Pointless Twitter Threads

Pointless Twitter Threads

But what’s up? How you doing? Good to see you again if you’re already subscribed You get another greeting? Hey, I know you’re thinking. Wow. This guy looks really fucking tired cuz I am see if you can Ignore the bags under my eyes and what this would be a great video I promise I’ve had a busy few weeks Your boy went fucking viral on on Twitter did check it out man. Did a stupid fucking caption? One of my followers is actually really cool. I met her in Chicago She quote tweeted it. I retweeted that and then I checked the next day and it had like 90,000 and it kept going up Crazy your boys a mean Absolutely got a dog he’s cute This is my dog Okay, so I mentioned Twitter and going viral on it Twitter is great. You know, it’s got so many things. It’s got got good beams It’s got good good words, and it’s got even gooder Threads the best threats little thread riding-hood is my favorite Fairy tale so I’m gonna talk about Twitter threads. I love Twitter threads usually it’s When there’s like a really cool topic that I want to learn more about people will make threads of it and I like those Conspiracy ones. Those are really cool. Like those true-crime lenses are also really cool But there are these threads on twitter called self care threads and dude They they fucking suck and I Really want to show you guys what I mean by these if you haven’t seen them and I want to show you just how fucking stupid they are and Just how pointless they are and of what their advice is. Okay to be more specific There are Instagram pages that repost these Twitter threads. Let’s take a look at some of these just Knowledgeable threads that will teach me how to make my life better This one says things to do every day Turn off digital devices for 30 60 minutes a day get more sleep try to do at least one productive thing a day Set daily goals avoid drama have a to-do list meditate smile at strangers spread positivity Hey, yeah, I know To do today wake up convert oxygen to carbon dioxide eat food So you have energy sleep sure it’s weird that people would see this and retweet it and be like, yes Oh my god. This is what I’ve been waiting for. Finally. I know what to do with my day Like these are nice reminder as I guess but for to make a thread of it You don’t have to owe you this could be condensed into be good. But hey, let’s make a thread of it Okay. This one is my all-time favorite how to protect your vibe First of all a fucking pardon, what does that mean? Yo, do you want to do you want to come over later? Nah, I’m protecting my vibe Sorry, I can’t can’t make it. I got a full schedule I’ve protection later Can’t make it to your house, buddy Sorry, you understand right? Nope, even though a vibe is something that can’t be protected or Anything like that, cuz it’s not a tangible object. It’s not a It’s not a castle and the fucking medieval times. You got to protect with a moat You can’t put a moat I use that what you’re gonna say put a moat in front of your vibe. Look Hey, even, though. It’s impossible. Let’s find out avoid gossip and drama. Oh, hey, no shit pretty fucking easy Don’t hang out with shitty people. Don’t be shitty. There you go drama, dude Although too much drama in my life to you. I’m gonna protect my void from all these homeless be good to yourself There that’s it. That’s why my vibe keeps getting fucked with dude, dude I feel so good that my five has been protected dude. Okay, this is another good one There’s a thread for just possible Instagram captions. I always wondered where people get these like super generic Instagram captions and now I know don’t mistake my kindness for weakness bitch and they add the emoji in there, too I like that. Let me give you enough freedom to add your own emojis. Hell no copy and paste dude hold your perch take me as I am or Watch me as I go Fucking bars bro as I going to find an old piece of pizza on the ground and you’re like, I mean, it’s pizza But it’s dirty. So maybe I shouldn’t but I know if I don’t eat it. It’s gonna be gone soon Someone’s gonna pick it up. Maybe your dogs gonna eat it So you gotta just