Hey YouTube family. It’s ya girl Lia back again with another video. And today’s video as you can see from the
title is just another crochet hair review video. And today’s crochet hair as you
also saw in the title is the Lulutress Island Twist hair 18 inches and I have
it in two different colors. I have in the color 4 and I have it in the color 30.
Now if you’re not familiar with my crochet hair review series I take my
time with these hairs. This is not just a first impressions I installed the
hair I love it and I haven’t tested it out. Oh no no no I come on here and
I show you my first day thoughts of a crochet hair. Showing you how it
looks the very first day that I install it. How long it took? How long the hair
actually is when you first install it? Did I split it? How many knots I had to do
with the hair and overall my first day thoughts with the hair. Then I come on here with my first week thoughts on the hair showing you how the hair looks in
one week. Did it go south in a week? Is there any issues that I’m seeing with
the hair in one week? Did I have to mousse it? What I had to do in terms of
nighttime routine and all of that. Then I come on here with my final week’s
thoughts of the hair. No matter how long I wear it. Whether it’s four weeks, five weeks,
six weeks. However long I’m able to get a wear out of the hair I show you how it
looks on that very last day. Meaning the day I’m going to take the hair out. I
show you how it looks on the last day. I also tell you what my overall thoughts
are on the hair. Whether I recommend the hair. Whether I think you should purchase
it. Whether I think it’s water friendly. Activewear friendly. Whether it’s high
maintenance. Low maintenance. I just bring you all the true tea on these hairs. Now if that’s
something that excites you just keep watching to see my first day thoughts
on this Lulutres Island twist hair. A few moments later. So now coming on here
for my first day thoughts on this Lulutress Island twist hair. Now this is what
it looks like very first day. Like I said in the intro I have the color 4 as well as
the color 30 installed. So this is kind of what it looks like. 4 kind of that
natural four-ish color. 30 is very bright. Didn’t realize it was gonna be that
bright I might have not installed it but we’ll get into that in a quick second.
But this is what it looks like. It was 18 inches as I said I cut a little bit of
it for evenness but overall this is kind of what it will look like if you freshly
install the hair. Now of course I’m going to cut the hair
but I like to come on here on my first day and show you how it looks so you have an
overall idea of what the hair looks like kind of in its natural state. So I’ll do
it 360 so you can kind of see how the hair looks all throughout. Don’t mind the
back cause it will be some jankyness going on but I have forewarned you. Now
if any of you guys saw my Lulutress deep wave hair you guys know at the time
I bought deep wave I bought four other oh no three other Lulutress hairs at
the same time. I was just on a spree. I just I was just seeing it it was on sale
I got it from GenbeautyNY that’s where I bought this hair from. Where
I bought all my Lulutress hairs from. They were having like a 30% off $30
off sale so I bought three packs of the island twist in the color 4. I bought 2
packs of it in the color 30. Now I like the color 4. It’s very much so true to
life color 4 although it doesn’t blend that well with my roots. And that’s a
little. It’s it’s true to life 4. A lot of 4’s that I buy aren’t true to life
4’s. Sometimes they look more so a two-ish color and I’m like ok good but
this is the true to life 4. Which isn’t a bad thing. I like things to be the way
they say they’re gonna be. So if you have a real 4 color this will blend well. If
not I think looking back hindsight I probably would have got this hair in a
two just so it blends a little bit better with my roots. The 30 color is
also a very bright 30 color. It’s also true to life 30 ish color. I wish I had
put it in a little bit more sporadically right now it kind of looks like it’s in
the under part and my front is all that 4. And if you kind of do a little you
know you can do a peekaboo and get that 30. Now with the install of this hair
probably goes without saying all straight backs. All straight back braids
that’s how my braid pattern is in pretty much 95% of all the installs on
my channel. Now this hair looking at the model on the back I wasn’t impressed.
