Same But Different Christmas Card Series 2019 No.3 – Holly Berry Turnabout!

Same But Different Christmas Card Series 2019 No.3 – Holly Berry Turnabout!

Hiya and welcome to another Same But
Different Christmas Card Series for 2019 and today we’re going to be turning about! Hi it’s Therese from Lostinpaper and welcome back I’m having such a blast
making these Christmas cards this year I hope you’re having fun – I have the
holly berry turnabout from Concord & 9th and this is an awesome stamp set it’s
massive it actually has two turnabout’s within
it so it comes with two of the alignment tools and you can actually use just the
berries or just the leaves or you can combine them both and make a massive
full-on background and today I’m going to be doing all of the above! so let’s
start out by doing the stamping all of my backgrounds I’m going to create four in
total I’ve got my jig in place it’s in my large Misti and I’ve added some
removable adhesive to the back of a piece of cardstock which is cut the same
size as my card front and then I’ve adhered it onto the markings on the jig
I’m using the alignment tool and placing the coordinating stamp so that this
stamped image is facing down on it and then I’m aligning it up with the crosses
on the jig you can see them they’re actually like a like a scoreline almost
and then I could just close my lid of my Misti pick up the stamp and remove the
alignment aid and I’m ready to roll now. I did show you that there’s some numbers
on the jig and that just reminds me because I forget sometimes to turn the
jig and also where I’m up to. I am using some really pretty inks from Catherine
Pooler designs today and if you want a full list of all the supplies that I’ve
used I’ll have them linked below in the
description below and also have them linked at my blog and that will be in the
description below as well so this panel here is my ‘full on’ panel – I like to call it it’s got everything stamped out I stamped all
four leaves in four different colors and the berries are only stamped in two
different colors but I did stamp them all four times so this is as much as
you’re going to get on a piece of cardstock using this turnabout this is
one I’ve done quite differently I’m only using the berries and I’m using them
like a dotted background and I did a couple of styles like this, one in the
blues and greens and one in the Reds. Now that Bluegreen version I did all four
turns and the red version I did just two so they look quite different and after I
finish each panel I just remove the adhesive with a gum eraser and then start
on the next panel so this is my last one and I decided to just to use the leaves
this time and I only used two colors so just the pale blue and the
pale green and I think this one looks really pretty
now this stamp set also comes with some extra single stamps and has this little
berry stamp so I just filled in some of the gaps on the red berry panel which
worked really well I’ve stamped some images out from an MFT set which is
called merry moments and just doing some really simple Copic coloring here
they’re not particularly big images I did decide to color one of my bears
Bluegreen I think he might be a bit cold but otherwise I did color them gray and
I just kept it to the blue greens and the Reds here so like I was saying this
is part of my series that I do every year and the same but different so you
get lots of cards along the same theme or using the same product I’ll link a
couple of previous years of this series at the end of the blog so if you haven’t
already visited and seeing them I’d love it if you’d visit and see some more of
the same but different cards and especially if you’re looking to do some
Christmas cards and using what you’ve got rather than heading out
and buying a whole new lot of stuff sometimes just being able to use one
product and getting a lot of different ideas for one style or one theme or
using stamps in a different way I use older and newer stamps I basically use
what I have I did get a few stamps and dies last year because all of my
Christmas ones were quite old and I’m having a lot of fun using them
this year because I didn’t get to use them enough last year I thought and the
good thing about Christmas stamps is they don’t ‘go off’ Christmas comes every
year so you can use them every year I did use the coordinating dies here to
cut out these images and now I’m going to put all my cards together so I’ve got
the hem stitch this is from Spellbinders and it’s the rectangles and I’m making a
border here it’s actually got eight different dies in the set so I’m using
three of the dies at once to create a panel that I’m going to pop up on the
front of the card I’m making a big mess here so I did actually edit that out but
those tools that clear out the die cuts work really well FYI. So I like to
actually adhere my inset before I pop up the edge of my inlay die cut because I
can never get it straight otherwise and this sentiment here is a Concord &9th
one and I really like but it looks like a typeset or you know a dymo and I
basically just cut that out with a pair of scissors and I’m popping it up in the
center of my card with some foam dots as well as my little Santa Ilove the way he’s
just looking up, he must get a crick in his neck! So my next card is the pale blue and
pale green panel and I thought it’d be good to have it really another bold
sentiment, I’m going for really bold sentiments today, so it’s reverse
confetti pants sentiment, it’s really quite funny,
I like this this whole set of sentiments is really quite funny and I wanted to
make my own speech bubbles so I’ve partially cut around it with an oval die
and then just hand drawn the rest and cut that out with the scissors and then all
I had to do is pop up my frozen bear and my handmade speech bubble on top of my
panel and this card’s done I think this is my favourite, I do like this bear!
So my next card design I’m using one of the landscape dies from Ellen Hudson and
just cut a little snowbank and I’m also doing another speech bubble sentiment
I’m on the roll at the moment I’m really loving speech bubbles and this is a lawn
fawn one and I’ve heat emboss a sentiment from MFT which is a really
nice set called hand lettered holiday greetings and really scripty beautiful
sentiments and I’ve just added those pieces to the front of my card and
popped up my bear and my Snow Hill and sentiment. So my next panel I misaligned
my square die-cut so I had to flip it round I did want the dark bit at the
top but anyway you get what you get and I did use one of the square hem stitch
dies to cut my little window out and I added a no peeking speech bubble I
thought that was really cool and what to do with that square he was my dilemma…. so
I’ve got a card front, I’m adding a sentiment and I added a hem
stitch die cut border within it popped it up on the front of the card and added
a simple scripted joy sentiment from penny black and that’s probably the most
clean and simple card from today! so thanks for joining me if you haven’t
already I’d love it if you click on the thumbs up button that means that I know
that you like this video and you want to see more of them and if you haven’t I’d
love you to subscribe to my YouTube channel and I’ll see you back here again
real soon lots of Christmas fun happening this
month lots of inspiration and I look forward to seeing you again till next
time happy papercrafting bye

44 thoughts on “Same But Different Christmas Card Series 2019 No.3 – Holly Berry Turnabout!

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