100 thoughts on “Phantom Thread Movie Review (SOME SPOILERS)

  1. grace, you don’t seem to know the difference between a twist ending and a character arc. i suggest you educate yourself so not to come off as so intensely stupid and shallow

  2. Oh shut up Grace. This move was great, and their was nothing wrong with it. Go back to watch Jumanji or some other shit film.

  3. This review was made for the crapper. If you are familiar with pt Anderson movies it will put a smile on your face for its not a comic book again direction. One of the best movies of the year. Period.

  4. I love reading the pedantic droning from the “sophisticated” people reviewing this horrible movie. “An elevated dance of the human spirit expressed in soaring colors within the intersection of love and desperation.”

  5. Grace, you clearly missed several key elements and points of this film and failed to understand the characters and their motivations of why they do what they did. You clearly view movies as only entertainment and not as being a work of art.

  6. 3:40 ok but why is her character supposed to be likeable? the movies very clearly about a toxic relationship, and i think the point flew over your head

  7. You do not know what you're talking about. You did not understand the film. Your takeaway was "u can't poison people!!!". Please go and watch The Shape of Water or any of those oscar bait films. Don't challenge yourself in any way. Just wait for a film to lay out in your lap.

  8. This is a great film. This “twist” isnt a twist. The seeds are planted for it early and then you slowly watch her do the “twist” in a very slow scene. She makes it seem like a cheap trick, but its well done as seems like the movie unfolding. This is my first time watching you as a reviewer and i will now avoid your videos like the plague. You dont know what youre talking about.

  9. Calling the costumes uninspired makes no sense whatsoever. The dresses were purposely not extravagant. They literally address that in the film where Reynolds goes on about his disdain of the word “chic”.

  10. Wow. Phantom Thread was a masterpiece. Bollocks on not liking the twist or the ending. That was just a small cork in a gigantic ocean of fantastic acting, gorgeous cinematography and a score to die for. 10.0/10.0 Regards, Goat from Ruthless Reviews.

  11. Grace, like a lot of viewers commented, you completely missed the point of the movie, the themes, the metaphors, the character arcs and the genius of the writing.

  12. Nothing was shocking or disturbing or confusing about this film. This film was fantastic. Utterly fantastic. Great characters. It’s a shame you couldn’t enjoy it.

  13. Do you live in Calgary? Looks like it in the background. Btw, I liked this movie… the costumes and music and Vicky was great

  14. Imagine thinking Phantom Thread is the worst film of 2017. Can't relate.

    This film is one of the 3 best films of 2017, & is one of Paul Thomas Anderson's best films.

  15. I hate when people say that doing messed up things in a film (poisoning someone) could influence the viewer to do those things. That's like saying video games create school shootings.

  16. Alma is a psychopath who received no justice for her evil actions. My hatred for her character made this film unwatchable for me.

  17. What a stupid depressing dumb film this sounds like. Grace, no reason to swear. This film is barf…I get it. There Will Be Blood was a disgusting vile film too. Good riddance Daniel…seek therapy.

  18. Grace clearly doesn't understand film. At all..
    One of the best films of the year. 10/10. Just as good as Blade Runner 2049

  19. You've always been a total philistine, Grace, but this review is just embarrassing. Google Munchausen by proxy–it is a very real disorder and not just some "creative gimmick" that you insist PTA used for "shock value." It is also strongly implied that Reynolds had a similar relationship with his mother, which is why he submits to Alma in this way. These two are wildly dysfunctional but in this one aspect they're perfect for each other. It'd really do you some favors to be a bit more well-read and educated before you embarrass yourself with this kind of ignorance. And Vicky Krieps is "just okay"? LOL say what!? She goes toe-to-toe with Day-Lewis and doesn't flinch. She's incredible in this. You always get these weird blood vendettas with young actresses–it's really strange.

    Maybe you should stick to the comic book stuff.

  20. So i finally saw it and I could not disagree with you more, this was such a stunning exit for DDL. I loved every second of this movie, just ugh so freaking good.

