69 thoughts on “Learn to Knit Socks part 4 – Gusset

  1. I can see why you think they're kitty ears, but they're really Basenji ears. 🙂 I'm surprised we can't hear the dogs walking around on the tile floor during the video!

  2. SSK is "slip, slip, knit", and is a one stitch decrease. If you go to the Increases and Decreases section of my youtube channel, there is a video for it.

  3. Dear Terri This is the easiest clearest (with the white) background It sure was enjoyable You are are wonderful teacher KUDOS!!

  4. What du you mean at 5.10, when you saying 'cross needle one and you'll knit the 3 last stitches'. Does that mean that you knit the whole row, and then you knit the three lastest and knit thoose together as a one ?
    Please explain :]

  5. I found 13 'V" instead of 11 st, how shall i work on gusset?
    Or just keep working till 10 st on 2&3 needle? 🙂

    p.s. great video and pattern! Thank you!

  6. @tilipalova You have a couple of different options here…you can either skip a couple of stitches along the side of the heel flap so that you only pick up 11, or you can go ahead and pick up 13, then work a couple of extra decrease rounds to get you back to the original 40 stitches. Make sense? 🙂

  7. Thank you for these videos!!! I picked up a free pattern from Joann and it was missing some of the instructions. I can't tell you how much you helped me. Thank you so much for these video's you have taught me so much. I will be visiting your website. Thanks again for all the great tips.

  8. If I have 14 stitches after I turned the heal instead of 12, can I work those extra 2 stitches in or should I rip that section out? I'm not exactly sure how I would go abut ripping it out!

    Oh and p.s. your videos are so amazing!!! you taught me everything i know about knitting!! 🙂

  9. @jenmn11 I would recommend ripping it out. I know that sounds scary, but it's not so bad…this is just a few rows of knitting, and it's pretty easy to pick up the stitches again. Just pull out your needle and pull out the stitches until you see 20 live stitches again. Then slide your needle back into those stitches, and reknit the turning the heel part, starting once again at Row 1. I'm glad the videos are helping you! :_)

  10. I don't understand how you are picking up the V stitches. are you wrapping the yarn around the needle each time you pick up a v???

  11. @rt3267 I'm putting my needle under both legs of the V, then wrapping the needle with the working yarn, then pulling it through (in this case, under the V), like a normal knit stitch.

  12. @jazzori These videos are made to accompany a written pattern, which is available for purchase and immediate download on my website. The videos alone do not provide you with enough information to successfully knit the pattern. The link to purchase the pattern is listed in the video description (right under the video). Please let me know if you have any questions about that. 🙂

  13. @sandychannel Hmm…you're missing a decrease somewhere. You can either fudge it (k2tog somewhere to get your count correct) or try again. 🙂

  14. @KahovskayaYevgeniya Are you following the pattern I sell that accompanies these videos? If so, please email me directly (to the email address I list in the pattern), and I can help you with your question.

  15. I like the video, trying to knit socks. Haven't bought any patterns yet but considering this for the video/pattern experience. Thanks!

  16. Yes – I have several sock tutorials, including basic cuff-down, toe-up, magic loop, and more. You can visit my website to see a list of all of the sock tutorials. Hope that helps!

  17. I can't thank you for posting these videos. I have made my first pair of socks! I am diabetic, and these socks feel SOOOOO good on my feet.Thank you, again.

  18. Great tutorial with good step by step demo. I think the gusset is the most challenging part of the sock and now I understand it better

  19. "SSK" is an abbreviation for "slip, slip, knit", which is a one-stitch, left-leaning decrease. You can watch my video on this stitch if you'd like to see it demonstrated slowly.

  20. My yarn is somehow always ending up on the other side and in order to pick up my first 11 stitches I have to cut it and re-attach it again…any ideas why that happens?

  21. Rada – if you're working from the written pattern, the exact number of rows are given so that shouldn't happen. You are either knitting too many or two few rows, which will leave your working yarn in the wrong place for the next section. Feel free to email me at my personal email address, or PM me here on YouTube if you have more questions!

  22. This is such an awesome series.  I referred to this with a completely different pattern for my very first sock project and it helped so much!  Thank you!

  23. Hi, i forgot to normal knit between each reduction knit round, will this come back to haunt me? Or will it be ok?

  24. @Nu Gas – you have your settings set so that I cannot reply to you directly…but yes, that will cause you problems!  For the sizing to be correct, you need the plain knit rounds between the decrease rounds.

  25. Hi there, great tutorial and easy to follow.  I purchased the pattern and for $8.00 its a bargain.  Thank you for a great video.

  26. Staci how long ????
    I hear the bit about 1 1/2 inches of the toe cap but do I knit to the root of the great toe or the one that goes to market?
    Hugs WAH in OZ.

  27. Thank you….. but I had 80 stitches, divided into  needles,1. 20, 2. 40 and 3. 20 .
    Then if I do the decreases at 4 per two rows, I am at 2 inch long toe cap now and still have 10, 20 and 10 stitches left so total of 40 and I have to get to 24 before my Kitchener stitches.  A

  28. Thanks. I did the read and follow. It has turned out exactly the same, I kitchenered and whoa!! My husband says its a perfect fit.
    Now to knit a pair.
    I think writing out the numbers and with your encouragement I just went for it.
    Was your Aunty available for consults in the middle of the night?
    This is awesome use of Technology.
    Hugs WAH.

  29. Hi there, thank you very much indeed for being the BEST KNITTING TEACHER! I speak English as a second language and because of your teachings Iam able to get all your patters. May G'd bless all your business and projects. Thank you from Minas Gerais, Brasil.

  30. THANK YOU!!!!!  I'm determined to learn to knit socks this year. And between you and a FB group Addicted to Socks I'm getting it quickly!

  31. Hi .. I determined to make socks as a beginner watching this video 😉 .. But i want to learn how can i measure the sock to fit my baby ?.. Of course not the same number of stitches u did !! .. Could u please teach me how can i count the number of cast on stitshes to make the wanted size ?!!

  32. I tried this tutorial a year ago when I was a beginner and I just couldn't get it…it was very frustrating because I love all your videos. But I kept practicing with different projects and today that I saw this video again I found it very clear, the best I have seen on knitting socks so far, so thank you very much and to all the beginners: don't despair!

  33. I started a pair of socks 2 years ago and could not for the life of me figure out the heel! I now get it! Thank you so much for your video! I can finally work on those socks again!

  34. Stacy, I tend to have a hole between the gusset stitches and the instep.  I assume if I knit a stitch in the corner between the gusset stitches and the instep I should include that as my picked up stitches?  Thanks.

  35. Amazing explanation I finally (after eatching many other videos) found your video which I understood! Thanks so much!

  36. Thanks for great tutorial, I'm currently knitting my first pair of socks. Watching your videos has made all the difference to me being able to understand how to knit successfully.
    Who thought that knitting socks could be so complicated… Yet so simple when shown clearly in your step by step videos.
    Thanks again.

  37. Why is there a gab on the left side of my heel flap when it is turned and stitches 11 picked up and ready to continue the pattern

  38. Stacy, you mentioned a pair of socks that would be good to begin with. Would you please repeat that? I just can't remember. Thank you.

  39. I always use your site when I have a knitting problem, and I’ve got to say…YOU ARE THE BEST EVER! Thank you for your site, your posts, your clarity and anything else I can’t think of. You rule and are the QUEEN of the knit stitch! Thanks so much!

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