When I got this hair in the mail I was looking at her and it looks very
syntheticy. It looks very Barbie doll Mattel everything about it just look
like Uh. And I was trying to pick. I was really probably gonna have beach curl in
my hair if it wasn’t for my inner thoughts being like no see what you can
do with this hair. So I never really watched anybody’s reviews tutorials of
hairs but I needed to kind of have a gauge of what to do best with this hair
and I looked up Beauty Can Braid. If you guys aren’t familiar
her you need to be. She does some amazing crochet hair installs. She installed
this hair. She’s the only other person that I’ve seen try this hair at this
point as I’m reviewing this hair and she installed this hair and what she did in
it she split the hair two times in the back four times in the front. So meaning
this is the hair. This is how it comes directly out of the pack. This is exactly
how it looks. If you guys want to have idea and of course you can see it looks
a little different than it kind of looks in my hair and that’s because I split
the hair. So this is what I mean by splitting it and so you’re left with
these two strings right here. And so this is how I install this hair. So as I said
Beautycanbraid split the hair one time in the back two times in the front. So
you’re left with four pieces in the front and then two pieces in the back. I
only split the hair one time so I had two separate strands for each. Just
because of simple laziness that I did not split the hair more than I guess
she’s like she did. With that method you kind of do use less hair. In the deep
wave hair video I use all five packs I believe of that Lulutress deep wave. And
this the two packs that I showed you that I held up are all that I have left.
So I’d say I used about four packs total because I have half of the 30 left and
I have about half of the 4 left. So I think in total use 4 packs but I say on
the safe side probably be good with 5 packs. I did split this hair. So if you
installed it yourself and it doesn’t look the same that’s because I did go
head and split the hair before I installed it. Also in terms of knotting.
Knotting this hair was probably about three times. Three to four. I think beautycanbraid said she knotted this hair about four to five times in her video. If you
guys want to see her install just again check it out because she does a
beautiful job installing. I just recently got hip to her channel within like four
last four months. I’m just addicted to how she installs some hair. I’m like dang
girl you be braiding some hair. Also another thing she did in her video she
put some mousse through the hair. She put a lot of mousse. I need to buy the mousse
that she was talking about too cuz you guys tell me you guys like the mousses
I try but I like the mousse that she tried because it was very much so
foaming. And she just went ham and so that’s what I did yesterday. I just
using boost I’m not even gonna show the brand of this mess because I don’t care
about it that much it’s just all I had right now I’m gonna go out to the store
today and buy whatever mousse you’ve had in that video I can’t remember what it
is but I’m gonna go back watch that and buy that mousse because she went ham
she said that’s good for taming this hair because it can be very big
so last night as soon as I saw this hair I sprayed this on and kind of break it
through and when I say I really went I just would like just don’t go all the
way through and raked my hands through it I think that also works good for you
know bringing out some of the hair some of the hair that didn’t get crocheted
right or getting get crocheted incorrectly you can pull on it now I’m
not pulling any hair right now because I did this last night but if you’re doing
this first install just break your hand through it and it will pull out some of
the hair and also will tame it down so she said that this is good for taming
and so I was like alright girl porn out listen let’s go tame this hair overall
last night all I did was pineapple to hear and witness sleep now it was very
heavy but I think it’s because it was all at the top of my head but when I
tell you last night it was kind of heavy but this is a lot of hair and I do plan
on cutting it fairly soon so the next time you guys see me with this hair it
will not be at this length but overall first day thoughts um I think it’s
giving me what is it giving it is giving me a you know i’ll any kind of a vibe is
reminding me very much so of the sensational island twist now i think
about it oh no it was sensational island curl wait a minute