  21. "There's nothing to get" are you fucking serious? Just because you couldn't appreciate the love they had for one another and the lengths that Alma had to go through to "break him" out of his lifelong shell of obsessive work doesn't mean it deserves such negativity. It was all done to finally open his eyes, his heart and have deep appreciation for such a remarkable profound love that she wanted him to experience. You may disagree with the methods used in the film to get to that realization but it worked beautifully. The direction, set locations and music all come together in a very beautiful way that is so rarely seen in today's cinema world. Phantom Thread is a masterpiece and an instant classic.

  22. If you or anyone else wants to listen to someone that really gets PTA and Phantom Thread watch the video below:


  23. Hey Grace, been watching your reviews for some time and here's my take on them: I find it very disturbing how your comments take an offensive twist whenever you refer to people's work. It really is disturbing. Beyond that, I thought that everything about Phantom Thread was mesmerizing. If the Costume Design wasn't especially showy it's because 1950s London was dark & depressed after a devastating World War. I think you make too many assumptions and really just think you know it all. Well, guess what… you don't.

  24. I agree with everything you said except your Vicky Krieps critique. I think she shines when the role takes a dramatic shift especially and you can see that in the surprise dinner scene. My favourite part of this film.

  25. Hey, some people just are not mentally suited to digest masterful filmmaking. It is not her fault she does not get the Phantom Thread or the Master, she was just born that way. If you want reviews on simple films like Thor and Batman Vs Superman then Grace is your woman… If you want analysis on high art and real cinema, run far far away and never look back.  

     Grace clearly failed to grasp the simplest of concepts and themes in this film and that is fine. I certainly can agree that this film is not for everyone, but if you are a fan of Daniel Day lewis or PTA, run to see this movie!

     I give this a 9.5/10. The filmmaking is superb and amongst some of PTA's best work. The acting from the entire cast is sublime and riveting in the most simple of moments. The soundtrack by Greenwood is absolutely breathtaking and entrancing. The movie itself is a deep and enthralling character study on an artist and his deep obsession with his craft and all things involving it; not to mention his deeply rooted freudian issues with love and commitment… The ending finally ties up the film in a dark and subversive manner that ties many of the curious behavior all together.


  26. Spoiler : sort of

    Of course you can see in retrospect that the singular motivation for an otherwise "left of field" decision is actually very consistent with Daniel day's characters "needs" and longings for a particular deceased person and that persons previous role in relation to Daniels character

    The best advice to prepare anyone,

    don't wait for the proverbial "gears" to kick in, this film isn't about going through motions until a third act or acr is reached, this film is about every step in the "now" it's each second that is passing by not the destination, so you will miss the great characters and performances if your distracted waiting for this film to "hurry up" and get somewhere.

    It's strange because this film slowly grows on you after you have watched it, it's rather enchanting, majestic and fairytale like, for me it's Anderson's second or third best film

  27. This is my introduction to this YouTube channel. It is also the last video I'll watch. If you can so bafflingly and completely miss the point of a movie that is as brilliant as this, then I have no interest in finding out what you think of any other film.

    And come clean: was the whole part about food preparation being a cornerstone of society a joke? Please tell me it was a joke.

  28. Wow, this is perhaps the most shallow and uninformed review of this film I've seen so far. It's like you didn't even attempt to understand the characters or their motivations. Yeah, it's a weird ending, and nobody I know would (Spoilers) willingly poison themselves in this way, but thinking of it just in a literal sense is missing the point of the film. The film is about learning to deal with one another in a relationship, the power dynamics that often come with marriage, and this is Alma's way of subverting that dynamic. Reynolds accepts the poisoned food because despite his ultimate need for control in his every day life, there's still part of him deep down that wants to be cared for, as he may have some unresolved issues with his mother who died young.

    This has already gotten long, but there's LOT more to this film than you give it credit for. Though I'm shocked that even if you miss the point of the film, that you could find the costuming, editing, cinematography, acting, and music all subpar. Regardless of story, this film is nearly perfect in all of those aspects in my opinion.

  29. "Faith in food preparation is the cornerstone of society!" Does this has anything to do whatsoever with a movie about two sick people in a self destructive relationship? No? Is it here because the entirety of your opinion is built on pointless moralistic self illuding filters that have nothing to do with art? Yes? Yes

  30. You like what you like but this review is way off the mark.Really hack review. Dont let the review put you off watching the film.

  31. I watched this film the twist was stupid didn't make sense the twist just didn't fit in this film. The film is kind of a bore.

