Magic Threads Installation with Jenny Brandis

Magic Threads Installation with Jenny Brandis

In August 2019 I asked the facebook group
Bobbin Lace Makers if they would like to see a series of mini video
tutorials based on a single sample piece. This is number 1 in the series. The sample file on my website includes the
pricking, a larger version of the pricking and 2 working
diagrams in the International Colour Code. We also need some ordinary sewing thread in 4
different colours. I am using yellow, blue, pink and
purple. We are going to alternate between these threads as
we work. Starting with the yellow thread, measure out a
length about that long, which in Jenny speak is 8
inches or 20cm long. Bring your two ends together and tie a standard
knot and pull it tight. This gives you a loop that is approximately 4 inches
or 10 cm long. It can be longer or shorter depending
your personal preference. I have 13 pairs so I need 13 loops. 4 purple and 3
pink, yellow and blue. Which I have prepared earlier. Put those aside for the moment. I am going to draw how we are going to use these
Magic Threads’. Starting with a pin, hang a pair in the open or
rainbow configuration. Then we take a magic thread, placing it like this. Put the loop out here, under that thread, around the
pin and over the other thread. Both ends will be caught with a pin and placed out
of the way while we work the frame. Now for the real thing. Put up the corner fan pin. As there are 3 pairs being hung on that one pin, we
are going to use 3 different coloured magic threads. Purple, pink and yellow. Hang in the green pairs in the open or rainbow
configuration. Bring in the purple and pink magic
threads under the right threads and over the left. Lock the 2 pairs of green threads together with a
twist on the left 2 bobbins, before a cross and twist. Rather than hang 3 pairs on that single pin I am
adding a separate pin right next to it for the red
passive pair. So my red thread is going to start with a yellow
magic thread which we lay in now. Hang in the red thread in the same open or rainbow
configuration, ease the tail end of the magic loop up
between the pins to prevent it tangling. Easing the magic threads out of the way as I go. I
add a twist on the red pair, To prevent tangling I am adding pins to the magic
threads to hold them out of the way. through the tie
off and then the loop before pinning out of the way. Faye from Labels and Badges in Tasmania offer a
Lacemakers Comb All ready to continue adding the pairs. Start working the fan with whole stitch, pin whole
stitch with the 2 green pairs. Cloth stitch through
the passives. Add a temporary pin above the next pin. The next magic thread is blue. Hang the next pair on the temporary pin, bring the
tail of the magic thread over the left thread. Work cloth stitch, add the pin twist, put up the pin. The temporary pin will come out in a moment. Work the fan and come back to the next incoming pin. It is at this point that we remove the temporary pin
and ease the threads down into the work. Pinning the magic thread up and out of the way
while keeping in the colour sequence. Continue working the lace as you add the new
pairs. At this time I transferred the magic threads from their
individual pins to a length of string with the intention
of being able to move them more easily Tying off the string in a loose bow. I can now move
them around out of the way as I work around the
frame. Now to join them up and will continue in Magic Thread 1.2

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  1. This is so very helpful Jenny – different seeing how to use magic threads than reading how to use them. Your hard work is much appreciated : )

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