37 thoughts on “LOOM KNITTING Scarf with Sleeves – Oversized Bolero Shrug | Loomahat

  1. No you didn't 😍😍😍 it's a must on my knitting list for this winter ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you Ma'am

  2. How much yarn did you use on this project please, thank you for sharing this it's fabulous good idea and you make it look so easy to follow ☺ 💖 💖

  3. Oh my goodness!! This is a beautiful project. I have not loom knitted in over a year because I've learned to crochet, but this beautiful "scarf with sleeves" will nudge me back to loom knitting. Thanks for the excellent video tutorial!!

  4. I'm in my husband's account for w.e reason and he's gonna be like what!? But YAY!!!! I'm in love w your videos!!! Thank you so much!! I just started loom knitting and i just totally understand the way you teach and have so much fun and peace while making some awesome stuff. I'm pretty much just going down the project playlist making w.e catches me eye at the time lol I 💜 my knitting glove! I even changed the design all on my own! Thanks again so much and keep making awesome stuff!! 💛💜

  5. Denise, I absolutely love this, I'm sitting here on a freezing day in the north of Scotland and wishing I had one already. I'm getting that pattern and maybe, even just knitting it will warm me up. Cuddly and cosy, I can't wait, thankyou 😃
    O oooh just thought you could call them huggable scarves 😀

  6. I'm still in beginner mode, but I'm DEF saving this pattern. Maybe by next Winter, I'll feel confident (patient) enough to work this one.

  7. Thanks for this. Amazing! Question: Rows 60-69 , you say to do the same 5 rows. Would that be the figure 8 or figure 8 for 4 rows and knit stitch for the the 5th? Once I finish my current project I hope to begin this. Thanks!

  8. Denise ya me la pusiste difícil!! Ya no te puedo alcanzar, pero este tutorial me suena a reto para mi misma 😏, me gusta para regalo de navidad; ojalá me salga aunque sea la mitad de bello como el que hiciste.

  9. Amazing as usual, you make me feel all is possible, being able to go at my own speed and back up and replay allows me to go above and beyond what I thought I was capable of, thanks a million.

  10. I’m a bit confused. Shouldn’t row 6 begin at the anchor peg, then the increase will happen on row 7 as you move around the loom counter clockwise? Or am I counting wrong? As I understand, e-wrap right, u wrap left and that’s cast on. So. Row 1 would be going right, 2 left and so on and 6 would end at anchor peg.

  11. Denise!!! These is so close to what I've been looking for. Bering in a wheelchair or sitting down 90% of the time I need something to cover the back arms and all the way down my front or short like a shirt would be great! This is so close I just need this to need this to be wider for those of us plus size Knitters. Love you always, Lani.

  12. Por favor subtitulos en español para entender mejor Gracias 😊 ya que su otro canal en español no siguió subiendo videos… 😅

  13. This is a very beautiful project. I started this last week, but I got a little confused on knitting flat for rows 70-199 and when I did an e-wrap after doing 4 rows of figure 8, the yarn ended up on peg one. Can you please help me? Also, is it possible to connect two different colors of yarn?

  14. I love following you! You make it seem so easy. I’ve been able to teach myself through your videos. I was wondering if you’d consider doing a video on what they call “twiddle muffs” also know as dementia sleeves. I only know how to loom and all the videos I can find are knit or crochet. Thanks for your consideration.

  15. Hey I just started loom knitting and I was wanting to do your navy blue scarf for beginners. I was wondering do you think I could use 4 strands of simply soft yarn instead?

  16. Hi please can you do a video on how to knit pleats on a loom thank you .I really have learned a lot from you fantastic teachers. Ps love your videos

  17. Hey Denise it's Amber I was wondering if you could do a tutorial for the bearded viking hat and the octopus hat. They would be so fun. Thank you for all your videos. Because of you I have an knit. I have been able to make so many fun gifts for my friends and family. Your my Favorite 🙂

  18. I can't wait to make this. I'm going to make the first for me just incase I don't like it and to use up some yarn I don't like the color of. If this turns out well do you know of a way to make it lacier I guess you could say. Something light for the spring and early autumn temps? I want to make this for my grandmother and I'd like to make her one that she can use when she needs a lighter coverup to keep her arms warm. She hasn't followed my suggestion of just uing leg warmers and a length of ribbon to keep them on. Oh well. She may like this though.

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