Master The ZigZag Stitch In MINUTES!

Master The ZigZag Stitch In MINUTES!

Skip this step and your shirt is gonna
go poof in the washing machine! We are gonna be talking about the zig-zag
stitch and if you thought the straight stitch was easy? Oh! Watch this!
Oh it’s so easy! By the end of this video you are going to look like a straight
boss and your tailored clothes! Or maybe just an intern if that’s what you’re
going for I don’t know different strokes for different folks. I’m SD, this is Stylish
Dad, I hate long intros, let’s do this! Last time we talked about the straight
stitch and this time we are talking about the zig-zag stitch. Now the zig-zag
stitch it’s got a couple of different names to it some people call it an
interlocking stitch, some people call it a crossover stitch, but the general idea
for all three of those names are the same, to lock in that seam.
Whoa whoa whoa SD I thought the only stitch we needed to know in order to tailor our
own clothes was the straight stitch? Well yeah it is but if you don’t do a zig-zag
stitch over that new seam that you just created? That that’s where the whole poof
in the washing machine thing comes from. After you sew a straight stitch and you cut
off all that extra fabric you’ve got a little bit of a problem. It’s gonna get
all tattered and frayed and just kind of get worn down all along that new seam
that you just cut. What a zig-zag stitch does is it prevents that from happening.
What it does is it goes left to right, left to right, and all it does is it
crosses over that new seam locking in all those fibers. It’s gonna do a really
good job of just kind of keeping everything together on your garment.
Instead of all on the inside of the drum of your washing machine or on your
girlfriend’s clothes. Oh man one time I thought it’d be a good idea to skip this
step and I washed my shirt and then my girlfriend went to go do her laundry and
she’s “like dude, seriously?!” Oh ho she was so annoyed! First things
first this is what we got to do, we gotta check the settings on our machine. A zig
zag stitch on my machine is letter C and on your machine it’s probably gonna be
something similar because every single sewing machine is generally kind of the
same. They all ask you three questions. What kind of stitch
do you want to make? How long do you want it to be? And how wide do you want it to
be? That’s it. I just I just described every single sewing machine made in the
last like hundred years. That second dial is for the length of our stitch and the
last dial is for the width of our stitch. Now for a straight stitch like I
said before that last dial doesn’t do anything because we don’t control the
width of our stitch on a straight stitch, it doesn’t matter. But for a zig-zag
stitch it does. Now what the width setting is going to do is it’s gonna
determine just how far from left to right our needle goes as its sews. Now,
stick with me for a second because it’s gonna seem kind of complicated, but it is
not! I have four different settings for the length of my stitch, and I have five
different settings for the width of my stitch, which means I have 20 different
variations on the type of zig-zag stitch that I can make on my garment. Now if
we have our stitch length at one which is going to be the shortest length, and
we have our stitch width at one, which is gonna be the shortest width, our seam is
gonna end up coming out really close together and real bunched up. It’s really
annoying it ends up being really itchy when you put it on. And not only that but
the needle is gonna have a really hard time going from left to right and
actually crossing over that seam all the way. Because like we just said the width
is set to one so it’s not really going over all that far. Now if we have our
stitch length set at four, which is gonna be the longest length, and our stitch
width set at five, which is gonna be the widest width, that seams not gonna end up
covering up all those fibers. That seem kind of confusing? Because everything
that I just said is actually kind of irrelevant, you can just put both of them
right in the middle and you’ll be just fine. We aren’t making quilts, we
aren’t making blankets, we honestly just want to make our shirts and our pants
look a lot better on us so we can go pick up hot girls at the mall, I mean
let’s be honest! You think I’m kidding that’s honestly
why I learned how to use a sewing machine. So I could tailor my own clothes
so I can go pick up hot girls. So all of you got to do
was make sure the width of your stitch crosses over that seam all the way, and
you’re good! Just line up your seam right on the edge there just go over it with
the zig-zag stitch, go slow in the beginning if you need to and then as
time goes on you were just gonna go flying through that shirt. And now you
have another seam on your shirt that not only actually makes your shirt a lot
stronger, but it’s also gonna stop from pissing off your girlfriend because
you’re not gonna have a bunch of extra fibers all over the inside of the
washing machine. And just like that you know how to do a zig-zag stitch, you know
how to do a straight stitch, and now? Bro you can tailor anything! You can tailor
chinos, you can tailor jeans, you can tailor t-shirts, you can tailor dress
shirts! That kind of sounds like a song. And if you want to learn how to tailor
that t-shirt I buy almost all of my t-shirts at Target for 9 bucks, this is
exactly what I do to them, go click that and then go click that so you can figure
out how to do it and you were gonna look just straight banging in your shirt! And
that is all I got for you. SD out, deuces!

24 thoughts on “Master The ZigZag Stitch In MINUTES!

  1. Why is YT suddenly looking all blurry?! (Not your fault, it happened with a different video.) Maybe something on my side? Anyone else having this issue?

  2. I love that you are teaching men to sew. I'm a woman, and I don't even know how. (I really have no patience for it.) But go, you!

  3. I always get confused between the knobs where I have to think about it longer than I should lol. Length = Peak Width = Valley I think that's a decent way of remembering.

  4. What a legend! Iv tailored 8 of my shirts which I learned from your other videos and they all came out great. Now I just have to go back and zigzag them up. Hopefully soon your channel blows up so we can continue to see the great content!

  5. I'm a guy and to my shame I've only just now learned how to use a Sewing Machine at 40. I could have spent the last twenty years feeling more comfortable in my clothes! They are really pretty easy to use, and most of them come with DVD instructions to show you exactly how to set them up and get started. One of my best decisions.

  6. I also learned to use the sewing machine for exactly the same reason …. meet hot girls. to look better, to think that I could spend the last 10 years looking better. but better late than never.

  7. Loving the vids… I have a large chest and slim waist… so everything off the shelf looks very strange.. going to start with some old shirts for practise. But first I need a sewing machine. Which model do you use or recommend ? Interested in the S.S Stitch function for trousers.


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  9. Where should I aim the needle where the straight stitch is to get the edge of the fabric on the zig zag stitch?

  10. Hey SD I have a question for you, I've done enough practice shirts that I could actually move onto my real shirts and be confident I do it completely right, but whenever I go back over the zigzag stitch at the start and beginning, that bit is kinda itchy because of all the thread that's there now. Do you have any alternatives that I could do instead, you think it would be ok to lock it in with a normal stitch?

  11. Hey SD, I really appreciate the amount of videos you've been making explaining all the different aspects of tailoring clothing. You've helped me be confident enough to try it out with an old machine my dad has and the results have been better than I would have thought! That being said, my machine (or maybe it's just me) is having trouble with zig zag stitches. I heard of an alternative in pinking shears but I didn't know how effective that would be with clothes. Thoughts?

  12. So does the zig zag stitch go OVER the straight stitch and the edge of the garment? I always thought it went NEXT to the straight stich and over the edge.

  13. Ugh thank you so much. Ive lookd over all of these intimidating sewing videos going over the most complicated steps when all i want to do is taylor mens shirts for my own chubby body! You make me feel so much more excited and confident to start using my sewing machine. Youre so entertaining to watch and straight to the point thats easy to get. Keep doing what you do!!

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