100 thoughts on “Single Frenchback into 3D Round Braid | Easy Hairstyles

  1. My daughter is almost 3 and she has 3 cow licks haha it is very hard to do her hair … any suggestions?

  2. Can you do a tutorial on this but in a french or dutch braid headband, please . I can't do this hairstyle on myself cause I can't see the back of my head and it's really hard to hold them backwards.

  3. I think I'm most like Brooklyn and Bailey because I have a twin sister as well . But I also think I'm like Kamri because we're the same age and we are a both artistic and sporty!!

  4. Very late but I think I'm like Bailey because we have the same style and personality. My mom even thinks so. I would watch her videos and my mom would know in a heart beat that I am watching her cause her personality😂

  5. I'm most like rylan and Bailey because I'm really spunky, but also really girly and I'm small, but I have a big personality

  6. I like mom the most, of course I think you have the most beautiful family I'd ever seen!! but Mindy you are just anazing!! Intelligent, beautiful, and always seem to have tons of energy! the most important, you are a wonderful mom! I don't know the stories or how may chaotic your family daily life be, just from the video clips, I see well behaved and we'll mannered kids (and aren't they adirable!). or trust me, it's hard sometimes to tell my kids behave for like 5 seconds just for the camera! you have a beautiful family and I think you are the support of all these. it's always fun to watch the clips; whether it's from your channel or girls'!! thank you for sharing all the hair styles and tips, my 11 year old girl loves it! thanks!

  7. i'm brooklyn bcuz i have long and curly-wavy hair(i don't know if hers is curly hair) and most important i'm their age.brooklyn seems to be more quiet.love y'all

  8. Это можно сделать гораздо проще. Разделить волосы на 4 части, сначала скрутить в одну сторону первые 2 пряди, потом скрутить из между сбой в другую сторону. Так же 2 другие пряди, а потом готовые косички скрутить в 1 сторону. Минутное дело.

  9. A mixture of Mindy,Brooklyn and Kamri.Mindy coz I enjoy doing hair,Brooklyn coz I am kinda a tomboy and Kamri coz we are the same age and have long hair:)

  10. I am like Bailey because we both love cheerleading ,I am also like Brooklyn because we have the same dress style!!! Lol

  11. I've always done this braid thinking about it as taking an outside strand, moving it over two, and then back under one. Then switch sides and repeat. I find that a less complicated way to think about it when doing it on yourself.

  12. I do this braid way different than you do but get the same look. It's a lot easier too. Same counting strands 1,2,3,4 take strand 1 over strands 2 and 3 then take strand 1 under strand 3. Then take strand 4 and do the same thing over the two middle strands and under the one. Over two under one.

  13. +Cute Girls Hairstyles Im more like Bailey and Brooklyn because I have big eyes like Brooklyn and Im girly like Bailey and I have really long eyelashes but also Im Rylans age right now so a little bit of all of you

  14. Cannot do this to save my life, done other hairstyles from her and they were easy. Tried it 5Xs, real annoying -_-

  15. Omg Kamri looked soooo cute when she was little. She still does though. But I clicked on the video and was like aaaaaaawwww❤❤❤

  16. Just did this on my 10yo, and it turned out just fine. I had her starting and stopping the video, because I needed more time for each step. That gave her something to do while I made my way through. Yahoo!

  17. Yay I got it, I got it, i got it after the 5th try!! Thank you so much 😀 This is actually really tricky but I kept repeating your instructions in my head. Just needs perfecting now..thanks again!!

  18. pleaseeee can make a video doing this on your own hair,,,I can see how easy it would be to do on someone else,,, but how do I hold the hair if im doing it on myself???? :/ btw I love ur videos u rock!

  19. in case you want to do it on yourself, here's some tips for you : try to start by doing a side braid because it is easier to see what you are doing. Secondly, after separating your four sections, keep them separated with elastics. Lastly, when that woman asks you to put the 2 &4 or 1&3 together, don't forget to cross them.. It took me 2 hours to figure that out. Good luck 🙂

  20. I love all of your beautiful family too and I am related to rylan because I have freckles just like rylan too love love love love Linda

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