Knitting Help – Slow Motion Mattress Stitch

Knitting Help – Slow Motion Mattress Stitch

This video is part of my slow motion series
for very visual learners. In it, I’m going to demonstrate how to do
the mattress stitch, the most common seam that we use in knitting. And I’m gonna demonstrate on two mostly stockinette
pieces. Seaming other stitches is really pretty much
the same thing once you get the flow of it. If you would like to see my other slow motion
videos, I’ll give you a link right here. And if you’d like to see my regular speed
mattress stitch video, I will also give you a link. Just click the little “i” in the upper right
hand corner. But for now…Oh, let me just also say I’m
going to use a different color of yarn when I seam these two pieces together so you can
see what I’m doing. It doesn’t really matter because the yarn
won’t show but usually, we like to use the same color of yarn that we knit with. But in this case, I’m gonna use a different
color of yarn. So, let’s go slo-mo. First, I’m going to secure the yarn to one
side by putting the needle through the corner, pulling it through, leaving myself about six
inches of tail to weave in, and poking it back through that same place. Now, jumping over to the other side, I’m going
to put my needle in between the first and second column of stitches, grabbing a couple
of ladder rungs. And it isn’t very easy to see here on this
garter stitch section, but it’ll get easier when we get up into the stockinette. [00:01:48]
[silence] [00:02:15] Back over to the other piece. Stretching it out a little so you can see
just what I’m doing. Between the first and second column of stitches,
picking up a couple of ladder rungs. [00:02:32]
[silence] [00:02:54] And now, we’re kind of into the swing of it. Poke your needle into the same hole you went
out of between the first and second column of stitches, pick up two ladder rungs and
pull it through. And I’ll go ahead and tighten this up to see
how the garter stitch section looks. [00:03:21]
[silence] [00:03:38] Looks good. Now, we’ll start on the stockinette which
will be a lot easier to see. The first thing you wanna do is to make sure
that you’re really getting between the first and second column of stitches because stockinette
rolls. So, you wanna unroll it, go into the same
hole you came out of last time…put your needle under two ladder rungs. Much easier to see now. [00:04:16]
[silence] [00:04:40] Same hole you came out of last time, under
two ladder rungs. And you see I’m not really tightening everything
up with each stitch and that’s for a couple of reasons. One is it’s easier to see where you came out
last time especially if your yarn is the same color, the seaming yarn and the yarn that
you knit with, the yarn in the fabric. So, leaving it a little bit loose makes it
easier to see where the next stitch goes. But also, it’s really satisfying to pull it
all tightly several stitches at once, and that’s coming up. [00:05:25] [silence]
[00:06:19] You getting the swing of it now? [00:06:21]
[silence] [00:07:04] Now, I’ll go ahead and tighten it up. So satisfying. And if you over tighten a bit, no problem. Just go ahead and pull on the seam to stretch
it back out. And that looks great. At the very bottom there, there’s a little
stair-steppy. But when you weave in that end, you can fix
that by attaching one side to the other. And this seam does leave a ridge on the back
of the work. Totally expected. Looks great on the front. And that’s it. Slow motion mattress stitch. Hope that helps. Good luck. 00:08:07]
[music] [00:08:27]

25 thoughts on “Knitting Help – Slow Motion Mattress Stitch

  1. This is a great video, however I still do struggle with this! Practice, practice, practice! Also, could I request seaming two garter edges? Struggle with this also.

  2. Your videos (both fast and slow), are amazing. Thanks to you, my work has gone from looking homemade to professional and polished! Couldn't have done it without you!

  3. Thank you so much ๐Ÿ™‚ you are a great teacher. You have taught me a lot about knitting. Just a side note for the viewers: If you click that little "settings sprocket" on the bottom right in your videos you can select a slower speed to watch back the videos here on YouTube, its helped me a lot in other tutorial videos where I needed to see something in a slower motion. Happy Knitting All!

  4. Hey there, do you have/could you please do a video on how to pick up wraps from wrap and turn stitches. I'm struggling. Thanks.

  5. How do I seam the rib stitch? I'm doing a hat with 2 x 2 ribbing. I can see the laddets with the knit stitch side, but I am having trouble finding ladders on the side with the purl stitch.

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