Sew a Pet Costume – Colonial Gentleman

In this tutorial we’re making the colonial
pet costume with a ruffled neckerchief, wig and tricorn hat. This is a fun, creative project
to get anyone in the spirit of costumes. For supplies you’ll need one square of white
felt, one square of black felt, a half yard of pleated trim, one package of small gold
rickrack, two yards of ¼” white ribbon, all purpose thread and a single button. For tools, you’ll need your sewing machine,
fabric glue, scissors, pins and needles, and sewing gauge. You’ll also need our downloadable pattern
which you can get from our website. See the link in the description. From your white felt, cut out the wig, wig
curls and neckerchief using the pattern. From your black felt cut out the tricorn base,
tricorn cap and the wig bow using the pattern. We’ll put together the neckerchief first.
Cut your pleated trim to fit the area of the felt, so a little bit of the bottom of the
trim hangs off the edge of the felt. Pin in place and then sew across the top at
your sewing machine. Repeat the process two more times with your
trim overlapping the top of the previous trim and sew in place until you reach the top. Next hand sew your button in place in the
middle of the top ruffle. The size and type of the button doesn’t matter as this an
embellishment. Cut two pieces of ribbon 18” each, but you
can make it longer if you need to. Pin one end of each ribbon in the center of
the each squared end of the felt on the wrong side. The end of the ribbon should be a ½”
past the edge of the felt. Use a zig zag stitch on your sewing machine
to stitch the ribbon in place. Next we’ll do the tricorn hat. Take the
tricorn base and pin your rickrack all along the edge. Then sew down the center of the rickrack at
your sewing machine. Put some thread on your hand needle and do
a running stitch all around the edge of the tricorn cap. This is a large stitch which
you’re just going in and out of the fabric. Once you have your running stitch done, gently
pull your thread and it’ll give the cap its shape. You can tie your thread in a knot
to hold the shape of the cap. Carefully, pin the cap to the center of the
base, making sure to pin on the wrong side of the base so you can’t see the rickrack. You’re going to hand sew the bottom of the cap to your base here. I’m going to use white thread just so it’s a contrasting color and a little bit easier to see. But you can see my thread is coming out of the bottom of my cap. All I’m going to do is just grab a little bit of the base underneath that point. And you want to make your stitches fairly small And then you are just going to gently pull it to bring it together. Then I’m going to grab a little bit of the bottom cap I’m just doing small vertical type stitches for the cap part. And then grab a little bit of the base So basically its just doing a whip stitch. Back and forth between the base and the cap. And every time I do a stitch, I’m going to gently pull the two sides together. Next bring up the base on three sides to give
the tricorn hat its finished shape. Apply fabric glue to attach the folded base to the
side of the cap. Hold in place with pins until the glue dries and everything stays in place. On the wig, use fabric glue to attach the
wig bow. Next attach the ribbon, again two pieces at
18” on the side of the wig about 1 ½” from the top. The ribbon end should be ½”
from the edge of the felt and zig zag stitched into place. Take the wig curl piece and put a small strip
of fabric glue on one long end and then roll your strip to make a straw shape. When the glue dries, cut the felt curl into
four equal pieces. Fabric glue two curls on the top of each ribbon
attached to the wig. Lastly, fabric glue the tricorn hat on top
of the wig. And now your pet will look like a distinguished
gentleman from the colonial period and ready for their next costume party. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please
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