Make a Friendship Braid Quilt Using the Binding Tool

Make a Friendship Braid Quilt Using the Binding Tool

Hi, here we are at the Missouri Star Quilt
shop, and for all of you who bought a Binding Tool, I have something really fun for you.
This is one of those light bulb wake-up moments. Look at this darling French Braid Quilt, or
Friendship Braid, I’m sorry. We got this pattern out of this book called “Jelly Roll
Quilts” by Pam and Nicky Lintott. We really love this book and we love the Friendship
Braid, and while looking at this Binding Tool I realized that it is the perfect template
to make a friendship braid. It’ll be a little wider than that, but it will be a friendship
braid and I want to show you how we did it. So, come on over with me to the table. OK so the friendship braid is made with a
template that looks just like this. The one in the book is a little bit shorter but for
all those of you who bought this tool, how awesome that it has two uses. Now when you buy a Jelly Roll of course you
know it all blends and it all goes together, and it would be darling in any Jelly Roll
that there is, but what you want to do is unroll your strips, and right here we have
a Jelly Roll strip and we’re going to cut off this selvedge end right here. The selvedge
is the very edge where it has the little holes and the fabric finish part. We’re going to cut that off and then we’re
going to bring our Binding Tool and we’re going to lay it right on the Jelly Roll strip,
or any 2 ½” strip. Then we’re going to go ahead and cut this, like this. I think
that made a cut, lets make sure. Nope, just a sec. More pressure! There we go. So, now we have that one and we’ll move
this tool over and we’ll make another one right here. So, this is going to be the perfect
sized template for making a Friendship Braid. OK, so what
we did while doing this, because Jelly Roll strips come faced together, it gives you one
pointing each direction. So, now that you’ve cut your Jelly Roll
strip, we’re going to lay it out in a Friendship Braid. You’re going to start with your one
piece and you can start either direction, but I’m choosing to start this way. You’ll
lay this on here, and stitch this down, and fold it over. And you’re going to
put your pieces, you’re just going to keep attaching to this same straight side, making
sure that your angles are lined up, and sewing together. So, we’re going to put these different
pieces in. Make sure you get your right angles to your right angles, I can only seem to pick
up the ones that have the same, there we go! Alright, so then we’re here. See how that’s
taking shape? It looks a little odd, but it actually really works because when you get
it done, you’re going to cut this part off right here, and you’ll cut the bottom off,
so, you’ll have straight long columns of this Friendship Braid, and it just
makes a darling quilt. Particularly, when you use a themed Jelly Roll like this Christmas
one, or a Fall one. We love the new “Saltbox” and the “Awesome”!
It just makes a really fun Jelly Roll, you can sash in-between, or you can just run them
smack right next to each other. It’s a really, really quick and easy fun new pattern, and
if you have the Binding Tool, you have a template to make this Friendship Braid. This is another
Quick Tip from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

79 thoughts on “Make a Friendship Braid Quilt Using the Binding Tool

  1. I love seeing your store in the background of all your vids.
    I would love to get inside your heads.
    You are always coming up with out of the box ideas and love how your quilts come together.
    Thanks for sharing all your hints and tips.

  2. Hey Lebleuange, I think sometimes when the videos first get uploaded they don't show in the best quality. Does it seem better now that it's been up for a few hours? If not, we'll make sure we're mindful of the focus in the future. Thanks for watching our videos – more good ones to come!

  3. Teeweed01, if you're talking about the Binding Tool, you can get it at our shop. The link to the product is in the description above. There is also a link for the Jelly Roll Quilts book.

  4. Now that is a GREAT idea! How awesom you have those light bulb moments! Thankd Jenny, keep up the great tutorials! We all love them! and for everyone else, just note, not all shops carry the binding tool that size, Jenny's is the nicer size and easier to use! buy it from the MSQC gals! everything ships for $5 ! Nice price !