take it as it is or watch it as it goes what you just said is One of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard throw me to the wolves and I’ll come back leading the pack, dude What if that actually fucking happened Oh Someone was like gag get this person out of here throw them to the wolves and there’s a pack of wolves and they throw throw you at them and They’re like well that that person is done and over with and then like a year later. They hear like Howls and they’re like, whoa it’s a pack of wolves and then it’s nice straight up you it’s you howling at the moon and then the Wolves are running behind you and you you get revenge and then you take a picture of the people that that three to the wolves And you take a picture of their dead bodies new post on Instagram. And then with that caption that okay That is the only time that I would accept that and like that picture because that’s facts, bro That’s the best kind of facts like these Instagram captions. You could that you there. I had rather a caption be the word Fucking piss I’d rather that just the word piss. I love that caption. That’s the best Instagram caption You could ever have not throw me to the wolves and I’ll come back leading the pack cuz hey, nope No, you wouldn’t you’d be dead by the wolves Alright, let’s go to another account before I fucking lose my mind. Here’s a great one We already touched on this before but how to avoid drama at school. Look be nice to everyone true. There you go You don’t need anything else. Alright back to school life hacks, cuz you know when you see your life and you’re just like bro I want to hack this shit change the sizes of your periods to make your essay look longer. You’re not allowed to do that Appreciate the way that like teachers can figure that out because people were doing that when I was in high school many moons ago many moons that were held that By people who were thrown under the wolves and when I was in high school people were doing that shit They got in trouble all the time Wolfram Alpha Khan helps you plug any equation in and it will solve it for you Wow cheating, huh? Who would have thought That’s the answer wife hacks Fuckin tree and so when the test comes around you’ll be fucked and that’s what counts towards most of your grade fuck it, though life hacked There’s got to be a good one. Okay, how to catch his eye Got it. I’m gonna do all these things so I can catch his eye. Here we go. Play with your hair Bite bite your lower lip laughing. Hahaha being clumsy. Oops Almost fell over Standing on your tiptoes as if you’re getting something out of reach, uh-huh Alright that was fun I’ve had it with these I don’t know if I even have like a point to make these are just really funny to me and just like pointless Yeah, just pretty much all these boiled down to is just be a good person You don’t need a Twitter thread to show you how to like avoid drama at school, you know be a good person That’s a life hack But if these threads help you get through your days That’s sick good for these threads. I don’t give a shit I’m just poking fun being an asshole because I got nothing else to do except lead a pack of wolves Thank you so much for watching My name is Curtis Connor. I make videos and stuff I’m do I’m on the fucking Internet as you can see, so just subscribe dude. It’ll just worth it I’m literally the best youtuber in this living room right now Um, so yeah, press subscribe button Press the like button and leave a fucking comment if you enjoy this video and what other videos you want to see from me Dude, cuz I’m ready, bro Follow me on Twitter and Instagram I Curtis Connor. I do it all dude. I got a podcast too called very really good It’s got five-star reviews, dude. We’re out here. We’re doing it. I’m a fucking content creator dude. Alright, well, I guess that worry Caught it Hahahahaha, holy shit. This is the weirdest video I’ve ever done peace out Thank you so much for watching this video If you enjoyed it, press the subscribe button You know do it listen to my podcast check the description and then click the screen to watch more videos from me right? Goodbye

