PetiteKnit Novice sweater Tage masker fra til ærmer / put stitches on hold

I have now reached a time on my novice sweater from PetiteKnit, where I have to put stitches on hold for sleeves. I have knitted 4 rounds with increases, and now I have the right yoke length, in my size. So now I have to put stitches on hold for sleeves. I do this by cutting two yarn leftovers and threading them on a wool needle. And now I have to put my stitches on the yarn, so they can rest here until I have to knit the sleeves. I put my wool needle in from the front, so I move the stitches on to the yarn. Then the stitches sit here, and i’m able to gather them again, when I have to knit sleeves. Now I pick up the rest. 42, 43, 44… Then I pull it all through. So I have all the stitches here, on one thread, so I can pick them up again later. I take the ends and tie a knot, so it doesn’t fall out when I’m knitting the body. Like this! Now, I have to gather my work, so I can knit the body. I drag my stitches up, And now I have to make 10 new cast on stitches, with the backwards loop cast on method. You do this by taking his yarn and turning it around and putting the loop on to your needle. Remember to tighten it in right here, on your needle, where it has its full width. So; Turn one lap and put it on the needle. Then I have 10 new stitches in my armhole, – and my stitches on hold are right here.. Then I just have to knit the body until the next time I have to put stitches on hold for sleeves. I do this in exactly the same way. I can just show you how to knit your backwards loop cast on. Now I have put stitches on hold for both my sleeves, and I have 10 loop cast ons, in each armhole (armpit). I’m now almost back at the start of the round, so now I show you how to knit your loop cast ons, because they don’t look like a regular stitch. I move my marker. Then there is these loops, which I knit like a common knit stitch. Even though it’s actually just a twist on the needle. There is no magic in this, but they are probably a little loose the first time you knit them. They can be a little hard to get hold of. Then I just need to knit the last one, Like this! Then I just knit further on. Then the 10 loop cast ons are integrated into the rest of your work, and are now your armpit.

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