Sampler Sew Along Intro | Quilt Block of the Month Series | Whitney Sews

Sampler Sew Along Intro | Quilt Block of the Month Series | Whitney Sews

hi everyone I’m Whitney and I post
tutorials on my youtube channel to help sewers of all skill levels learn new
projects and techniques this week is actually the first video in a new series
I’m starting called the sampler sew along I have selected 12 different traditional
quilt blocks to share in this series and then I’ll be showing not only how to sew
the blocks themselves but how to sew the entire quilt together from start to
finish so that you can create your own sampler style quilt that finishes in a
nice lap quilt or baby quilt size each of the quilt blocks will finish at a 12
by 12 inch size this is a really great size if you’re new to quilting new to
piecing you can get in your practice doing your piecing
learn new techniques and all of that without having to sew together really
really tiny pieces because that can definitely and be it difficult and be
frustrating when you’re trying to learn the process sampler quilts are so much
fun because the blocks aren’t intended to be the same they are all supposed to
be different they are just a great way to practice technique so that’s what
they are intended for so as long as you choose fabrics that coordinate for all
your blocks your quilt will turn out beautiful even though every single block
is different from all the rest so for the fabrics for your quilt you will need
about 10 to 12 different fabrics you need one fabric in particular that you
get more of so a couple yards of it and it needs to be a light fabric so I chose
a white tone-on-tone fabric for that one and I just pulled that from my stash for
the remainder fabrics you only need about a quarter yard of each so you can
definitely pull from your stash on those or you can go out and buy fat quarters
those would be perfect for this I did go out and purchase some fabrics new
because I found this beautiful fabric that I love that has a ton of colors in
it and so I wanted to use those colors for inspiration for this quilt but like
I said you need a couple yards of a light fabric and then a quarter yard
each of ten to twelve different bright fabrics when you’re selecting your
fabrics please keep in mind that small non directional prints will work the
best and tone-on-tone fabrics are also really great for making
there will be a playlist linked below with all these samplers so long videos
that have already been posted and I’ll link it right over here to the side as
well and make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on any of the future
videos in this series and until next time happy sewing

24 thoughts on “Sampler Sew Along Intro | Quilt Block of the Month Series | Whitney Sews

  1. Thanks for making this series, I am making my first quilt inspired by brick and block pattern you made.

  2. This is perfect Whitney! I’ve been wanting to do a quilt for myself using my favorite colors. I bought a ton of fat quarters of them and I’m ready to get started on my first sampler quilt! Thank you so much for this 💕~Tifa

  3. Hi Whitney, I'm so interesting in joining you with this Sampler Sew Along. I can't wait to get this started.. Will gather up my colors I'm wanting to us along with  base fabric…. the link I click it not working as I had to go look for it (in which I found).. the link now working is  " Find more info on the Sampler Sew Along HERE — "

  4. Your series sounds like so much fun! I have so much to do right now, I can't join, however, this would be so much fun. On my list for later =).

  5. Have just started my first ever quilt, a Bargello. Felt a bit put off at sewing lots of blocks the same, thought I would get bored; but this has come along at just the right time. Count me in Whitney!

  6. I am going to join in and give this a try. The only things I've quilted before are a tiny doll bedspread and a small mug rug.

  7. I have a question about the materials, you mentioned using the bright multicolored fabric as your inspiration for all the colors you chose so that they would all mesh and look good together, will the inspiration fabric be used in the sampler piecing or are you going to use it for your backing?

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