Left Hand: Crochet Adjustable Ring / Magic Circle

Left Hand: Crochet Adjustable Ring / Magic Circle

(music playing) Welcome back to The Crochet Crowd, as well as my friends over at Yarnspirations.com. Today is a technique video, and it will be used in the Llama No Drama series. This is called an adjustable ring. It’s also called a magic loop, or a magic circle. So what we have here, is that it’s a technique that allows anything that starts off in the center, to be absolutely tight. So that there’s no holes. You can use this kind of technique in the top of the hat. Just in case that when you go to chain a certain amount, and go around the chain, it may leave an extra hole. So magic circle eliminates that. So some people opt to do that. So what you need for a magic circle, definitely for sure, is a tapestry needle, and obviously your yarn that you want to work with. So it’s a really neat idea, and I’m gonna show you this. So on camera here is a finished magic ring, and the center of it is permanently attached. It will never come out. It will not open up anymore. So let’s take our time, and here’s the yarn strand, and I want you to lay down your hand, and lay down two fingers like this, and pull the yarn in front like this. And I’ll wait a second. So this is what it will look like for you. So make sure you give yourself a little bit of an extra long tail, because we’re gonna have to secure that in with the tapestry needle. Okay, so just put me on hold, if you just need to do it. So now what you wanna do, is just kind of use your other finger, your thumb here, and just pinch, and rotate your hand over, and then grab the yarn that is leading, to the yarn ball, around, and cross over one time. Like this. And what I like to do is just sandwich it in between a finger, so I can see it. So it looks like it’s crossed over top of your hand. Like this. It’s in the front two fingers, rotate your hand over, and take the yarn strand into the ball, and just rotate it up and over, and cross it over, and then just use another finger, so that it stays crossed. Just hold there if you need to hold. Now, you’re gonna take your, your hook, and you’re going to go underneath the first one. So up underneath the first one, and grab the second one, and pull through. Noticing that I’m not letting go of anything in this hand. And all I wanna do, is just with my other hand, this one here, is this I want to slide it up, and I wanna pinch, so that these two strands are together. Like so. And to lock this ring, you just need to chain one. So when you crochet, you wanna crochet up over these two strands, because that’s what’s going to pull it shut. So in the case for the Llama, it may say to chain, uh do um six single crochets in the magic ring. So all you’re just gonna do, is inside the magic ring, just start inside the ring, and just count six single crochets. So one two three four five. It’s a little fiddly at first once you get used to this. And six. So before I pull it shut, I wanna count and verify there’s six. So one two three four five six. Now that it’s shut, this yarn strand right, here leading to the end of the ball. Just pull . And that will pull the ring completely shut. Now, in the case of the Llama, or anything else, I wanna pull up a loop on the here, and get rid of that. And I wanna turn this over, and I wanna secure the ending here, with the tapestry needle. And all I’m just going to do, put the tapestry needle, you have to do this, because if you do not, it will burst open. So I see people complaining online that they don’t do that, or they don’t know to do that, and then it bursts open, and Etc. So I’ve got it now into a tapestry needle, and I just wanna weave it through the backside of this. So just go one. And the first time pull tight, and then go back in the other direction. You want it nice and tight. It’s two, and then one more, in the other direction for three. Just like that. So now that it’s in, I could just trim it. And then I can put this back onto the hook, and begin. So in the case of the Llama, we’re gonna go in a continuous circle. So if you’re not sure just count it back from the hook. So one two three four five six. So in the case of the Llama, this will be your first stitch. So the very first time that you’re doing it when you do the first one, just make sure that you pull it nice and tight, get everything retighten back into your hands, and then crochet, as normal. So, and if you had it like a hat, you could’ve slip stitch to that stitch as well. Just make sure the very first time you’re going in there, that you pull everything nice and tight. So it’s gonna be really tight, right in the very beginning. But this is be how, you create a magic ring. Like so. So this is how you do an adjustable ring, or a magic ring. Like so.

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