Perhaps company can start airing them out before shipping. I had some ice yarn crochet thread that i had to air before stashing. Must have been fresh.

  5. Wow. Hadn't heard of these until now. I have to check them out! I greatly appreciate your noting the problem with the smell. Nice to know beforehand.

  6. When you know the correct pronunciation of something, why would you purposely continue mispronouncing something. Americans are notorious for this.

  7. Okay, Staci… so I must ask… Which would you say you prefer… these Lykke or your KP Dreamz??? (I have a set of Dreamz and they're dreamy to me, so a set of needles has to be REALLY good for me to consider using any other.😉)

  8. Many issues with these needles. They came apart at the join and they pulled apart at the black/wood part. They have great customer service but this should not be happening. I was very disappointed especially with all the hype. I am not the only one who has had this issue. Many podcasters and bloggers have said the same.

  9. I have had mine for almost a year. There was no odor at all from my case. It may have been an interaction with the shipping packaging that caused your case to have an odor.

  10. Mine didn't smell but the case I have is the black shiny one. I've had one come apart which was promptly replaced. Since my daughter had to get one of her Addis replaced, I can't get bent out of shape about 1 flawed needle. I love the feel and really enjoy using them. I have the short tip set as well.

  11. My favorite wood needles were the Options Rainbow set … They're gorgeous, and so far, no problems with anything in the set. It's not a very "vegan" case, if it's processed with a lot of non-vegan chemicals that make you banish it from the household until it can contain itself :/ Thanks for the great review <3

  12. Thank you for your review terrific as always! I realize this is predominantly a knitting Podcast, would you consider doing a review of their crochet hooks too?

  13. I just got a pair of their needles last week. I love the needles but the cords are terrible. I will try the straight needles, or the interchangeables with different cords.

  14. I also have this set, and the needles are lovely to knit with. Wish I could say the same about the cords! I hadn’t thought to try other mfg. cords with the needles- definitely going to try that.

  15. I have the Lykke dpn set and I just tried them for the first time last night – I was really impressed. I still adore my Chiaogoo interchangeable set, but anytime I need dpns I will DEFINITELY reach for my Lykke needles. I agree about the smell of the case, though – I let it off-gas for about a week in the garden shed when I first got the set, which was about a month ago, and it STILL stinks.

  16. Thank you for the heads up! I don't know anyone that has these needles. I have what my family and some friends refer to as a bionic nose because I am so sensitive to scents. Thank you for the heads up about the smell. Although I do have wooden interchangeable needles I am not a big fan and after reading some of the other comments about them being defective, I think I'll pass on these.

  17. Gosh I love your manicure. Always lovely. Thanks for the needle review. I've been curious about them. Good to see the comparison to Knitter's Pride.

  18. wow I had never heard of those needles and they're absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for the discovery and the review! I love them!^^

  19. I have a pair of fixed circulars which I bought in Germany. They're nice enough, the needles feel nice in my hands. But i find the cable too stiff and I generally prefer a sharper tip. They're a good stockinette needle for most yarns, but more limited for lace or cable work, in my opinion. But yes, they're very attractive and I like the drift wood aspect (If that is actually what they are? I suspect not, probably just marketing speak).

  20. You NEED to review Tulip's interchangable needles! sell them. They swivle! The cable moves, due to it being fastened by a piece, and not to the whole cable, if you understand what I mean? And they're such strong and durable bamboo, which isn't catching on the yarn. Never had better needles! I've tried so many.

  21. I wanted to buy a set of these but passed. I could justify hearing seeing complaints as to issues with cords and issues with the pieces coming apart on some knitter friends of mine. Plus I don't really use wood that much and have a pair that I had over 5 years so I passes on these as knew they would just sit around. Glad they didn't fall apart on you.

  22. I was just gifted the Lykke interchangeables in Indigo for my birthday, and they are wonderful to work with! I am very sensitive to off-gassing and chemicals, and I was worried about the smell issues, but my set did not smell or off-gas! It also did not come wrapped in plastic, and I wonder if the knit shop removed the plastic to let it off-gas prior to purchasing. I usually prefer needles with a long taper and sharp tip, but I just finished a sweater with these in seed stitch, and I kept looking up at my husband and saying, "I love these needles!" I guess they just bring me lykke! 🙂 I would have preferred fancier cords for the price, but the cords seem pretty standard and do the job. I haven't had any issues with the needles coming apart. These are great for everyday knitting! And, I agree, they are perfect for yarns prone to splitting.

  23. Thank you for all your help and info. I really enjoy your very professional podcasts and your how-to tutorials have helped me numerous times.

    I thought I had finally gotten the pronunciation correct from Nordic Stitches Podcast – How to pronounce Lykke needles… lick kah! Oh well!

    A friend who was not thrilled with her set loaned them to me to see how I liked them. She also has the birch set in the driftwood color.

    I just finished a project where it was required to switch back and forth on size US 4 & 5. While I had no issue with tips of needles or cable, I did not care for the join. My yarn caught and had to be maneuvered over the join. I was using Madeline Tosh sock.

