23 thoughts on “Machine embroidery Applique tutorial (digitize&stitch)

  1. Great video. I was given foil balloons and wanted to make use of them for sentimental value. Someone mentioned using them as Mylar and using them for machine embroidery. So taking on board this video, the flip flop design and my balloons….. I feel a project coming on. Thank you so much Sue and Don

  2. This looks great. Thanks so much. I have a question , does the Gunold site sell to individuals, or do you need to be a business to purchase from them? (Canadian site)

  3. Great tutorial, thank you! I was following along in my software PED10 and was going great until the "travel on edge". PED doesn't have this feature and so I got a wide zigzag. Is there anything to use in PED to make it travel on the edge? Also, I have a PR machine and was wondering how to use the metallic thread, it was so twisty and made pigs ear out of it!

  4. Thank you I am now wanting to give this try and also have never tried to applique with lame fabric but this has intrigued me to try. I followed along in my Hatch and have already created the design!

  5. Awesome! I use horizontal thread holder for metallic thread, is not twisting at all. if somebody don't want to invest in horizontal thread holder, you can use a foam cup, stick a pen, put the thread on the pen and stick it from inside out, and voila.The thread is inside the cup hanging on the pen. I also use metallic thread needle, the eye is larger a bit. Your McDreamy had no issue. I have Viking machines. Holding the thread vertically for me is not really working. Horizontally is working like a charm on both of my machines. Hope I wasn't too confusing describing the home made cup/thread holder. The idea of horizontal thread holding is like the wall mounted paper towel holder in the kitchen.

  6. You always explain things so well, I never have trouble following! I also love bling and use metallic thread whenever possible. I use the mug method you showed here and can vouch that it works like a charm. Thank you for another great video!

  7. Thank you I have never used metalic thread – bit scared it might clog up the bobbin – but the cup trick looks good. So I will give it a go.

  8. I hardly ever use metallic thread because it always breaks on me. I have heard about putting the thread in a cup, but I haven't tried it yet. Thanks for this tutorial. I will try it out.

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