100 thoughts on “Reverse {Dutch} French Braid | Cute Girls Hairstyles

  1. I look at it as putting the side strands (A and C) under the middle strand (B) instead of B over A or C because it makes it easier for me to understand because I think of it as being backwards

  2. Is it better to do the braid with wet hair or dry hair. Another question how did you pin it at the end?? How you please show me. I will be trying this over the weekend.

  3. its not that confusing when I was little I would always do a dutch whenever I braided so its super easy 4 me 2 understand and do. so 1st u have ur 3 strands and ur gonna put ur middle strand over the left and then over the right. or the left strand under the middle then right strand under the middle then continue adding hair to each side.

  4. i agree with you. i am 11 too because of them i have learned a lot of things from them. i have gained confidence and a have recieved a lot of friends i teach them my hairstyles and i made a new friend. sorry for m english

  5. an easier way for me is to remember that normal braid is right most piece goes over than under than repeat but the dutch is under and over than repeat. 🙂 is it a good way? 😛

  6. Haha, I've always done French braids "outside" and never realized it. No wonder the braid I do looks different from the other mom's braids. Thanks to your videos I can now learn how to do an "inside" French braid for my daughter. 🙂

  7. I cannot figure out how to hold my hands – its a lose braid and looks crappy. Is there any good videos on how to hold the hair between your fingers? I cant get it errr frustrating

  8. i cant tell is she adding hair to pieces "A" and "C" or always go under the outside pieces and adding hair to piece "B". Sorry, Mindy has a way of holding the hair so that I can't really see what she is doing. Thanks 🙂

  9. can you do a tutorial for a short hair because my hair is short and i dont know anyting about short hair styles!thank you!!! :))

  10. I was awful at braiding untill
    I found CGHstyles she makes everything look easy but i have worked
    Hard and i can do most braids

  11. When you add the hair what section are you adding it to? Is it A B or C? I hope my questions makes sense. I get confused when you start adding in the hair. It's hard to see.

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  13. I would love if you update this video showing the twin Dutch braids. I've seen so many but still not great footage up close to understand it.

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