  24. They have the BEST customer service too. I broke a needle. They replaced it no questions asked. Just had to upload a picture. I had a replacement in just a few days.

  25. I was torn between these and the Chiaogoo set. I ordered Chaiogoo (hasn't even shipped yet), but now thinking I made a mistake and should have ordered these? Do you have the Chaiogoo and if so can you tell me how they compare?

  26. I bought my Chiaogoos and then I saw these. I became a little FOMO and still want them! 🙂 I wonder if I can justify it as Chiaogoo interchangeable set stops at 10mm.

  27. The marketing departments are laughing at us. "Vegan leather." It's plastic. No animals will be hurt by this. I still love you Staci, but that's too PC for me.

  28. Love your honest review. I would buy these just for the case. Thanks for sharing!

    Are the cords as good as the Knit Picks? Meaning, do they tend to retain the twist like some of the cheaper brands?

  29. Yep, they fit the Knit Pro (possibly the Australian name for Knitter's Pride) cables too. Very convenient.

  30. I’m a beginner and just started knitting in February. I purchased these on the recommendation of my favorite yarn store and absolutely love them, though admittedly haven’t had much to compare them with. I haven’t had any problems with the needle coming apart at the join but it’s only been about 3 months. I was fortunate and didn’t notice any smell with the case. All in all, these needles are part of why I adore knitting.

  31. I have this set as well as the short tip and DPNs. I love them! I love the warmth of the wood as I work with them and have no problems with them.

  32. I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to get over the smell; I have never liked the smell of "vegan leather" and I end up with a headache.

  33. I know that chemical smell. I ordered a set of Tunisian hooks size 1mm to 8mm and the chemical smell was so bad I put them out on the back porch for a week. Can’t smell a thing now. Maybe the manufacturer needs to hang onto them a bit more before selling them? Beautiful needles, thanks for the heads up.

  34. Thank you for the review! I love knitting with these (same set as you reviewed), and the case did have a horrible smell which forced me to put it outside on the porch for a few days. I have had a few issues with the needles coming loose so the yarn catches in the join and overall would prefer to have these as non-interchangeable for that reason.
    PS you are my go-to for knitting help – love your concise and clear videos plus you have a lovely speaking voice!

  35. still liking the chiaogoo for the cable. was really torn between those and the bamboo … still working that out. because I am an avid crocheter but new to knitting, and I can only really afford one set, I am waiting to buy the one set that will last me decades not years or worse yet months. thanks for the review

  36. I bought mine last October same case as being reviewed but mine did not smell at all. I love my set and have had no problems whatsoever.

  37. I got these needles. I was Tining the cord when my US 4 350 mm broke I am so heartbroken Is there something that I can do to get a new one

  38. I'm sorry but it was totally wrong, Danish and Norwegian are not the same language, they may even have the same meaning, but the pronounce is different … How to pronounce Lykke needles… lick kah!

  39. I agree. The join on mine has never worked well even after using the little metal piece to tighten them. They unscrew after just a few rows after tightening them. Yesterday the black cable separated from the join! Very disappointed since I had heard so many good things about them, I feel this was not an honest review of these needles.

  40. I have had mine for a few months and so far no issues, though I understand they have been coming apart for some people. I will be sad if this happens because I pretty much gave up on my knit picks needles for this reason. I have both sets… the "driftwood" set and the "denim" set… and I don't recall either one being particularly stinky when they arrived. I am also sensitive to smells. Weird.

  41. Hi, Staci. I always appreciate your review of needles and tools. I'm wondering if you have tried KA needles. They are made by a company called Kinki Amibari (I guess they decided to go with "KA" for the international market because of the coincidental similarity with an English word) in Japan and makes excellent bamboo needles like other Japanese manufactures like Clover (Takumi series) and Tulip (Carry and Knina). Their English website is:

    I was attracted to KA because of the wide range of options in sizes and lengths of their needles. I love my KA needles and would love to hear what you and other knitters think.

  42. I bought a pair of the lykke needles and the cord seems so stiff compared to chiagoo needles. Does the lykke cord become more flexible?

  43. These are pretty, I am going to try them because there are so many yarns now and I know it will be good to have a blunter set in order to work with some splitier yarns. I love my Chaigoo needles. Every needle set has good and bad reviews, so it is hard to go by reviews alone. Thanks for reviewing these Staci, your review is what made me decide to try these.

  44. I picked this set up in a yarn shop in Oregon. I have had them for a year and a couple of months and I use a set almost every day. I've never had any issue and I love them. I'm glad you mentioned the smell because I experiences the same thing. It did go away after a few days out of the plastic.

  45. Ive had my driftwoods for a few weeks and i LOVE THEM!!! Im going tomorrow to get the shorts at my local yarn shop and am super excited

  46. I want to have them 'cause they look so good, it's just for fashion or statement; I want to be pleased with my knitting needles.

  47. The name doesn't look like Lykka to me. If the e on the end isn't silent, I'd be more inclined to pronounce the second syllable key, not kah.

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