Sewing Machine Auto-threader Quick Tutorial, 1080p

Sewing Machine Auto-threader Quick Tutorial, 1080p

as you can see we’ve already run the
thread through the tensioner and the loose end is hanging near the needle first, let’s make sure the presser foot
is all the way down and the needle is at its highest position now we’re going to take a look at the
autothreader mechanism itself this lever here lowers the autothreader by holding it part way you get an
excellent view of the plastic peg which we’ll wrap the thread around in a moment this time will thread the needle for real bring the autothreader down halfway loop the thread around the plastic peg
from left to right push the lever all the way down draw the thread horizontally into
the metal notch on the right of the autothreader and while releasing the lever
let the thread gently slide out now we pull the loop the rest of the way
through the needle it’s usually a little bigger than this
but i held too tightly onto the thread

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  1. Near where the needle is inserted into the machine is a thread guide. To properly thread this Bernina, the thread must be taken through that guide prior to threading the needle.

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