MT-1501 How-To: Cap Embroidery – Cap Hooping

Hello, and welcome to part three of five of our cap embroidery video series cap [hooping] in this video We’re going [to] walk you through how to properly hoop your cap for cap embroidery let’s jump right in Now that your cap driver and cap station are securely attached You can start hooping your cap to insert the cap ring connect the open metal notch to the center tab on the cap station Grabbing it from the back slide the cap ring forward making sure all three spring locks are connected Unfasten the Flexible metal band and position it to the left of the cap ring if your cap has a strap or closure Open it up Then pull back the [sweatband] of the cap Place your backing below the metal tab Then slide the cap cover over the hoop keeping the [sweatband] underneath the metal tab and above the backing Make sure all extra fabric is out of the way and position the flexible metal band back over the caps Bill Keeping the Edge of the band as close as possible to the bill Connect the clasp to the cap ring latch and snap it into place To release the cap from the cap station simply press on the three latches positioned at one o’clock 11 o’clock and [seven] o’clock Grab the extra fabric on the back of the cap and secure it with the supplied binder clips Making sure the binder clips are facing inward. This is to ensure that the fabric We will be embroidering upon is smooth and secure if you’re using an adjustable snap back as we are You’ll want to make [sure] the snap backs are positioned [outside] of the cap Thank you for watching part 3 of 5 [of] the [Kath] Embroidery video series Now that you know how to hoop your cab you’re ready for the next video inserting the cap hoop see you there you

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