Pattern Cutting – New! The Sleeve Block

My New Pattern Cutting Series A quick and concise guide to drafting the sleeve block Watch me draft a sleeve on paper in my earlier video I am using these measurements for this draft Sleeve blocks are usually basic and fine tuning is left to the pattern drafting stage So much depends on the style of each garment We start with a rectangle Width is the Top Arm measurement plus 5cm Length is the Length of Arm which is measured from the top of the armhole down to the wrist level, along the outside of the arm Divide the rectangle into four equal sections This gives you the Forearm Line
the Top Arm Line and the Back Line Decide on the Depth of Crown Use my Table of Average Measurements or divide the armhole measurement by 3 or take an average of both measurements It is worth experimenting with this Much depends on the current shoulder trend Find the F and B points on the Back and Forearm Lines B is half Depth of Crown less 1cm
down from the Top Line F is half Depth of Crown less .5cm
down front the Top Line Label U on either end of the Depth of Crown line
which will be the underarm position Rule guide lines connecting U B T F and U Find the mid points and measure out at 90º as shown Connect all the points using a French curve You are aiming to have some ease
when fitting the sleeve into the armhole My sleeve is measuring 44.5cm and my bodice block armhole measures 42.5cm So that’s 2cm for ease which is perfect We now add some shaping
at the lower edge of the sleeve Raise by 2cm on the Forearm Line
and 1cm at the side seams and connect with a curved line Use the Shoulder to Elbow measurement
to find the Elbow level on the Back Line Add balance markings either side of the line as shown Duplicate the Wrist Line shape at the Elbow level This is the finished draft We will be using it to draft a fitted sleeve
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