  32. I honestly can't quite believe this review. The movie is astonishingly good. The "twist" isn't even a twist, it just makes no sense to even look at it in this way, with this film, which is essentially a fairytale. The movie is beautiful, the performances are bewildering and the story is magical. This is the best movie I have seen in years, and right up there with my favourites of all time (The Shining and King of Comedy, if anyone cares). I genuinely think it is that good. I also believe that part of the reason Daniel Day Lewis is bowing out now is because he wants this to be his final film… he knows he will not make a better one. I could be totally wrong about that of course, but it wouldn't surprise me.

  33. I disagree with Grace. This is a REALLY good film. Yes, I am a Paul Thomas Anderson fanboy, but I believe I am looking past that when I say I definitely would recommend it to pretty much anybody. It’s surprisingly funny as well.

  34. sorry….i did not go for that ending…poisoning is serious …..you can die….i really don't understand that ending…if anyone tried to poison me, i would go to the police and press charges….i can't believe i sat through that movie to have it end so ridiculously

  35. Oh Grace you're so squimish. Did you ever saw Elle? or Bad Education? You were actually expecting to have such an excentric character with a "normal" healthy and banal relationship? You may think is shock value, but given the setting it makes total sense the nature of their relationship. It's funny how the shape of water can make a bestiality interspecies relationship seem as romantic but the excentric philias of an artist is shock value.

  36. Amazing film, DDL is incredible as well as the supporting cast the cinematography, score, script and film as a whole is very well done.

  37. Thanks for this review. I wanted to see at least one hetero romance film this year and this was high on the list to see (and I will), but it's sick for anyone not to immediately get imprisoned any poisoner. I'll have to suspend disbelief

  38. This is was one of the sickest films I unfortunately seen in a long time… for all you said and so much more. F**King maddness

  39. I agree its a little overrated, but this is in no way the worst movie of the year. The Master was amazing however.

  40. Grace, you have a beautiful face and an interesting personality but I can’t come here for movie critiques anymore. You miss so much, too much of the time.

  41. This is a wonderful film.

    I profoundly object to referring to any of the events of this film as "a twist". She's applying popcorn thriller metrics to what is a very beautiful, patient, artful examination of a relationship. In short, what it means matters more than what happens.

    This film doesn't have plot. All the joy is in the little psychological tennis matches, the lavish production, the zingers in the confrontations, and the examination of what it feels like to live with an all consuming creative type.

    A better comparison is Call Me by Your Name , a much more tender film but with an equally thought provoking ending. But to refer to either one as having a "twist" like a Shayamalan movie cheapens the craftsmanship on display and the thematic resonance.

  42. Obviously the most unrealistic thing about Phantom Thread is that a man that makes dresses is heterosexual. This is Grace and you can watch another video.. Right now! 🙂

  43. Why is anyone looking to this dumb broad who's into comic book movies about real film criticism? Man you millennials are so misguided

  44. Is it even criticizing? I mean, I loved the movie but I would never criticize a movie in this ridiculous manner. You're not giving any persuasive reasons why you find the plot stupid or implausible. Your criticism has no logical basis. Of course a man could find pleasure in being nursed and taken care of by a woman whom he's in love with. The plot is dark and odd and that's the beauty of it.

  45. I just watched it, better late than never. At the end of the movie, my wife and I at the same time turned to each and I said, "FU." It was an immediate response! Daniel Day-Lewis wasn't so great, he was acting, like so many other actors, he did his job. The wife was poisoning him and at the end, he approved of it, ridiculous. None of the characters were even the least bit interesting – both main characters were a**holes. Riveting? Heck No. This is a D movie, forgotten in the ash heap of below average movies. You can't even compare this movie and Daniel Day-Lewis performance with any of his other movies. My Left Foot – Wonderful. In The Name of the Father – Wonderful. Lincoln – Wonderful.

  46. The film is the best rom-com made by a master, I smile through the entire movie. it's in same style with movie like: love me if you dare, if you are married you gonna understand. the music is great, beautifully directed, the dress is authentic and fabulous.

  47. Lmao. This film is about a twisted relationship. It's supposed to be darkly comedic. I think you missed the point if your complaint is that "faith in food preparation is a cornerstone of society" and this film damages that faith.


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