Making Silk Thread saree pins tutorial

Hi Viewers Now will see how to make silk thread saree pin Required items are… Silk thread Plastic saree pin saree patches ball chain tooth pic glue and cutter Now I am taking silk thread… in 15 strands half meter each I kept one end free and the other end stuck glu. Now open saree pin I am opening it because we have to wrap it with silk thread. Applying glue on saree pin back side. sticking silk thread back side where I have applied glue. handle it by tightly pressing it. because thread will stick to plastic base correctly. On top also I am applying glue and wrapping the thread. but careful about the pin. Same way wrap it slowly by tightly wrapping it. I am wrapping it in middle first. Because there are pin holders at both sides. See this is how it looks after wrapping in middle. apply glue and stick the end of thread. Now I will show you how to wrap on sides. If thread is finished while wrapping take some more with same 15 strands Now apply glue at side pin holders. Press silk thread there I am applying glue on top of the base You can apply glue based on requirement. After applying glue press thread on base, it will stick. Now by wrapping it after sticking the thread… Cut the remaining part with cutter. You can use tooth pick to adjust on the sides Now continue the same way how we did just now…for one more time. Make sure you handle it tight…so that silk thread will stick correctly on sides also After sticking other side also cut it. Press it once …in order to make it stick. Now wrap the same way how we did, on the other side also. You might doubt that threads will come off, but they won’t…Press it gently and Let it dry for some time. If you are not comfortable with normal glue..then use super glue gun. It will be easy. Ok, now wrapping is done with silk thread. and pin is also moving freely. Let it dry for some time as we have applied glue. Ok, saree pin is dried. Now will see how to decorate on top of this. I am using saree patches to decorate this. These are saree patches. apply glue on base and stick saree patch by pressing it I am sticking ball chain in the middle. To decorate on sides…. I am cutting beads from ball chain. Cut beads like this by putting them in hand…so that they won’t scatter away.. Using tooth pic I am sticking bead balls. Ok, saree pin is completed…. Let it dry for some the mean time… I will show you some more saree pin models I have made. See this is how I have decorated saree pins in different ways… You can make it by taking a matching color or pattern to your saree. you too can try the same way. Thanks for watching my video. Please subscribe below

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