Making silk thread checker model bangles tutorial

Making silk thread checker model bangles tutorial

Hi Viewers Now I will show you how to make trendy checker model silk thread bangles. I have made two models with different colors. Now these are latest trend. You can wear these on sarees too… To look nice I have used kundans, you can stick patches also if you want. Now we will see the required items to make these checker model bangles. Medium size plastic bangles. I took yellow color. scissors, cutter, glue Silk threads green, yellow, blue, red and pink colors. Paper clips You can also use other stationary paper clips of your choice. If you don’t have these, you can even use cloth hanging clips. Next… colorful kundans. You can use different colors and sizes of kundans. And to decorate on top of bangle these are small golden ball chain and stone lines. Now take one of the plastic bangle and apply glue on one of it’s edge. I am using medium size yellow bangle here. If you have heavy size bangle then use a single bangle. Now attach the other bangle by joining both edges of bangles exactly. Now let this dry for some time. In the mean time we will wrap silk thread To wrap silk thread I am using an empty plastic box here. Now I am wrapping blue color silk thread around this plastic box about 20 rolls. If you don’t have a box you can use a book or a plank. I am making 20 rolls… cut the thread edge… After wrapping is done move all threads to nearer… Apply glue on top of the thread and join them as single… Now cut these threads just beside where we applied the glue… Applying glue makes our task easier while handling threads. So stick one end with glue and the other end free.. Now repeat the same process for other colors(Green, Red and Pink) threads also. See here now I have made Red, Green, Blue and Pink color in similar way with exact 20 wraps each.. Keep them aside.. Now I am taking yellow color silk thread…. I wanna make bangle base as yellow, I will wrap it with this.. Like this, here it is red and we will make it as yellow Just like how did before same way, now I am wrapping yellow thread to box…But this time it 30 loops instead of 20 loops. Apply glue on top of the thread and cut beside it… Remove if any extra threads or small pieces.. Same as before…one end is applied with glue and the other end is left free… Now bangles are dry…we will move to next… Now will apply glue on bangle this way to stick the threads which we kept aside.. We have to attach one after the other.. First stick pink color and press it… Same way stick the other three colors also same way… Stick the different color threads bit careful.. Stick them individually… Let them dry for some time… after that we can weave them. these are dry now.. Next we can knit the complete base with yellow color. Now will stick glue on inner side of the bangle and attach yellow color thread which we kept aside. see it…right..! Preferably use the plastic bangle color same as base thread color..which will not have any color variations… as the thread and background are same. I am using stationary clips here.. Each color we will separate and put clips to them by color wise.. Before putting the clip make the threads straight.. fold the edges and then put clip at the end.. Repeat the same with three other colors also. Now I will show you how to weave. I am applying glue on top of the bangle where threads are attached. After applying glue I am wrapping yellow color thread up to 2 inches. It helps us to bind the above attached silk threads and will not move once we wrap the yellow thread. wrap it a bit tighter… Thread won’t become loose..and looks good. wrap it in such a way that there are no gaps in between and it is tight. Once your yellow thread gets finished put glue on inner side of bangle and cut out extra part.. Like this only we need to use yellow thread all over the bangle. We need to take yellow thread again and again when ever it’s completed by wrapping to plastic box 30 loops Now stick the yellow thread same way at inner side of the bangle where we left it. Basically it’s a kind of continuous attachment of yellow thread. Now our actual weaving starts here. We have to weave it in alternative fashion.. i.e.1&3 and 2&4 threads.. Fist we keep pink & green inside, and exclude blue and red color threads by moving them up side Now wrap the yellow thread tightly. If there are any mess ups in the threads just pull them gently. If any of the threads are not straight just pull them or push them with fingers.. Now in reverse order… Keep blue & red inside, and exclude pink & green color threads by moving them up side and now wrap yellow color thread tghtly. You can gently pull these threads to make them tight… also adjust yellow thread using fingers to avoid gaps in between. Same way in this alternative fashion we have to weave. Each time we wrap after the yellow thread bring back previously excluded threads… Using clips helps us to avoid any mess ups and weaving becomes easy… Repeat the same pattern for the entire bangle. Believe me, Initially it might look a bit complex, but moving forward it becomes so easy. Now I have come to an end. While making this, yellow thread might need to be added 3 to 4 times for the entire bangle to complete. We need to attach it with glue after every time it is completed. But make sure you attach all the time at inner side only. Now I will show you how to cut thread ends. Pull the threads gently and apply glue on top of bangle. Stick the silk thread on to it and cut out the extra part. Repeat same process for three other colors also. This is how it looks now. Now wrap the remaining silk thread tightly on these threads as shown. Apply glue at the end and cut the extra part. Now a beautiful silk thread checker model is almost ready. To improve the look we will decorate on the plain part. I am sticking Kundan here first. I am using ball chain by sticking it around kundan. Now using stone chain as out liner. am sticking this too. If you have patches you can stick them too. It’s up to you, can decorate in any model/ design here at this plain area. See this is how I have made it with kundan designs and patches to decorate these checker models Finally these are the models..Blue, Red and now in Yellow. Thanks a lot for watching my video. Please Subscribe!!!! Thank you! Try yourself now.

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  1. I am frm Malaysia…. I am a new learner to this tread bangles….. I like this design and I tried following ur steps one by one…. since I don't know Telugu I jst follow ur steps…. Thank u so much sis ur way of teaching is awesome… I finally did it sis, and it came out so beautifully…. For the new beginners ur teaching is super… Thank u once again sis…. I hope u will show us a very new design soon sis

  2. Superb Mam…. Very beautiful Bangles that too easy to do… Thanks for sharing Mam… I am doing thread Bangles for the 1st time… Will do this now.

  3. Nice bt toooooooooooooooo much unnecessary talking…it should have been wrapped up in 5mins more or less…

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