Luneville Embroidery Tutorial. Beginner. Module 1. Lesson 1

Luneville Embroidery Tutorial. Beginner. Module 1. Lesson 1

In my experience, I suggest starting any new form of artistic development from the simplest materials
Thus, purchasing a basic frame without any particular specialty and then, arrange it with me. Herein, we need a regular wooden frame with a set of bolts, scissors, threads with a needle and a cut of wool or velvet fabric. I have a very soft but thick wool fabric that I have to cut it into 2 pieces with the sizes of 10 cm width and 55 cm length in order to wrap with it the longest parts of the frame Two flaps are ready
and I am placing the frame’s longest parts on the top Have your pins close to you, and wrap the fabric around (from the center) and secure with the pin When it is ready, I simply fix the fabric by applying regular stitches Remove the pin and stitch Thus, prepare two longest parts of your embroidery frame When ready, we may start assembling.
Place the short part of the frame on top, keeping 90 degrees angle, place the bolt into the end of the frame and twist the screw firmly.
Repeat the same on the other side.
Keep 90 degrees angle and twist the screw firmly! Turn the frame and keep 2 cm gap
before placing the 3rd bolt Do not twist the screw too strong!
Mind 90 degrees corner Repeat the same on the other side.
Keep the 2 cm gap and then place the bolt underneath don’t twist this crew very firmly When the frame is ready, take a cut of the silk and a little candle Courageously secure all edges of the fabric
with the light The silk is ready to be set,
thus, I place the frame on top of it, keep the pins close
and roll the shortest edges of the silk on the frame When secured with the pins,
arm with the needle and the thread and fix the silk applying regular frequent stitches Upon sewing remove the pins One side is ready – continue with the second one Roll the silk on top of the frame without pulling,
and secure with the pins starting from its center Again, take the needle with the thread and fix the silk with frequent stitches Once ready, if you remember we have kept these two screws slightly loosen with approximately 2 cm gap inside. Now, I want to stretch my silk by pulling down this part of the
frame and then twist the screws very firmly Mind the corners at 90 degrees.
Next, I turn my frame: the silk is like a drum now Take the ribbon in order to fix another two sides of the cut. Secure the edge of the silk ribbon with the light and place the edge slightly in diagonal to the frame and fix it with the pin Wrap the ribbon around the frame and
and secure with the pin at 90 degrees slightly upper from the previous pin Continue rolling the ribbon, keeping 90 degrees angles, side to side as close as possible, slightly pulling the silk with
a ribbon once finishing cut the ribbon Secure the cut edge with the light Thus, one side of the frame is ready And I am ready to repeat the process on the other side The process of fixing the silk with the ribbon is absolutely equal to what we have done before, however at this time we need to pull the ribbon and the silk very firmly. Place the pin slightly upper from the previous one and pull the ribbon down, thus, the silk becomes stretched like a drum Clap to check the tension Roll the ribbon around the frame and fix the edge of it as close to the previous as possible Mind to always keep 90 degrees angles between the ribbon and the silk, Thus, the fabric will be stretched equally throughout the frame. Continue the process until the end I would like you to repeat the same
process photograph your work and send me the pictures with your comments or
questions if you have When the frame is complete check the tension by clapping the fabric, the sound should be as if we are clapping the drum.
and the edges remains straight and accurate!

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  1. Hello, Can i use the regular rounded embroidery frame to start? im located in Boston USA and i cant find this type of frame. I will need to find an online store

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