yeah hey guys I’m Roxette Arisa and today
I’ve got another celebrity hairstyle tutorial for you guys i saw this picture
of selena gomez online and I just fell in love with hairstyle because i feel
like this hairstyle is so chic and effortless yeah if you want to know how
to get this selena gomez inspired its side braid then just keep watching and
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tutorial i hope you guys like it first thing I’m going to do is part my
hair pretty roughly and Salinas hair is parted quite far to the side so that’s
exactly what I’m gonna do then I am ready to you know add some volume and
length so I’m just going to be applying my extensions as I normally would and i
am going to be using my favorite pair of extensions these are the bella mia
biology by guy tang I love these extensions so much they’re
so beautiful and they’re really easy to clip in and comfortable to wear which is
definitely the most important thing so I’m just clipping them in as I normally
would like i said i do like to start from the bottom and work my way up started from the bottom now we here so I
like to section off my hair and then towards the bottom i use the website
with four clips and as a work my way up I start using the West with three Clips
so all-in-all on the back side of my head I’m going to be using both of the
four clips and then both of the three clip West that come with this extension
set you can see this just makes such a dramatic difference in the look of my
hair and I think it is perfect for this hairstyle so once i get to the sides of
my hair i do like to clip in the West with two clips and then also all the
West with one clip i find that this makes a big difference in the way that
the braid looks in the end because when I don’t do this step the braid stress to
look a little bit lopsided especially when you get to the bottom where the
hair starts to thin out so when you do this you’ll prevent that from happening
and everything will look even and the this salinas hair is super amped up in
this style so I wanted to go on with my big sexy hair powder play this is a
volumizing powder that really helps to just get that volume girl so I like to
work it in at my roots just at the very top of my head because that’s where I
find that my hair ladies really flat and this really helps to amp up that volume
now for the fun part i’m going to be applying some of my Bellamy side-swept
clipping bangs you guys know I’m a huge fan of clipping banks in general just
because they’re so cool to me and they can instantly change your look so
they’re super easy to apply as well I just section of my hair in the middle
where we are not going to be showing our part and I clip them in there’s three
clips on this one SuperDuper easy to apply you just snap them in place and
you’re pretty much good to go and then I go ahead and just pull over
the hair to that original part that we made in the beginning and i kinda just
blend in my natural hair to get clip in bangs i love this because it really does
give you instant layers right in the front to frame your face like selena
gomez rocks a lot of time and it just adds to that voluminous look now it’s
time to get to the brain i do like to leave those front two sections out i
think it friends my face nicely and it looks really good if you have a round
face like me or like to leave so then once we get to the actual grade I like
to go with my Bellamy wax spray this is so cool it’s almost like a liquid spray
wax kind of thing it gives my hair texture and it gives my hair hold which
is definitely two things that you want to do when you’re working with a braid
so then once I’ve got that in my hair is really easy for me to create my braids
and I just start braiding like I normally would i do like to keep it
pretty thick and I don’t pull on the braids too much so that we keep that
voluminous look forget it pull out a little bit play around with
it make it messy make it chic make it fleek make it awfully know what I was
going for but you know the drill and then with the last two pieces that we
have left out of our grade I like to go in with my hotrod curling wand and give
it a little weight I don’t like to do like actual curls at
that next so I just section off the pieces very
roughly I take pretty thick pieces of sections for this particular step and I
wrap it around towards the outside so all the curls are facing away towards
the outside of our face and I do recommend using a 32 millimeter want for
this because it’s gonna give you more of that loose undone kind of look that we
are going for so this is the finished look I
absolutely love how it turned out I think it is pretty much spot on to what
Selena Gomez was wearing when i pull it up so yeah I mean to look like the
nickel really feelin it I just I love this look altogether you like this video
and definitely give it a thumbs up let’s try to get this video to 1000
thumbs up can we do it do it and again that don’t
forget to subscribe to my channel if you don’t want to myself and my video thanks
a lot for watching guys remember you are beautiful inside and out i love you and
i will see you in my next video


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  5. I don't usually leave negative comments but you don't sound to smart. Please try to sound more intelligent in your videos

  6. Your so freakin pretty !! Your blessed girl haha your smile is goals! I need to get braces so bad when I was younger my teeth were straight and white and now I'm 25 they are moving around ugh!

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  8. It's pretty and all but it's legit a normal braid with a few curled bits out 😁 but you look gorgeous as per usual ❀️

  9. I've been a subscriber for about 2 months now. I feel like you're underrated and hopefully soon you will have 1m subscribers. you're awesome @roxettearisa. 😘

  10. Great tutorial. I was wondering do you have natural black hair at the top? I'm thinking to order the Bellamy balayage but I have short hair natural black. If you can let me know that would be great.

  11. its really frusterating all these girls have fake ass haor so i have natrually thick and long hair ots hard to watch hair tutorials for long and thick hair because there fake hair is not going to performe the same as my real hair

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