Palazzo Cutting and Stitching Very Simple in 3 Minutes

Now we are going to cut Plazzo in very easy way At first take 2 meter cloth and fold it this way Here are 4 part of cloth I have folded We will take the length 36″ rest 3″ kept for waist belt Keep 2″ extra for folding Now marking the bottom area for a 32″ waist we have to keep 40″ as it is kept in 4 parts, so we will take 10″
(which is 1/4 of 40″) keep 1″ extra for sew area This high will be 1/3 of total length 1/3 of 36″=12″ +1″ extra for sew.
Total 13″ Here- Taking the measurement of hip 14″ now lining the marked areas make 1″ curve here Take the bottom measurement as you need we have taken 15″ here now join the bottom and hip line togather 1 “extra for sew Marking is done… Now it’s time to Cutting make a bit curve here Now for attaching elastic, cut 3” wide cloth from extra cloths This measurement will be as long as the waist Now separating the 2 parts of leg Cutting is Done In next video the sewing will be shown

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