Machine Embroidery – How to copy a pattern to USB and load (Innovis 4000D)

Machine Embroidery – How to copy a pattern to USB and load (Innovis 4000D)

Hi this is If you have
an embroidery machine and are wondering how to get the patterns you downloaded
from the internet on to your USB stick and use them on your machine, watch this video. In my previous video, I
showed how to download and store a free ladybug pattern. Today I will show you
how to transfer this pattern and load it onto your embroidery machine. First the
USB stick you can buy USB sticks or drives almost anywhere they are small
devices that can hold large amounts of data. I found that my embroidery machine
could only handle a small size USB stick. When i tried to use a larger one it
would not read the files on the stick. So, if you have trouble with your
embroidery machine reading your stick you’ll want to look in your manual to
see if there’s a size limit to your USB stick. If so you will need to find or buy
a stick that has a capacity lower or equal to the size specified in your
manual. The designs are usually very small so you really don’t need a large
stick to store your designs. Also, the interface on your embroidery machine is
not as easy to use, and you have to scroll through all the designs looking
for the correct one. So, I find that I do not want to keep a lot of designs on my
stick because there’s less than to look through. Once you have your USB stick
you’ll put it in the USB port on your computer. Your computer should have
multiple USB ports which may be on the front or the back of your computer. On my
laptop, it’s on the side. Once you put the USB
stick into the port on your computer, your computer should load the stick and
give you options of what to do. For this you will want to select, “Open Folder” to
view files. My computer is not bringing my stick
automatically up with the autoplay feature, so no problem here. But sometimes
it will come up the window that ask you what you want to
do. And, if it does that you’ll want to pick “Open and View files”. Since mine did
not come up with a window, I can click on the “Library” directory or I can click
on my folder to open up my window. Or you can also click on your computer from the
Start” menu to bring up the same directory. My USB disk is
right here. It’s a letter “G” so if I click on that I
can see what’s all on my disk. My drive right now. So, I have a bunch of designs already on this drive. I try not to keep too, too many because like i said
it’s hard to get… it’s hard to sort through them sometimes
and see them. So, next you will need to find the design to download it. If you
followed my previous video you’ll find your designs in the “documents” library. So, what I’m going to do is I’m going to open up in another window by selecting “documents”. And then the designs I downloaded in my
previous video in under “Embroidery Designs” under “Documents”, “Embroidery
Designs” and then it put the designs under “Lady Bug”. So, these are the designs. So, when you
downloaded the design especially a free one is going to come in many different
files. The ladybug design i download came in three sizes and has many formats. The
format you need will depend on your embroidery machine and is indicated by
the filename extension. Which is the extensions on here is like .HUS, .JEF, .PEC, .PES
those are some samples. And it shows those are shown over here also
under type. Since I have a brother machine I know that I need the format of
.PES. You can see the .PES files here and here, here and here. So, to copy these files onto your
USB stick all you do is click on the file you want to copy and drag it from
the window into the window which has your USB stick over here. So basically, I’m going to
highlight the .PES file. If i want to highlight more than one at a time, I can
hold down my control button on my keyboard and click at the same time. And
there’s a third… There’s another one here so I’m going to click hold down my
control and click, click. So, now I have… If I scroll up I can see I
have this one highlighted this one highlighted and I thought i had a
third one. Here’s the third. I have three highlighted. Those are three things I want to copy over to my
USB stick. You don’t want to copy your color chart or your JPEG file or
anything else, because your machine can’t view them. So, they just would not be of
help. So what I do now that I have all three
of these highlight is I point my cursor at one of the highlighted files. Left
click and hold down the button and then move over to where by other window is
and then while I’m hovering over top of the other window I can let go and then
it will copy the files. Alternatively, if you don’t like the
drag and drop method you can also do… Once you have your files highlighted you
can point at the one of the files you want to copy, right
click your mouse button and it will come up with this menu and click “Copy”. You can then go to where your USB stick is and then you can just point anywhere in the
window, right-click and click paste. Then once you click paste it will
copy them into this directory. Since I already have them here I don’t need to
copy again. But, that’s the second way to do it. Ok, so now we have the three files you can
see on my USB disk. I have these three ladybug files. Those are the files for my machine of .PES type. So to remove your stick you will close the window that has your USB stick
files listed in it. I’ll close this other window also. Then you want to eject
the disc to safely remove it. I should’ve left that window open. So, if
I go to “My Computer” again. Over here… I can see my USB disk listed, I
can right click and then select the “Eject”. This will then give you a message
that says it’s safe to remove hardware. So at this point I can now pull the the USB
stick out of my computer safely. The only reason you have to do that is
to make sure that any files that are in use on the USB stick are
actually closed before you pull the stick out. Because, otherwise it can
cause errors on your computer and it could corrupt the files on your USB
stick. So, it’s best to eject the stick before you actually remove it out of the
computer. Now i’m at my machine I have a Brother Innovis 4000D machine so the
procedure for loading the pattern on the machine may be somewhat different
depending on your machine. But I’ll demonstrate it for mine. If you are not
sure how to load your pattern from the USB stick on your machine you can look
at your user manual and it should have the exact procedure. So this is my USB
stick and I am putting it in the USB port on my machine. Then I can turn on the machine. It’s going to go through some startup
screens until I get to the main screen. From the screen I have a USB button to
press to load patterns from the USB. It then shows me small thumbnails of the
patterns on the USB stick. I can use the arrows to scroll through the
patterns. If you have a lot of patterns on your USB stick this is where it can
get frustrating, so keeping fewer patterns on your USB stick can be helpful.
Sometimes you cannot determine which patterns which as in this lady bug
pattern which has different sizes. You can click on the patterns to have them
load to see the pattern larger. If it’s not the pattern you want you can
just click to load another one. You can see what size it is here. And the size
frame you would need to stitch this pattern. So, this is the six-inch, looks like
5×6 inch. And this one’s a little bit smaller. This is the 4×5 inch. When I find
the correct pattern that I want then I can press the “Set” button. That’s it my
machine is now ready to sew the pattern. Thank you for watching our video if you
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  1. I would like to see beyond this point where the ladybug is fixed to the correct angle….
    I am extremely new at this and my grandmother gave me this machine. Thanks for the videos so far.

  2. @Amanda Leboeuf  – I cannot reply to your comment because of restrictions.  Here is my reply, hopefully you'll see it. We have a whole series of videos which tell you how to resize patterns, rotate, how to stitch on a T-Shirt, etc.  Please check them out…  If you still find something missing that you need explained, please comment again in one of the videos!  And don't forget to subscribe to our channel!

  3. hello…. i bought an curls alphabet from Etsy… i too have a brother, (NQ1400e) so how do i use my BES lettering software to make a monogram with these purchased letters? sorry i am a newbie here!

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