Outre’s Dominican Blowout | Instant Weave

Outre’s Dominican Blowout | Instant Weave

Hi, beauties Welcome back. My name is Sheena I go by Queen She and if you want to see my review and styling of this gorgeous unit stay tuned So this is Outre’s quick weave Inspired by Boutique bundle hair Dominican blowout relaxed unit in the color 1b. You can see the texture Mimics after African-American natural hair and it’s blowout state and The struggle is real trying to kid to you I? Speeded up the footage of it, but it took me a minute to get it on correctly there’s one large comb in the front one large comb in the back and adjustable straps and you see I have a Decent amount of my hair left out Which you absolutely have to be prepared to do in order to wear this unit and have her look completely natural she just wouldn’t fit as a full wig even if I wanted it to so Even looking at the step-by-step instructions that come with the unit it Says to comb hair over the part to blend hair to desired look so you have to have leave out out now my one beef with this unit was when when I turn around to show you the back you can see the wefts at the top of the unit and So I would just be concerned that you know if I played with my hair too much or if I turn the wrong way or You know bent over to pick something up or who knows what [you] [know] if I’m just living life that the unit would kind of give me away, and I’m just such a perfectionist when it comes to hair that For me. I don’t know I would be very nervous about it I think I would put some clippings or something and to make that part the back Top part look a little more Fuller and Denser and hide those wefts So I used a lot of body Edge Joe control Jel Edge control scuze me and Blended my edges in as best I could now my natural hair color Matches this hair, so you can see like my roots pretty much match maybe even a little darker but I had dyed my hair previously so to me it just looks like I have some 27 or 30 Highlights in there, and it doesn’t bother me at all But you want to be mindful when you’re getting this unit? that you want to get it get a color that you can blend your hair in to make her look natural and I Just have a little a small part there I could do more leave out and have a bigger part but I feel like she looks super cute the way I end up styling her and you could do a lot with this unit you can wear to the side as I’m demonstrating their You can pin her on either side to create different styles Now when I was pinning her I had to be really careful see that you could see my cap underneath so You had to be I to be really careful in my placement of the pins and stuff, but it’s still totally possible to style her in a way that you know all your business isn’t out and The more leave out you have to cover those areas the better and so you see I was able to pin both sides and however look still really pretty and natural and work appropriate and Again, because my hair is my natural hair is little Died it just looks like I have highlights. Oh, I like it It’s interesting to me because this hair is this unit is really full like the volume was giving me life I was having way too much fun and it’s just a little disappointing that though it’s like the Tracks and everything we’re showing Depending on how you are moving the hair around two so if you get this unit you want to be careful with that but she’s really pretty guys like I really do love this unit and Just knowing that I have to be mindful of that is Half the battle because I think it’s when you’re not you don’t realize that that’s a problem that you have everything kind of hanging out Y’all really can’t tell me nothing in this unit despite her cons. There’s no shedding She’s super cute. Easy. Just put her on Keep some leave out blend in your edges Tell me what y’all think down below don’t forget to [like] comment and subscribe for more reviews you guys Including my review on this here. I’m showing you here. I’m Super excited and thankful I 11 of 0 trays giveaways And I won some of their velvet Brazilian 100% remy human hair roll-Ups the two three four inch 8-Inch 10 inch and the colors 1b and the color 33 and I am so excited about this hair and thank you so much 20 try for having a giveaway and I was fortunate enough to win I can’t wait to review this hair for you guys next weekend after I have a moment to install this hair in The meantime like comment subscribe and don’t forget to love each other see y’all soon. Bye

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  1. Great review. I've been getting into wigs lately. Please check out some of my videos and keep up the good work!!

  2. Despite the fact that it was a difficult unit you worked it out and made it look great. Thank you for sharing it.

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