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  1. 6:58 I do all this shit already and my crush still doesn't notice me… maybe it's because I'm crushing in a her, not a him? idk…

  2. People clearly can’t tell the difference between depression and sadness, depression is a serious thing that is a mental illness and which you have to get diagnosed with. You can’t just diagnose yourself with anxiety or any mental illness. depression, bad grades, anxiety or insecurity doesn’t make you cool or relatable

  3. How to be productive;

    wake up at 3am (sksks early morning routineee) and get THIS…DONT GO BACK TO SLEEP…omg ikr, then you can say you are productive. your welcome 🐋🌎🌊🌧🏔

  4. Guys depression is super serious and NEEDS to be treated like a real disease!!!

    Ok so this is how I cured it with H2O

  5. I did the period size hack for all my papers in college and I either never got caught, or my professors didn't care enough

  6. While the average length of female wolves is 4.5 to 6 feet from nose to tail, males can grow up to 6.5 feet in length. This is partly why they can sprint at speeds of 36 to 38 miles per hour for short distances, though unless they are on the chase they tend to cruise at a more leisurely pace of about 5 mph.

  7. If you thought you live in a McMansion, try to imagine a property that extends up to 1000 square miles. In Canada and Alaska their territory extends 300 to 1,000 square miles, with a more modest 25 to 150 square mile territory in Minnesota. Living, hunting and playing in packs as highly social animals, they often travel up to a dozen plus miles a day.

  8. (5:57) As the nice kid, I'll admit that you're right, kindness is the only thing you need to avoid stupid drama.

  9. I know a girl who uses these captions whenever she posts an Instagram picture, especially that wolf one lol. It’s so cringey

  10. How to cute depression 🤪🥰
    🌸 drink water 💦 !!💗
    💐 drink water 💦 !!💗
    🌺 drink water 💦 !!💗

  11. Okay, so this is my 4th video of his and I now understand why he has 2.8 mil followers. Lmao 😂 these videos are everything.

  12. how i survived the coronavirus!! :))) 
    — Drinking Water 🙂
    — Protecting my vibe 🙂
    — Hanging out w/ non-shady people
    — spreading positivity, not sickness

  13. How to cure the corona🥰⭐️

    1. Drink water❤️🥰🤗
    2. Stay out of drama🤪⭐️🍪
    3. Get more sleep⭐️💕☕️
    4. Stay off social media🐻😋
    5. Eat healthy😇🍪🍎

  14. Someone in a different comments section said that Kurtis is attractive in a sewer rat kind of f way and I honestly could not agree more so I feel that I should pass it on

  15. Oh my God Kurtis I like these threads and I've been binging all ur vids the past week and avoiding this one specifically bc I fucking like these and I don't see the issue with them bc they are for teen girls, and made by teen girls but I'm 22 and so I just feel like I relate to them and I understand them and it's cool to just have simple little reminders for all the little teen girls, and also vibes are real ok so chill

  16. The thumbnail got me oh my goodness. I have been diagnosed with clinical depression, but I honestly couldn’t remember so I had to double check: LOL DEPRESSION CAN’T BE CURED WHAT

  17. the worst part is that i had that wolf quote as my bio four years ago and my ex called me out and called my bios “fun to read”. took me a year to realise he was making fun of me

  18. What to do when your being testified for your crimes against humanity 🥰😘🤪🤩😇😅
    – Drink Water 💧 💦
    -Take a Break from social media 🥰😍🖥
    -turn off your phone 📱
    -eat fruits 🍉 and veggies 🥬
    -meditate 🌸 😊 ❤️
    -get a good nights sleep 😴 🛌
    -avoid drama 🎭 🛑
    -moisturize 💧 🌹
    -smile more 😊 😃 ❤️
    -take a walk 🥳🥰😘😍🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️

  19. self care b like:
    How to be the baddest bitch💞💥💫:
    – shower regularly 💦💦

    girl WHAT. im sorry WHO needs to hear that

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    – smile more 🥰💕
    – make friends with everyone! 😋👯‍♂️👯‍♀️💓
    – drink water 🌈💦💕💕
    – get a boyfriend/girlfriend 😘🏳️‍🌈👫👬👭
    – stay very social! 💬💞

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    * Eat healthy 🍎⚡️
    * Sleep more 🌙💤
    * Brush your teeth 😁💋
    * Brush your hair 💇‍♀️💅

    Repeat this everyday for fast results 🌷

  22. How to protect your water:
    -Eat oils
    -Drink more drama
    -Essential healthy
    -Avoid yourself
    -Love vibes 💖

    Edit: am i doing this right?

  23. New subscriber never seen this video before but for the last 2 years everytime I see one of those I screen shot it to like make a video on it but damn

  24. How to re-establish the Soviet Union
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    -drink water 💧🌊✨
    -avoid drama 👭💃🏻🙅‍♀️
    -sleep 🛏✨🌙
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  25. How to become rich 💸
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    2. Moisturize every day 💗✨
    3. Love yourself ❤️
    4. Avoid drama 🙅🏻‍♀️👸🏼
    5. SMILE

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