Luneville Embroidery Tutorial. Beginner. Module 1. Lesson 3

Welcome to our second practical lesson!
Today we will learn both: Indian and French methods of embroidering applying sequences and beads Thus, let us start from the curl
using our metal threads, sequences, and beads Place the lock on the lower part of the curl Set the bead on the needle of the hook
and bind it with the stitch This is an Indian principle of embroidery when the accessories are loosely placed on the needle and then bonded Thus, I face my embroidery from the front. Next, I would like to place a sequin I set it on the needle of the hook and bind By leaving 5 to 6 loose stitches I place another bead Thus continue embroidering the curl till it links with the steam Apply the closing lock Cut the thread Secure the edges on the back side of the frame by twisting them around the embroidered chain Now, let us embroider the list entirely with the beads and the metal threads Start from the base.
Apply the lock place the bead Continue applying loose stitches and now I’m simply binding the beads one to another one Try to place them with the same 2-3 mm frequency, following the drawn direction if you can you may place two beats
together on the needle of the hook and try to supply it with the nail On the upper side of the leaf place a short loose stitch to the opposite direction from the drawn line and then another stitch back, in order the secure and sharpen the corner And then continue placing beads and return to the base part of the list. Secure the thread by an accurate lock, cut the thread and draw the edge to the back side of the frame On the back side of the frame twist the edge around the embroidered chain and cut to on its base Next, we will exercise the French method of embroidery, and first, we shall replace the threaded beads onto the bobbin Cut one thread of bundle of the beads on its base, link both edges just like this empty the beads from the bundle to the bobbin Untwine the edges by simply pulling the threads The threaded bobbin is ready for use! Let us practice the French method by embroidering another little square next to the previous,
however, I shall turn my frame upside down and draw it on the back side Place the threaded bobbing under the frame. Input the hook to the corner of the square and place the little lock Then, supply one bead
Catch the thread with the hook
Pull the hook out with the loop Return the screw of the hook to the front and repeat: Input the hook
Supply one bead Catch the thread
Pull the tool out with the loop and repeat At the top of the corner input the needle to the opposite rom the drawn line direction (without bead). Then return the hook back and input another short and loose stitch (also, without bead)
Continue stitching with beads following the drawn line to the next corner Repeat the process Complete the square Secure the edges as usual and cut the thread at the base. My square is ready!
Try to repeat the same empathizing the sharp corners Now, I would like us to apply the method on our pattern and embroider the larger list Apply the little securing lock and bead till the top of the list Coming to the top of the list try to set the beads as close to each other as possible Then, place one loose stitch to the opposite from the drawn line side and then another loose stitch to the back side.
Continue regular beading Apply the lock and secure the edges. Thus, I would like you to repeat the same, photograph your work and send it to me along with the questions or comments if you have!

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