Shell Wand Tutorial | In the Hoop Embroidery | AKA Applique Machine Embroidery

Shell Wand Tutorial | In the Hoop Embroidery | AKA Applique Machine Embroidery

Hi there! I’m going to show you how to make this cute shell one from aka applique The supplies you’ll need are tearaway stabilizer Fabric of your choice. I’m using glitter canvas and glitter vinyl thread, sewing scissors, a curved embroidery scissors, a small embroidery scissors if you have one, and some tape This design can be made on a 4 by 4 inch hoop or larger First is your placement stitch. This shows you where to place your fabric. When I say fabric… I’m referring to whatever you choose to use to make your wand Some examples are vinyl, glitter vinyl, glitter canvas or felt Next you’ll add your first fabric. I’m using glitter canvas. Be very careful that your fabric covers the entire placement stitch Run your next stitch which is the placement for the shell applique The next two stitches are the shell detail followed by the shell outline. I chose to do these in the same color And I’m using glitter vinyl for the shell applique I Chose to use the different weights/types just so that the wand would be the correct weight I don’t want to have it to be too thick and have trouble stitching it and I didn’t want it to be too thin because I thought it would feel flimsy Now it’s time to remove your hoop from your machine to trim the applique Don’t worry about getting it perfect as you can neaten it up after you finish stitching Just make sure that it’s trimmed enough to not get caught in the final outline stitch Put the hoop back on the machine to run the next stitch which is a decorative stitch that covers the opening for the dowel Remove the hoop again to place the back fabric. I use tape, but you can use a temporary spray adhesive designed for embroidery instead If you want to add ribbon streamers to your wand, tape them on as well if you do, make sure they are not in the way of the opening for the dowel other as the Machine will not stitch them on Put the hoop back on and stitch the final outline Now it’s time to remove your wand from the hoop Then you’ll remove the tape and tear away your stabilizer Now you’ll cut it out. Use a sewing scissors, so you can get nice smooth lines You’ll trim about 1/8 of an inch away from the stitching Now trim any thread tails and clean up any rough spots from when you trimmed your shell applique Well, I hope this video was helpful to you. As always, the supplies used are listed in the description below the video. If you have any questions just post them in the comments and If you liked this video, please click thumbs up and hit the subscribe button The video for assembling your wand is listed up in the cards in the description below

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  1. Nikki I am going to make a few wands, I didn't even know they had an ITH project like that until i watched your video, anyways do you have an account with amazon to recommend the badge holders and do you have a passcode for AKA so you get credit? TY for all the videos. After the holidays i am going to attempt the swoon purse

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