as I’m filming this successional makes the blue tres brand it’s this just
island curl in a different you know what let me not get into it but it does
remind me of the island curl hair by sensational
I think Island curl was 12 inches of course his hair is 18 inches I’m now
more so an advocate for shorter hair so of course this is very much so you can’t
even get in the full hair and camera right now it’s a lot of hair but I do
plan on cutting this hair so next time you guys see me in my one week’s bosses
here will be drastically different but catch that when you guys watch my one
week review coming up right now one week
later so now your girl is coming down here for my first week thoughts on this
Lulu tres island twist hair and I’m in the process right now of editing my
Amazon wave velvet wave by main concept hair video right now and I’m laughing at
myself because in my first week and my first day was raving about it and then
it just took that’s her and that final week’s thought so I decided going
forward I’ll probably make my first week thoughts very short because I’ve
realized the first day and the last day are pretty much the only days that
really really matter the really days that you want to see the hair and the
first week I want to structure it so I just talked about maintenance you guys
let me know down below if that works well for you if I just keep the first
week very short so as to not shoot myself in the foot and come on here you
know weeks later uh-oh I might have been wrong you guys so I will make this very
brief and I will keep my first week thoughts only to maintenance and how I
feel about the Hara in a week and I say this because I love this hair before I
turn on this camera I was going to turn and say you know I adore this hair to
date probably my favorite curly style you guys know I’ve tried the ultra kinky
curly and the sensational island curl hair out of those two this hair takes
the cake now I’m gonna try to keep my excitement down because again I could
come back three weeks later there’d be a whole different vibe be a whole
different video so I’m gonna keep it keep it at a minimum keep my excitement
at bay but I have to say I have enjoyed the maintenance on this here because I’m
lazy I’m lazy I admit it I’m a minute I’m lazy only because I’m so busy so the
last thing I want to worry about is my hair and this hair has allowed me to do
that it has allowed me to be kind of hands-off when I say I have literally
just pineapple this hair at night so putting it up at the top of my head put
my scarf on I’m waking up in the morning that’s all I did a product has not
touched my hair until last night so last night’s Friday night I was moussing this
hair while watching TV and separating because I knew I was gonna wake up this
morning and film but and I wanted the hair to be as detangle as possible but
truly didn’t I let a product touch this hair in the last week
other than last night and detangling it was such a breeze it was not a hassle I
didn’t have like oh my god is so hard it’s so hard to get the hairs to
detached no had no issues detangling it now again everything I say has been
within this first week we will see mom going on colleges next week I’m going to
the best I would say HBCU I know I didn’t go to this HBCU but I’m gonna
spend the entirety of next week college recruiting out one of the best
HBCUs in this state I won’t even say the name because they’re gonna be people
debating it in the comments but I am going there I’ll need a hair that can
last me all day they don’t look good on campus and I don’t look good and be
low-maintenance at night when I’m probably just ready to ko at night then
the next week I’m gonna go see some more campuses so I have a busy couple of
weeks and I’m hoping that his hair looks good through out there but you guys will
see how I feel about this hair and my final week’s thoughts coming up all
right now lay down so now your girl is back for my final thoughts on this a
Lulu tres island curl hair now it has been three weeks with this hair and I
know I said in a recent video that I was going to try to do four weeks or more
with the majority of my hairs upcoming but when you’ve got an itch October is
right around the corner and I am ready to try something new and I feel like
three weeks is enough time for me to kind of bring you guys my overall
thoughts I think I know how I feel about this here and I don’t need to wear any
longer to kind of have my overall thoughts on this here let me get up in
camera to show you guys how it doesn’t look and three weeks of wear now I had
the Goldilocks syndrome with the after a kinky curly hair that hair was too hard
