Princess Cut Blouse Cutting & Stitching | Front Open Princess Cut Blouse With Piping | Step By Step

Princess Cut Blouse Cutting & Stitching | Front Open Princess Cut Blouse With Piping | Step By Step

hello friends, today m going to teach you front open princess cut blouse with piping the measurements is like this total length of blouse 14 inch shoulder to shoulder width 11 inch shoulder length 6.5 inch chest 30 inch waist 25 inch front neck length 6.5 inch back neck length 7 inch neck width 6 inch sleeves’ length 5 inch half arm round 4.5 inch this is my lining fabric and on this we first do drafting and after that we place it on saree fabric and do cutting of it too we required 80 cm to 1 meter of fabric to make blouse, this is my lining fabric placed in 2 layers this is open side and that is close side, first we do drafting from open side first of all take blouse length + 2 inch lengthwise i.e 14 + 2=16 inch and now on this 16 inch marked line, we mark shoulder to shoulder width and on this side we do drafting shoulder to shoulder width is 11 inch, its half is 5.5 inch + 0.5 for sewing seam makes it 6 inch now from this point mark shoulder length lengthwise i.e 6.5 inch and cross mark it with 6 inch widthwise take half inch less and join these two points to above point now in parallel take 1/4 of chest + 2.5 inch, we take 2.5 inch because we are making it princess cut chest is 30 inch, its 1/4 is 7.5 inch + 2.5=10 inch now come to bottom, and here take 1/4 of waist + 2.5 inch i.e 25/4=6.25 inch and add 2.5 inches further, mark it now join waist marks and chest marks in slant manner now we do front arm curving only, bcoz this is our front piece after that, mark a bit less than half of neck width at top, neck width is 6, its half is 3 so mark at 2.75 inch and front neck length is 6.5 inch, cross mark it with 2.75 inch, make a box and do front neck curving after that mark 0.5 inch on shoulder line lengthwise and join it in slant manner to neck width mark now from top, mark high bust point i.e 10 inch, we take 0.5 inch for sewing seam and mark at 10.5 inch in width it is 3 inch, so cross mark it with it and also cross mark with 3 inch at bottom and draw a line now take point from center of arm hole and join it with high bust point in a bit curve manner after that, we insert 1 inch pleat, so join these points like this but while cutting, first we cut the outer side line and after that we do cutting of inner line after that, while stitching we join it like this, i’ll teach you that while stitching we do cutting starting from neck portion to armhole till bottom before cutting princess cut line, we place front piece on fabric and cut our back piece too like this only the back neck will be a bit deep and at arm hole area it is a bit on wider side deepness of back neck is 7 inch, mark it and cross mark it with same neck width mark i.e 2.75 inch make a box and do back neck curving after cutting back piece, now we do cutting of princess cut line like this along with with we cut this dart too from this remaining fabric we cut our sleeves, which i already taught you, after this i’ll proceed further after that, place this lining fabric piece on saree fabric and do cutting, i’ll first adjust it and then proceed further like this we place lining fabric on saree fabric and now we do cutting alongside it, this will be our complete cutting after completing this i’ll proceed further after cutting main fabric, now we join our main fabric with lining by cut-stitching after joining it, i’ll proceed further now we insert this piping in it, for this take close part of piping on side part of blouse and sew it do the same on opposite side too after stitching piping on both sides, now fold piping like this & place it on middle blouse part and then sew it like in this way, our piping will be inserted like in the same way, we insert piping on other side too after inserting piping in princess cut, now we insert hook and loops strip, which i taught you in simple blouse tutorial after inserting them too, i’ll proceed further after inserting hook and loop strip on front part, now we insert fitting pleats in back piece and after that i’ll join shoulders, this I already taught you in simple blouse after completing this i’ll proceed further now we insert bias tape in neck portion (LINK IN DESCRIPTION) after completing neck, now take it to wrong side and again take measurements for fitting line for this, we take total from hook insertion strip width wise and measure 1/4 of chest i.e 30/4=7.5 inch, mark it and at bottom, take 1/4 of waist i.e 25/4=6.25 inch, mark it and join it with chest mark and on opposite side, at loop insertion strip, we leave strip from there and take measurement of chesti.e 7.5 inch and in bottom, also leave loops strip and measure 1/4 of waist i.e 6.25 inch, mark it and join it with chest mark now this is our new fitting line and we sew or join it with our back piece after fitting stitching, now we join sleeves and fold it from bottom up to our required length after completing this i’ll upload an image of it if you like this video then hit like button and if you are new here then subscribe for more such videos in next video i’ll teach you a new cutting/stitching in a simple way..thank you 🙂

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  1. Thank you so much for subtitles, I'm really interested in making my own saree blouse but I don't speak Hindi, you're video helped me a lot. Keep doing videos, they're really good.

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