NBA All-Star 2020: Vic’s Master Plan

NBA All-Star 2020: Vic’s Master Plan

So you may have noticed my style from the bench. (popping) And now that All-Star ballots are open, I’m going to do whatever I can to help my teammates get to the All-Star game. So that’s why I’m making (record scratch) Custom fanny packs, and I’ve got one for each player. Damo! The Prez! Fly guy. T.J. any way you want it buckets. Monster Myles. Big time. I think they turned out amazing. And don’t forget to vote.

9 thoughts on “NBA All-Star 2020: Vic’s Master Plan

  1. Next year when the All-Star game is in Indy we will have three guys representing the city! Vic, Malcolm, and domas☝🏻

  2. Victor still being a leader even when he’s out, showing public support for his teammates and proud of how they are doing. Pacers all already know I’m trying to vote them in. Happy holidays to everyone whatever u celebrate or if you don’t celebrate anything cheers 🍻 be careful out there today. Go Pacers!

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