with the sensational Island twist hair that hair was too soft and they’re
sensational is the parent company of Lulu trust so I don’t know how they got
it right with the Lulu trust but the island curl is just running it’s not too
soft it’s not too hard it’s just perfect look at the curls like when you have a
too soft hair what I’ve realized was too soft hairs is that texture doesn’t stay
the same throughout the wear of the hair so if it’s too soft it starts to frizz a
little bit and then it comes to frizzy to the point of you don’t even know what
the curl is anymore it’s just a ball of friends the curls are still intact and
this is three weeks of wear with is here such a natural texture now the one thing
I would say be the drawback and it’s a drawback on me it’s a really fun thing
the company didn’t do anything wrong in this department but for me I should have
gotten a natural color I should have got the color of mine
here especially because I leave my edges out you guys know I’m all about edge
preservation so I leave my edges out a lot of times and my edges of course are
at the dark I have about a 2-1 be type of a hair color and this hair is a 4 you
may not be able to tell indoors but when you’re outside you definitely can see
the brightness of the fort come through so it kind of looks a mich match and
that’s the one thing I would say I would have gotten a two so it just looks super
blendable super natural and it just looks like it’s growing out of your hair
I look for people’s feedback and a lot of times outside I can’t see but people
are looking at I’m like it looks a beautiful curl but you should have got
it to match your hair better and then it would just be phenomenal so that’s one
thing I would say now if you don’t leave any other edges out like me so you just
braid up everything you can’t really see any of your real hair then perfect go
with any of the colors but if you’re somebody who does leave something out
you’re looking for a little bit more than ability I would say go with feet
ombre colors they do have good ombre colors or just get a solid color that
matches their hair color so I’d have to say this is probably the lowest
maintenance here that I have tried in the last seven eight months and I’m so
thankful for that when I say low maintenance though I mean literally you
guys ask me all the time but what did you do specifically I can’t make a video
on what I did for this hair specifically simply because it would be a one-minute
video I’ll be the shortest video ever gonna be a waste of my time to record
waste of your time to watch all I did was Musa say or what so we run my
fingers through it and detangle the curls and it’s usually a Friday Saturday
night so while I’m watching TV or I’m doing something monotonous I’m just
really going through putting mousse through and separating out the curls
that’s all you really need to do and you only need to do that once a week when I
think once a week don’t do it twice you ain’t gonna do it on Monday Wednesday
just do it what day of the week and it will work phenomenally I did it four
times throughout my entire day of wearing of this year I did at that very
first thing I did it right before I film my first week sauce I did in my second
week and I did it right before coming on here fulfilling my third week your
thoughts on this hair so what I’m doing Brunning mousse through put mousse
throughout you can either mousse a section or just put mousse in and then
just go through out on detangle that’s what I do when I’m extremely lazy it’s
just mousse the whole thing detangle and it’s super simple and the Heritage it
just doesn’t attach itself you don’t have a big glob of here it’s
preventative a lot of the times because this hair honestly didn’t have a tangle
issue but if you want to be perfect if you want to wear this hair and maximize
the time that you can wear this hair just be proactive and detangle if you
see some issues coming up and maybe you do need to detangle a little bit more
than I did but again I did not have an issue with tangles with this here
because I was proactive with detangling my hair and I really needed a little
maintenance hair especially with what I’ve had coming up in these last couple
weeks for the last couple weeks I’ve been traveling a lot for work with
college recruiting college recruiting season is here so you’re on campus and
all that representing the company and all that and I needed to hear that I’m
overnight at hotels I just really can’t wake up in the morning we usually have
to wake up at like 7 o’clock in the morning to be on campus at like 8 a.m.