  5. Oh wow. I cannot wait to try this. So much less waist than when I tried another braid pattern. And they will have even sides without measuring! Yeah rah. You have done it again!

  6. I can hardly wait to try this. I bought the tool here after your tutorial. I like this much better than another pattern for a braid. Not as much waist. No cutting off the they should be straight! Thanks for another "light bulb" moment.

  7. Have been wanting to make the braid design, thought is was a difficult project til I watched this video—-I can do that!

  8. I love this tutorial. Can't wait to try it! I just finished making a quilt from your tube tutorial. It came out beautiful! Your directions are very clear, and I'm just a beginner!

  9. This looks so much easier than the one I just worked on and a fabric saver! My next one will be with the template.

  10. Having made braid quilt strips without a tool,I can say wow!, how much easier it would have been to use binding tool and have had the sides already trimmed up straight as you go. Another great video demo from Missouri Quilt Co. I have learned from every one watched and Jenny has given me a "can do " attitude i was lacking You gals make wanting to quilt a fun experience ! Thank you

  11. @amyboo178 One jelly roll would make a decent sized couch throw. If you sash in between the rows, it will be even bigger.

  12. wish i had i binding tool. 🙁 cant order it as i live abroad. Anyway your tutorial was as good as always. thumbs up!!

  13. I know this sounds silly but how do you sew the braids together? That is how I learn best, by watching! I am a beginner at I absolutely love your tutorials!

  14. @gypsy12sewing we use hobbs 80/20 batting, we could probably pack some up and ship if you want, I need to try vacuum sealing 😀

  15. I have ordered the binding tool, and I am very excited to try the friendship braid? Do you think putting the same corresponding fabrics on both sides would look nice, instead of alternating different fabrics?

  16. I just bought this tool…haven't even finished my quilt top yet! LOL…I need to buy the book took, because I cannot figure out how you sew these braids together…do you have a tutorial for this? Thanks love the videos!!!

  17. I am trying to make this quilt and I am doing something sides are not lining up after I sew them..HELP!!!

  18. I Jenny– at 2:20 mins the video seems to stop. I have tried 3 times but refuses to continue!…marietta from brisbane!

  19. Estoy encantada con sus videos, nunca he realizado un quilt pero poco voy tomando nota y ya pronto haré el primero. Felicidades continua apoyando a las nuevas amigas en este arte.

  20. the tutorial was a great big help to me, I was having a real difficult time trying to figure this out, then I thought "you tube". It helped to point out what I was doing wrong, thanks alot

  21. Hi Jenny you are awesome,i learn from you so much,i just would like to buy think from your shop,it is possible when i live in Australia ???we are behind in quilting,i love Jellyrollfabrics and many more quilting stufThank you so much,Miriam

  22. I saw this tutorial and the one on how to use the binding tool, so I ordered it and I got it so fast!!! I started cutting strips of fabric for a friendship quilt. I can not believe how fast a row goes together!! Jenny, your tutorials are great and keep me inspired. Thank you. P.S. This is my first full sized quilt. Mary

  23. i would like to make this without the binding tool is possible and how with just a 4.5 x 12" ruler thanks heaps

  24. Another great inspiration..I'll start my own project asap. Thankyou for sharing the video. Love from Indonesia!!

  25. So I am starting my friendship quilt but how much do you cut off on the top I can't see how ??much your taking off the top, where are you cutting at?

  26. OK I am confused what do you mean, how many inches from the top do i cut off if i am using the binding tool??? Sorry for being so confused i want to make sure it is perfect like yours are lol.

  27. Also on the bottom am I cutting of how much, or am I cutting off enought to make it look square across the bottom, does that make sense, lol

  28. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The selvage (US English) or selvedge (British English) is the term for the self-finished edges of fabric.

