How to crochet a Basket weave stitch hat (Basketweave) Step-by-Step Video tutorial crocheting

Hello everyone, I’m Yolanda Soto-Lopez from the All Crafts Channel. I hope you enjoy today’s video tutorial please be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already done so, that way you, never miss a new video. If you see anything you like, be sure to hit that like button, put any comments below and let’s […]

Baby suit cutting & stitching tutorial in hindi | how to make baby pant

hello friend’s well come to our channel w2w boutique. Thank you very much for our support and our 10,000 subscribers have been completed. today i will tell you the baby pant cutting & stitching. we have a baby pant & with it’s measurements today we will learn to cut. this is a cotton febric will […]

How to Make a Tassel out of Craft Thread | Sophie’s World

How to Make a Tassel out of Craft Thread | Sophie’s World

hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world today I have a fun little project for you it’s a tassel I’m gonna teach you how to make one out of embroidery floss right now for this project you’ll need cardboard an exacto knife embroidery floss or craft thread scissors now in this case I’m using […]

Designer Long Gown Cutting And Stitching | DIY – Tailoring With Usha

hello friends, today m going to teach you designer long gown cutting and stitching the measurement is like this total length 60 inch bodice length 21 inch shoulder to shoulder width 11 inch shoulder length 6.5 inch chest 36 inch waist length 13.5 inch waist 31 inch lower waist length 19 inch lower waist 34 […]