for career fair so I don’t have time in the morning just to sit there and just
come up with a style I really just need to wake up take my hair out so what I do
at night is I pineapple too here so just pull it to the top like so I have my bun
and I’ll put my bonnet on in the morning all I do is take it out of the pineapple
style as needed and then I just edge put my edges down and you really are good to
go and also in the last week this previous week we had hurricane Florence
and I want to take a moment to step out and say thank you guys so much for your
outcry supporting hurricane Florence you guys came through in the comments
section of my video in the comments of my IG and my snapchat DM is in my
Instagram DMS even some of the guns emailed me which is an amazing amazing
so thank you guys so much for your support doing that I never realized how
great my friends are into all the situations like this it hit the Caroline
I really never get an opportunity to thank you guys as much as I need to but
you guys are an amazing group of people out there I have amazing group of
supporters out there and you guys were just so much so vigilant and so much so
checking on me I got ups almost daily how is everything going so thank you
guys for your support throughout that but I say that today the last week has
been a very brain meet in North Carolina very rainy Florence came through and it
was like okay we’re here to stay rain rains here and all that so when when
it’s a hurricane light rains the wind is hitting you and the water is hitting you
the umbrella ain’t doing anything so a lot of times I would
just walk outside say forget it I’m probably because somehow rain came above
the Unreal Engine attack and I didn’t feel any kind of way with this crochet
here I didn’t feel like okay this here is gonna look a hot mess afterwards I
will walk out proudly and drinking rain in this year and not feel any type of
way and I say that to say this here is very water friendly in my opinion I
think you can go to the beach I think you can go vacation I don’t need to
pacifically dip this here in water to know that this here is gonna react well
because I really truly got drenched and so much rain over the past couple weeks
that it isn’t even funny and I felt in no ways about especially me having a dog
too my dog just kept wanting to wander off
every time it seems like during the peak of rain is when she had to use the
bathroom and I’m just outside just like hotels in here get Dotel and I didn’t
feel any type of way cuz this air which is continuously get drenched but I knew
this here would stand out so this air works extremely well above sea and under
this sea and also I believe is what activewear friendly I think if you wear
it short kind of short and just kind of pull it back when you work out you
should be perfectly fine I would just think you’re probably gonna have to
detangle it a little bit more and I think that because people work out a lot
they probably you want to wash their hair a lot more than then the typical
person would be this hair has a very much so natural luster to it but I can
see it may be losing its luster after maybe of repeated washes so up until
like three or four washes you may see a little bit less luster to this hair and
I would say only to that bring out your braid sheet and spray to restore some of
that luster or your Hawaiian silky I could see that restoring some Western I
talked about the luster of it it’s not shiny I don’t even think I’m trying to
think of how I felt about this year their very first day I don’t think I had
an issue with shininess of this year like I did with the free choice water
way if you’re trying to compare the free transporter wave here or this year get
this hair because the shininess of the water wave goes away after a while a
wearing but you have to wear that hair out for a while you don’t have to wear
this hair out and it’s not shiny it’s not a hair that you’re like oh is that
plastic okay Barbie doll hair not feeling it especially if you separate it
out separate the hair out as you’re installing like I showed you guys in my
first day thought separate it out and definitely doesn’t have that shiny
effect so overall the thoughts do I recommend
this hair I think after everything I said it should be pretty clear that I
overall recommend this hair very inexpensive I looked on
so online right before filming this this here is anywhere between 3.97 cents in
about five dollars and twenty-nine cents is the most expensive I’ve seen this
hair so you can get it they’re very affordable you don’t need a lot of pack
so this year I didn’t use a lot of pecks of this here I don’t believe you would
need any more than five six if you’re being very you know full boom boom boom
but five packs is probably what you need with this hair
I think this hair also comes in a variety of color so you have color
options out there you’re not very eliminating your options now you guys
let me know have you tried this hair let me know your thoughts down below are you
thinking of trying this hair have I convinced you to try this here or there
any other movie trust hairs out there that you wouldn’t want me to try so far
I’m too two-and-oh on my love for Lulu trust I tried deep boy if I really did
like that hair this hair is definitely better than the deep wave to me it’s a
different curls so they’re not even in the same curl family but overall I
enjoyed my experience more with us here but I do want to try the wet curly I do
want to try the beach curl there’s so many curls that I want to try from Lulu
trust but if there’s anything specifically you guys let me know down
below in the comment section make sure you’re following me on instagram at lila
189 make sure you’re subscribe to this channel so you don’t miss any of my
upcoming content make sure you give this video a big thumbs up and I will see you
in my next video thank you so much for watching

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