Scaling for All-Over-Print Clothing – Printful print on demand

Scaling for All-Over-Print Clothing – Printful print on demand

So what does scaling for sublimation mean? Scaling is when we take your sublimation print
file and proportionally scale it down for smaller sizes. This means less hassle for you, since you
only have to create one print file for the largest size and it’ll work for all smaller
sizes too. But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean stretching
or distorting your design, it simply makes sure that your graphic stays the same quality
and as much of it as possible is visible on smaller sizes. So how does it work? When you create your sublimation design in
our downloadable template or with our generator, it matches the dimensions for the largest
size for that model. For this example here we have an LA Apparel sublimation crew
neck and the print file size is 2XL and 42”x36”. To put it simply, when printing on a garment
in a smaller size, for example size “small”, the size “small” shirt overlay is put
on top of your actual print file, that’s in size “2 XL”. Then the size “small” overlay is proportionally
stretched to fit the bigger one in height, positioned and everything that doesn’t cover
the smaller outline is cut off. So your design is not distorted in any way,
all scaling is done with the printing overlays. Now as you can see, some of the design gets
cut off on the sides for smaller sizes. This happens because larger shirts are wider
compared to the smaller ones. And to print the entire graphic on them would
mean stretching the print file. So to preserve the quality of your design,
parts of your graphic at the sides will not print on all sizes. That’s why when creating your print files
take note of the safe printing area in our template. If you need specific elements of your design
visible on all sizes, place them inside this outlined area. Also note that due to the proportional scaling,
design elements will appear smaller on smaller size garments. For example, you can see that the Printful
sign here on size “s” is smaller that on size “XL”. Make sure that you follow our guidelines carefully
when creating your print files, you can find them under the guidelines tab on our products
and pricing page. Also – that’s where you’ll find our downloadable
templates. And go through our sublimation disclaimer
page for more info on what designs work best for an all-over prints. Found this video helpful? Check out our other tutorials here! To get started with Printful right away all
you have to do is click here! And subscribe to our YouTube channel to never
miss the latest features and tutorials!

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  1. I am actually worried about the cropping. This severely limits the creativity that can be applied on these shirts. This can be fixed by giving different templates for different sizes for each type of cut and sew and sublimation clothes. Can you do this?

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