Skipped Stitches!!! One More Reason Why

Skipped Stitches!!! One More Reason Why

Welcome to Tuesday’s Tips from SewVeryEasy,
my name is Laura. And if you’ve ever been sewing along and everything seems to be going well, then all of a sudden your machine starts to skip a stitch, you know it’s not the tension, it’s not the needle, because everything was going fine. Well, it still was probably the needle but, however, it was probably because the needle was dirty. When you sew, there’s a lot of fabrics that have a glue resin on them. When you’re quilting the quilt batting, if it was glued together then the layers will have glue. You have certain fabrics with glued sequins on them. When you sew Velcro—anything that has a little bit of a glue will gum up your needle. So what you need to do is run your fingers along the needle and you’ll be able to feel if it’s gummed up with some kind of a sticky stuff. If so, well, pull out your lip gloss and just put lip gloss on your needle and the lip gloss will remove the glue and make your needle nice and slick so it goes through all of that fabric with the sticky residue, and it’ll prevent the sticky residue from building up on your needle. Just another simple thing to do to make your sewing a lot easier. Thank you for joining me today on SewVeryEasy. Feel free to subscribe and, as always, come on back. Let’s see what, we’re sewing next time
in the sewing room. Bye for now!

25 thoughts on “Skipped Stitches!!! One More Reason Why

  1. Wow! What a great idea! I've had this happen to me before and didn't know what to do so I changed my needle entirely… oops! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I had a skipped stitches moment earlier this week, and stopped; cleaned the machine and put in a fresh needle.  I was not sure what the cause was so cleaning seemed to be the best option. My needle hadn't been changed in over a month and I was sewing daily, so I "went for fresh". All better after the lint was cleaned out, the bobbin and top were re-threaded, and the new needle was in.  I have used an alcohol wipe to clean the needle after doing stitching with fusing etc. I will now take a lip gloss out to the sewing room! Little faster when you are in the midst of a project.

  3. What an interesting idea. I think a clear silicone based makeup primer applied to the needle might do the same sort of thing.  Coating the needle in silicone might stop it picking up anything sticky in the first place.

  4. oh good I hope this works for me. I was just having trouble with stitches skipping. I was working on something and had been sewing really good. then it came to doing button holes and that's when it went down hill. I always use a scary fabric for sewing button holes to make sure it's working properly before doing it on my actual project without screwing it it. Did a perfect button hole on my scrap fabric but when I went on to my actual project, it started skipping stitches really bad and came out terrible. I undid the thread , rethreaded my machine including the bobbin, then opened the bottom case and cleaned it. Did some stitches and was good. but went back to redo the buttonhole and same crap with skipping stitches.

  5. I just sewed 15 dresses in a fake sequin (glued on) fabric. I had posted to several FB boards asking for tips, as my needle gummed up very quickly. I always have lip conditioner nearby and it never occurred to me to wax the needle with it. Thank you. When I have to alter and finish these dresses next week for a musical, I am so ready to try this technique.

  6. MY HERO!! been fighting for HOURS with my machine and went through the whole refresh and restart and sure enough I had no idea it was bc there was hot glue residue on the fabric!

  7. You said to put lip GLOSS on your needle.  NNNOOOOoooo. You are holding lip BALM which is wax and that is fine; so is a candle.  Lip gloss is liquid and would make everything sticky.  No lip gloss, WAX.

  8. Thank you so much!!! I changed my needle countless times, re- threaded a million times. I hope this is finally what will work 🙏🏻

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