    Salvage means 'rescue' and as such may refer to:
    Marine salvage, the process of rescuing a ship, its cargo and sometimes the crew from peril
    Salvage tug, a type of tugboat used to rescue or salvage ships which are in distress or in danger of sinking
    Vehicle salvage

  29. Jenny your killing me lol because of your wonderful tutorials I have so many quilts I want to do! I have a "Give Thanks" jelly roll that I think would make a beautiful friendship braid quilt..I think I might put this one near the top of my long list …Thank you!

  30. I discovered that after I square off the top, the remaining piece is the perfect starter piece for the next braid. You also save a step because the new braid starts out squared off. It works great!

  31. I was watching another site on quilting when it showed the finished friendship braid except it came with no instructions. Well, i knew that i needed to come back to the site i absolutely love, and my memory did not fail me in remembering that a tutorial was done on this very pattern. So i searched and there it was not one but two different versions of how to do the friendship braid using different tools. This site has never failed me and i look forward to new tutorials weekly. thanks

  32. This is just the perfect quilt for all those 2 1/2 scraps left over from quilt bindings! I have the tool and this is just ingenious! And may I say the first thing I do every morning is check out your deal of the day. Your killing me! Love those deals. Wish I lived closer to your shop. I would be a regular. You are all just wonderful and it's amazing what these quick tutorials can teach you. Keep them coming!

  33. One jelly roll but what is the finished size of the quilt? How long are your columns and how many columns did you get from that one jelly roll? Thanks

  34. Hi,I was wondering if you could have the strips going opposite directions.. sort of like flying geese sometimes.. going both ways.. up and down… or would it be to wonky..?
    thanks for all the tutorials.. love them.. love all your stuff.. I have learned a lot..
    thank you.

  35. I love the quilt behind you on the wall. What is that pattern called? Do you have a tutorial for it?

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  37. I love your videos and it's neat that they are closed captioned. However, the closed captioning often covers up what you are doing on the mat and makes it difficult to follow what you are doing.

  38. I have made three quilts using the binding tool.  I sew one long panel, at the end of the quilt panel  I don't cut that off.   Instead I cut the top of the panel off and sew it to the bottom of the panel.  I then cut the long panel into how ever many panels i need for the width of the quilt.  
     It so neat. thanks for these tutorials, I really enjoy them.  

  39. I just bought my binding tool.  Now I love that it does double duty.  Like getting 2 for the price of one.  Since my family seems to think I am a tight wad, this really makes me happy.  FYI, I am not a tight wad I am like Jenny, I just hate waste.  Thank you for all the great tutorials.

  40. I just used mine for the first time and thought it was just great. I did discover that it's very important to leave a 12" opening. If you don't leave that size, your binding will end up too long or too short. Fortunately mine was too long which was and easy fix! 

  41. After making a strip, I noticed that the left side is about 4.5 inches from the center point and the right is almost 6. Did this happen to anyone else or did I do the strip wrong?

  42. How big is each row of friendship braids if you are using one jelly roll? What size quilt do you end up with? A lap size or larger? Thanks.

  43. I just foud this tutorial and as usual it is great. If I want to have sashing between the rows what width would you recommend? Do you make one long strip of the braid and then evenly divide into equal rows?

  44. HI Jenny I am learning to quilt by watching your videos. I have made a few in the last 4 months and am loving every moment of it. I thought this one would be easier also but it matches laying it down but when I sew it comes out longer at the end. The other videos you shown what it would look like while sewing so I had an Idea what it would look like but this one you didn't. I being a beginner and dumbfounded trying to put together. I thought it would fit together like a puzzle but I am sitting here sewing and ripping out and resewing then ripping out LOL I have become a professional seam ripper. Any suggestion ? All my strips and the same cut. I am Baffled in Indiana! LOL

  45. Just received my binding tool from you yesterday.. I can't wait to start on this quilt for my daughter's graduation gift. Thank you so much Jenny 😊

  46. I got your binding tool and is wonderful for beginners like me. And with this tutorial I''ll try. Thanks for your tutorials!

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